mercedes cla 45 amg launched in india - press release

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Mercedes CLA 45 AMG launched in India - Press Release


  • Press Information 22 nd July, 2014 Mercedes-Benz drives Compact Performance segment into India; launches the exhilarating CLA 45 AMG CLA 45 AMG boasts of the most powerful four-cylinder series production engine in the world CLA 45 AMG is the seventh member of the Performance Brands India portfolio; distinguishes itself as Indias first Compact Performance Sedan Unmistakable, sporty and emotive the fascinating design of the CLA 45 AMG creates an enduring impression The engine powering the CLA 45 AMG wins two coveted international awards at the "Engine of the Year Awards 2014" for the category: "New engine 2014" and "1.8-litre to 2-litre" CLA 45 AMG emphasizes the hallmark of AMG DNA, derived out of AMG engineers experience in motorsport and construction of powerful high- performance cars and components gained over the past decade The CLA 45 AMG is equipped with the performance-oriented AMG 4MATIC all-wheel drive as standard With CLA 45 AMG Mercedes-Benz India aims to target a new young India which aspires for a stylish and performance package CLA 45 AMG brand campaign Ah My God marks the release of Mercedes- Benzs first ever TV Commercial which is made in India 1
  • Mercedes-Benz India have inaugurated three AMG Performance Centres in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai New Delhi: Heralding a new era of performance motoring in India, Mercedes-Benz today launched the global style and performance heart throb - the CLA 45 AMG - in India. The CLA 45 AMG is all set to redefine performance driving in India as it boasts of the award winning Most Powerful four-cylinder series production engine in the world. It is for the first time in the history of the AMG brand, that a high-performance car powered by a four-cylinder engine is introduced. The CLA 45 AMG the newest member of the AMG Performance Brand was launched in India by Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India at Buddh International Circuit. Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India commented, The launch of the CLA 45 AMG in India is a significant step forward towards the evolution of performance driving in the country. We are extremely delighted to introduce the first ever four- cylinder AMG in India and are confident that the CLA 45 AMG with its fascinatingly sporty design, scintillating driving experience impressive craftsmanship and individuality; will be a resounding success among our young customer groups. The CLA 45 AMG is a perfect embodiment of the AMG DNA and reflects the AMG brand pledge of Driving Performance. Boasting of the most powerful four-cylinder series production engine in the world the CLA 45 AMG is an unmistakable result of Mercedes-AMGs unsurpassable expertise in motorsports and engine development over four and half decades. 2
  • The launch of CLA 45 AMG is inspired by the resounding success of our New Generation Compact cars in India. We have seen a rising demand among our growing young customer base for a stylish and high performance car which makes a strong personal style statement adding practicality of everyday use simultaneously. The CLA 45 AMG suits the requirement of these young customers like no other AMG in the portfolio. The CLA 45 AMG is the seventh AMG product available in the Indian market and signifies the growing penchant for the performance sedan segment in India. With the launch of the CLA 45 AMG we not only pioneer the Compact Performance Sedan segment in India, but also fortify our AMG strategy for India. Mr. Kern further added. Exterior styling and design: The CLA 45 AMG is distinguished with its unmistakable, sporty and emotive design elements that create a fascinating impression. The Compact Performance Sedan with its new dynamic styling combines the sculptural forms with AMG's hallmark muscular features. The CLA 45 AMG boasts a cd value of 0.23. The front section exudes of characteristic sporty AMG style, with the "twin blade" radiator grille encompassing the central Three Pointed Star. Three distinct openings in the front fascia enable an effective flow of air to the cooling modules; the outer black flics further optimise the air ducting. A distinctive front splitter is situated at the bottom end of the central cooling air opening. Like the twin-blade radiator grille, it is painted matt titanium grey. Standard equipment includes bi-xenon headlamps. 3
