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As wireless devices become more ubiquitous, organizations need to provide faster, more comprehensive, and more robust wireless coveragethroughout their facilities. However, constructing these wireless networks has traditionally been complex, time-consuming, and costly.In the same way that hosted software applications, or software-as-aservice (SaaS), offer significant advantages over the client-server model, the Meraki Cloud Controller architecture provides a simpler, faster, and more cost-effective deployment model for wireless networks over a largearea.


  • 1. Meraki Enterprise Cloud ControllerDatasheetCentralized Management,Optimization, and Monitoringfor Wireless LANsThe Meraki Enterprise Cloud Controller lets administrators build secure andscalable wireless networks quickly, easily, and at a lower cost. It providescentralized management, mobility, and security across multiple accesspoints and deployment sites, and facilitates phenomenal real-time support.As the worlds first hosted wireless LAN controller, the Meraki EnterpriseCloud Controller eliminates the cost and complexity of traditionalhardware-based wireless controllers.FeaturesPerformance and Scalability SecurityScalable Coverage Create large-scale networks capable of servingVirtual Network Isolation Operate multiple fully isolated virtual wirelessthousands of simultaneous 802.11a/b/g/n devices, while providing anetworks, each with its own policies and VLAN-tagged traffic, on asingle seamless network experience. Merakis architecture ensures thatsingle physical network.there are no bottlenecks or single points of failure in the network, andthat coverage can be expanded simply by adding access points. Encryption Prevent eavesdropping on the wireless network with strong,standards-based encryption methods including WEP, WPA2, and AES.Meraki Mesh Extend network coverage to areas without wired Ethernetconnections. Merakis industry leading wireless routing algorithms choose Hosted Directory Services Use best practice WPA2-Enterprise withthe fastest, most reliable paths through multi-radio, single-radio, and 802.1x authentication. Authenticate against Merakis hosted directorymixed-radio mesh networks.service, or integrate with existing RADIUS or Active Directory servers.Auto RF Dynamically adapt to changing interference conditions andRogue AP Detection Rather than simply reporting all nearby accessfully utilize the available wireless spectrum. System-wide channelpoints, Meraki enables an administrator to quickly identify the accessoptimization maximizes client performance and client density in the points that may be spoofing the office SSID, or that may be improperlynetwork.connected to the offices wired network.Meraki, Inc. | | 660 Island St. 2 St., San Francisco, CA 94110 | 415.632.5800 | www.meraki.comMeraki, Inc.99 RhodeAlabama nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103 | 415.632. 5800 |

