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  • MENU

    caf antanicomesefosse...

  • il sorriso la pi corta distanza tra due persone

    the smile is the shortest distance between two people

  • Breakfast

    2 eggs, bacon,

    potatoes, 2 slices of toast,

    butter and jam 120 thb

    Cappuccino and croissant 120 thb

    Coffee and croissant 110 thb

    Hot tea with 2 toast,

    butter and ham 100 thb

    Pancake and honey 70 thb

    Pancake and fresh fruit 100 thb

    Omelette italian ham

    and cheese 100 thb

    Yogurt and fresh fruit 90 thb


    Italian espresso 50 thb

    Italian espresso with milk 50 thb

    Italian espresso

    with wepping cream 70 thb

    American coffee 50 thb

    Cappuccino 60 thb

    Coffee and milk 60 thb

    Iced coffee 80 thb

    Hot milk 40 thb

    Hot tea 40 thb

    Croissant 60 thb

    Piece of cake 100 thb

    Italian flavors Italian sandwich with

    a choise of cold cuts

    salame, Parma ham,

    Italian Ham, mortadella. 100 thb

    Dish of italian cold cuts 220 thb

    Italian toast 80 thb

    Focaccia with... 80 thb

    Salad and starter

    Mix vegetable salad 100 thb

    Salad with tuna / chicken 140 thb

    Bruschetta tomato, garlic

    and olive oil 80 thb

    Garlic bread 60 thb

  • Fresh Juice

    Fresh orange juice 60 thb

    Fresh pineapple juice 60 thb

    Fresh water melon juice 60 thb

    Fresh lemon juice 60 thb

    Friut Shake

    Mango shake 70 thb

    Mixed fruit shake 70 thb

    Watermelon shake 60 thb

    Pineapple shake 60 thb

    Lemon shake 60 thb

    Banana shake 60 thb

    Soft drink

    Coca cola 40 thb

    Fanta 40 thb

    Sprite 40 thb

    Tonic 40 thb

    The Lipton 40 thb


    Singha beer 70-120 thb

    Chang beer 60-100 thb

    Heineken beer 80-120 thb

    San Miguel light 70 thb


    Glass of red wine 100 thb

    Glass of white wine 100 thb


    Limoncello 60 thb

    Grappa 90 thb

    Sambuca 80 thb

    Amaro Averna 80 thb

    Martini Bianco 120 thb

    Pastis 120 thb

    Vodka Smirnoff 100 thb

    Tequila Jose Cuervo 100 thb

    Bacardi Rum 100 thb

    Havana Club 100 thb

    Jamenson whisky 140 thb

    Chivas Regal 150 thb

    Jack Daniels 150 thb

    Long Dr inks

    Gin Tonic 140 thb

    Negroni 140 thb

    Spritz 140 thb

    Lo sbagliato 140 thb

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