  • The side view features lines that blend perfectly with the side sill panels and the inserts are in matt titanium grey. The "TURBO AMG" lettering on the wing is an additional distinguishing feature of the CLA 45 AMG. The CLA 45 AMG features 5-spoke light-alloy wheels 45.7 cm (18- inch) AMG 5-twin-spoke two tone light-alloy wheels in titanium grey finish. AMG Body styling: The distinctive AMG body styling ensures a dynamic appearance from any angle the car is viewed from. The CLA 45 AMG also includes following exterior design elements like front apron with inserts in front splitter in matt titanium grey, rear apron with trim in matt titanium grey and side sill panels with inserts in matt titanium grey. AMG high-performance braking system with brake calipers lacquered in red visually highlights the performance of braking system. The CLA 45 AMG also owes much of its excellent dynamic handling to the AMG high-performance braking system. One of its major attributes is the spontaneous and reliable braking effect. Vented, cross-drilled and grooved disc brakes are fitted on the front and rear axle. The front axle features 4-piston aluminium fixed calipers, while the rear axle has single-piston combination calipers. Sporty interiors: Dynamic spirit and exclusivity of an AMG customer is reflected well in the interiors of the CLA 45 AMG. The interiors of the CLA 45 AMG greets with an AMG start-up screen on the centrally positioned TFT colour display. The sporty instrument cluster features round black dials, carbon- fibre design, silver/red needles and an attractive speedometer. The CLA 45 AMG has an instrument cluster with a distinguished 2-tube look. The CLA 45 exudes high-class appeal 4
  • courtesy the use of high-grade materials and AMG's hallmark main menu in the central display. The central display provides the driver with information using three modes: "Warm Up" indicates the engine oil, coolant and transmission oil temperatures; "Set Up" indicates the current ESP mode and the transmission mode ("C", "S" or "M"); the "RACE" menu includes the RACETIMER, which the driver can use to record lap times on a racetrack. The permanent gear indicator in "M" mode helps when a sporty driving style is adopted. The separate gear indicator above the central display is an additional source of information for the driver: it includes a clear gearshift recommendation with a colored arrow symbol, thus helping to save fuel. The CLA 45 AMGs interior features AMG Performance Seats, AMG Performance Steering Wheel and Panoramic sliding sunroof. The sportiness of the CLA 45 AMGs interiors are also accentuated by the AMG floor mats and illuminated door sill panels with AMG lettering which lend an exclusive character to CLA 45 AMG. The red designo seats belts of the CLA 45 AMG completes the sportiness of the interiors. Engine and Transmission: The newly developed award winning AMG 2.0-litre turbo engine is the most powerful four- cylinder series-production engine in the world. A maximum output of 265 kW and up to 450 Nm of torque are unmatched by any other mass-produced turbocharged four-cylinder engine worldwide. The high output and torque coupled with the performance-oriented AMG 4MATIC all- wheel drive fitted as standard make for extremely dynamic performance: the CLA 45 AMG complete the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds and have a top speed of 250 km/h (electronically limited). 5
  • As the most powerful series production four-cylinder engine in the world, the unit from Mercedes-AMG won the categories "New engine 2014" and "1.8-litre to 2-litre", seeing off 36 and 42 competitors respectively from Europe, the USA and Asia. This demonstrates once again the Mercedes-Benz performance brand's great expertise in the development and production of fascinating high-performance engines. An independent jury of 82 engine journalists from 34 countries chooses the best engines of the year in each of 12 categories. The CLA 45 AMG is characterized by its Performance, dynamic spirit and efficiency Mercedes-AMG meets the highest standards when it comes to power transmission as well as engine technology. The CLA 45 AMGs AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmission transfers the engine power to all the four wheels. The dual clutch transmission is flange-mounted on the transversely installed AMG 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo engine and features seven gears, three modes, a double-declutching function and RACE START function which can be activated by pulling on both shift paddles simultaneously, thus providing extremely fast sprints with no interruption of tractive power resulting in optimum acceleration. It also boasts of low weight, high efficiency, and exemplary variability, spontaneous gear changes without any interruption in tractive power and smooth, easy gear shifting. Key software modules have been adopted from the SLS AMG GT and SLS AMG Coup Black Series with their inspirational power transmission concepts. The three transmission modes which feature the CLA 45 AMG are C - Controlled Efficiency, S Sport and M Manual. The Controlled Efficiency mode is configured for most fuel-efficient 6