2. Meraki System Architecture: The Meraki system uses a hybrid cloud architecture, connecting on-premise Meraki access points to controller functionality and services hosted in the cloud. Every network is served by multiple datacenters worldwide to ensure reliability.User ManagementQuality of ServiceTraffic Shaper Analyze usage by application and create custom Voice and Power Save Support Provide mobile devices with enhancedtraffic shaping policies on a per user basis. Create bandwidth limits andcall quality and battery conservation using 802.11e/WMM prioritizedprioritize critical application traffic, preventing heavy bandwidth usersqueuing and Power Save.from affecting overall service quality. Real-Time Support Cloud-based support tools provide supportHistorical Audit Trails Obtain a report about wireless traffic in the last engineers with real-time diagnostics of your network.hour or the last month. PlatformGuest Access Provide temporary access to an isolated virtual networkfor guests and vendors. Provide a fully customizable landing pageMeraki OS Merakis secure, high-performance operating system wasexperience without compromising the organizations internal network. built from the ground up to be robust and auto-configuring with minimal administrative intervention.Centralized Management Always Up To Date Software Service Continual enhancements to theMulti-Site Management Manage multiple branch offices or buildingsCloud Controller and automatic Meraki OS firmware updates make newfrom a single interface. features available for you to deploy on your network, with no software to install and no upgrades to purchase.Web-Based Interface Access the Meraki Cloud Controller througha web browser, from anywhere in the world, to securely monitor and Out-of-Band Architecture No client traffic flows through the Merakiadminister the wireless network in real-time. Manage your network with Cloud Controller, ensuring maximum performance and data security.familiar and search and map-based tools. Meraki Control Tunnel Merakis secure network tunnel betweenSummary Reports Highlight the productivity and ROI of a Meraki access points and the Cloud Controller provides real-time networkingwireless network with these reports, which can be e-mailed to interested configuration, statistics, and monitoring without any special configuration.parties on a recurring schedule. Should Internet connectivity to the Cloud Controller be interrupted, the Wireless LAN continues to operate normally.Role-Based Administration Configure multiple administrator accountswith read-only or full privileges.High Availability Redundant systems in multiple data centers aroundthe world provide a level of availability impossible with on-site networkcontrollers. In addition, the out-of-band control architecture assures thatyour access points continue to operate even if your Internet connection fails.Remote Hands Test Tools Check the connectivity and performanceof a wireless network, simulate user authentication, and more withoutsetting foot on-site or using a command line interface.Meraki, Inc. | | 660 Island St. 2 St., San Francisco, CA 94110 | 415.632.5800 | www.meraki.comMeraki, Inc.99 RhodeAlabama nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103 | 415.632. 5800 | 3. BenefitsEasyThe Meraki Enterprise Cloud Controller enables administrators to bringup new wireless deployments in minutes, not days. Meraki accesspoints are plug-and-play, auto-configuring, and self-healing. The CloudControllers streamlined web interface reduces upfront installation timeand eliminates specialized training, while reducing maintenance andtroubleshooting over the long run.SecureMeraki provides a wide range of standards-based security and accesscontrol options, from simple pre-shared key encryption to enterprise-class 802.1x authentication. Different user groups, such as employeesand guests, can be placed in distinct virtual networks that isolate trafficaccording to corporate policy.ScalableThe Meraki Enterprise Cloud Controller provides true centralizedmanagement without any additional hardware. Centrally manage upto 1,000 wireless networks, each with up to 10,000 access points.Whether the networks are on multiple building floors, multiple buildingson a campus, or multiple campuses around the world, an administratorcan push a single configuration to all of the networks instantly, and getaggregated usage and connectivity data in a single view.Industry-Leading CoverageMerakis 802.11a/b/g/n triple-, dual-, and single-radio access pointsenable administrators to cover large areas with wireless connectivityeasily and effectively. With technologies such as mesh routing andIntuitive User Interface: The Meraki Cloud Controller offers a richdynamic channel optimization, Meraki access points offer excellentfeature set with an intuitive user interface.coverage in the most challenging RF environments.Top: See bandwidth usage per user or device in real-time with differentlevels of historical zoom for better monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting.Future-Proof InvestmentThe Meraki Enterprise Cloud Controller never has to be replaced. It Bottom: Upload floorplans and custom maps into the Meraki Cloudis constantly updated with features and enhancements that provide Controller for precise AP visualization and monitoring.value to a wireless network long after a hardware-based controller hasreached its useful lifetime. Administrators can choose Meraki knowing Lowest Total Cost of Ownershipthat their investment is protected. With no need to purchase expensive WLAN controllers or separatelicenses for new features, software maintenance and support, MerakiSimple LicensingEnterprise networks offer the lowest TCO of any enterprise-classThe Enterprise Cloud Controller license includes all new featureWLAN. Merakis Enterprise Cloud Controller has all the featuresreleases, software updates and support, making budgeting and licenserequired for a large office deployment out of the box, and enterprise-management simple.class phone support and software maintenance are included at noadditional cost.Meraki, Inc. | | 660 Island St. 2 St., San Francisco, CA 94110 | 415.632.5800 | www.meraki.comMeraki, Inc.99 RhodeAlabama nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103 | 415.632. 5800 | 4. SpecificationsPlatformManagement Up to 16 Virtual APs (SSIDs) with independent configurations Centralized administration of multiple networks Up to 16 VLAN (802.1q) tags with SSID-to-VLAN mapping Drill-down reporting (historical and real-time) Bridge mode: Client IP addresses assigned by upstream DHCP server Hero reports with scheduled e-mails NAT mode: Client IP addresses assigned from private address pool Role-based administration (full and read-only privileges) Dynamic channel optimization Data export to XML Dynamic frequency selection (DFS) Aerial Google Maps visualization Floor/building diagrams for interior visualization Remote diagnostics, performance, and logging toolsSecurity Automatic e-mail alerts WPA/WPA2-Personal (pre-shared key) Online XML API WPA/WPA2-Enterprise (with 802.1x authentication) Supported 802.1x EAP methods:EAP-TLSPEAPv0/EAPMSCHAPv2 ScalabilityEAP-TTLS/MSCHAPv2PEAPv1/EAP-GTC Max # APs per network: 10,000 TKIP and AES encryption Max # networks per account: 1,000 WEP Max # user entries in Meraki-hosted user database: 65,000 Rogue AP detection with wired network identification Max client throughput: AP-dependent (Cloud Controller is not in the Secure AP-to-Cloud Controller communication (SSL) data path) Repeater-to-gateway ratio in mesh: 5 to 1 recommended; 20 to 1 maxAccess Policies


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