  • drive. The car also has a ECO start/stop function is available in this mode. The Sport mode has sporty gear-shift characteristics with shorter shift times, while the Manual mode has extremely fast manual shift times using the steering wheel shift paddles. CLA 45 AMGs AMG sports suspension: With an independently developed AMG front and rear axle, the AMG sports suspension of the CLA 45 AMG boasts the ideal attributes for fast cornering speeds and agile handling. All of the components are matched to provide high lateral acceleration and a reduced tendency to roll. The AMG sports suspension with specifically tuned spring/damper units and larger anti-roll bars provides for high lateral acceleration and a reduced rolling tendency in fast double bends. AMG performance 4MATIC with 4ETS: This innovative variant of the 4MATIC all-wheel drive of the CLA 45 AMG provides for an ideal combination of driving dynamism, traction and efficiency irrespective of myriad driving situation. This is made possible by fully variable torque distribution, ranging from front drive only to a 50:50 split. The CLA 45 AMG is equipped with performance-oriented AMG 4MATIC all-wheel drive as standard. The wealth of Safety features: The CLA 45 AMG is one of the safest vehicles on Indian roads having best-in-class safety features and equipment list. From bi-xenon headlamps to PRE-SAFE system, from tyre pressure loss monitoring system to the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) including ESP 7
  • Curve Dynamic Assist; the CLA 45 AMG prioritizes the renowned Mercedes-Benz safety aspects. The CLA 45 AMG also comes with 7 airbags. 3-stage ESP with ESP Curve Dynamic Assist: An exclusive feature in the CLA 45 AMG is the interaction of the AMG 4MATIC all-wheel drive with the 3-stage ESP and the ESP Curve Dynamic Assist. The three ESP stages enable the driver to vary the dynamics of the CLA 45 AMG according to the individual wishes at the push of a button. The safety-oriented "ESP ON" mode supports the driver in maintaining neutral handling characteristics. The system initiates braking intervention on one or more wheels and reduces the engine torque on detecting that the operating conditions are becoming unstable. ESP SPORTS HANDLING MODE permits greater drift angles in the interest of sportier handling, greater drive torque is delivered to rear axle in this mode. ESP OFF mode is activated when driver gives the ESP button a long press. In this mode the engine torque is no longer reduced, thereby enhancing the driving dynamics. This mode should be used only by experienced drivers on dedicated race track. Curve Dynamic Assist is likewise included as standard. During dynamic cornering, imperceptible braking intervention on the rear inside wheel gives rise to a defined yaw moment around the vertical axis, resulting in precise cornering by the CLA 45 AMG, ensuring that the vehicle remains under control at all times. AH MY GOD CAMPAIGN: To converse directly to the young, affluent, stylish Indian customers to whom the CLA 45 AMG is targeted, Mercedes-Benz India will launch a special communications campaign. Attributed as an important first for Mercedes-Benz, the Ah My God communication campaign will lead to the 8
  • introduction of the CLA 45AMG in India. The highlight of this campaign is Mercedes- Benz Indias first ever India specific TVC. The campaign is conceptualized and produced by Mercedes-Benzs digital agency, CreativeLand Asia. This new television commercials teaser is available for preview in Mercedes-Benz India official YouTube channel. The CLA 45 AMG is priced at Rs. 68.50 lakhs ex-showroom Delhi and will be available for sales across all Mercedes-Benz India dealerships across India. -####- 9
  • introduction of the CLA 45AMG in India. The highlight of this campaign is Mercedes- Benz Indias first ever India specific TVC. The campaign is conceptualized and produced by Mercedes-Benzs digital agency, CreativeLand Asia. This new television commercials teaser is available for preview in Mercedes-Benz India official YouTube channel. The CLA 45 AMG is priced at Rs. 68.50 lakhs ex-showroom Delhi and will be available for sales across all Mercedes-Benz India dealerships across India. -####- 9