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This document contains information about the SAAB Seaeye remotely operated vehicles in the context of current and future merging technologies within the ROV field. For more info contact underwater robotics specialist, Chris Roper of


  • 1. Merging Technologies Creating theDouble Eagle SAROV a hybrid AUV/ROVJan Siesj March 4 2009 UI 2009

2. History It all started 100 years ago

  • 1910 First Swedish developed torpedo
  • 1976 Saab built an advanced WROV
  • 1981 SUTEC is formed
  • 1985 First 360 maneuverability ROV
  • 1989 First AUV delivered
  • 1991 Saab acquires SUTEC
  • 1993 First survey ROV system with autopilot demonstrated
  • 2003 Double Eagle MkIII 6+ knotssurvey ROV
  • 2007 Seaeye Acquired
  • 2008 Double Eagle SAROV Hybrid AUV/ROV

3. SAAB UNDERWATER SYSTEMS The vehicles is equipped with an unique 360 degrees control system enabling the vehicle to operate in any direction, nose up or down or anything between, even totally upside down under full control and with very good stability SUBROV 4. 5. Long endurance search and survey operations 60+ Operational systems worldwide Fixed or Mobile installations 6. AUV Development

  • Torpedo shaped long range survey AUV
  • First sea trial December 2000
  • Equipped with profiler and SAS sonar
  • Development of terrain navigation

7. Seaeye Electric ROV SystemTypes & Applications

  • Observation Class (eyeball)
  • Inspection Class
  • (e.g. Diver Support, Search & Salvage, NDT Inspection)
  • Survey Vehicles
  • (e.g. Pipeline Survey)
  • Work Vehicles
  • (e.g. Drill Support, IRM, Submarine Rescue)

JAGUAR 8. Development strategy Evolutionary 9. Products & Technology Capabilities

  • ROVs
  • AUVs
  • Torpedo Homing
  • INS
  • Terrain Navigation System
  • Auto Piloting System
  • DP Systems
  • UPS
  • SAS Technology
  • Sensor Signal Processing
  • Hydro Dynamical Design
  • Obstacle Avoidance System
  • Modern Battery Technology
  • Mission Planning Tools
  • Behaviour based autonomy
  • Sonar Navigation
  • Underwater Docking System
  • Buoyancy System
  • Surface Communication
  • Underwater Communication
  • 360 Control System
  • Intervention Tools
  • Composite Pressure Hull
  • Deep Water Capability
  • Thrusters
  • Lights
  • High-voltage power supplies

10. Implementation Three coordinated projects

  • Double Eagle SAROV
  • AUV 62
  • Jaguar

11. Double Eagle SAROV GPS, WiFi,Radio Comm INS DVL Battery Li-Pol ROV configuration AUV configuration UW Modem FLS/ES OAS SS/SAS 12. MISSION - PLANNING AND EXECUTION

  • Missions consist of Actions:
    • Sequential discrete events
    • Well-known transition models
    • For example: Transport, Search, Docking
  • Actions consist of Behaviors:
    • Parallel continuous control functions
    • Activated during runtime
    • Example: AvoidObstacle, GotoWaypoint(W), GetGPS-position

FollowSearchPattern FollowSeaBed AvoidObstacle Transport Search GotoWaypoint(W 1 ) AvoidObstacle GetGPS-position 1 Transport GotoWaypoint(W 2 ) AvoidObstacle GetGPS-position 4 Docking Docking 2 3 13. BEHAVIOR-BASED CONTROL

  • Each behavior can voice its opinion on best course of action
  • Behavior responses as utility functions
  • An arbitration mechanism coordinates behaviors to maximize utility
  • Dynamic activation level and static priority determines behavior influence.
  • Reference values passed to low-level control system: roll, pitch, heading and speed in x, y, z.

Reference value Sensor data Behavior Arbitration Sensor data Sensor data Behavior Behavior p1 p2 p3 Priority 14. BEHAVIOR-BASED CONTROL: EXAMPLE

  • 1: Track following: Follow track closely for best sonar coverage and platform stability.
  • 2: Waypoint navigation: Ensure that the overall goal of reaching the next waypoint is met
  • 3: Obstacle avoidance: Steer the vehicle clear of obstacles. Activation rises with hazard proximity.
  • 4: Avoid past: Influences the vehicle to favor a new path to avoid getting stuck in circular behaviors
  • 5: Emergency stop: Influences the vehicle cruising speed to decrease with obstacle proximity. Ultimately forces the vehicle to a full stop if to close.

Hazard Risk Activation level t Distance to Obstacle 15. OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE

  • Responses are weighted together and the maximum is chosen as the response to send to control system

Behavior response from Track Follow behavior and Obstacle Avoidance weighted together 16. Double Eagle SAROV Operational Concept AutonomousOperation Survey Operation Intervention fibre 17. Double Eagle SAROV Underwater Release and Docking 18. Double Eagle SAROV AUTONOMOUS RISER INSPECTION Sonar homing Streamlined low drag design Maneuverability 19. Inspection Light intervention Cooperation with Aker Solutions 20.

  • Transit
    • Inertial/Doppler Navigation
    • Terrain Navigtion

Double Eagle SAROV 21. Double Eagle SAROV

  • Docking
    • Assisted LF radio
    • Sonar homoing

22. Docking Double Eagle SAROV 23. Intervention Tethered (onboard TMS, recharging batteries) Untethered (short range acoustic or radio) Double Eagle SAROV 24. Undocking Double Eagle SAROV 25. Transit Double Eagle SAROV 26. Propulsion Packages Payloads (samples) Vehicle Configurations DE MkII PVDS DE MkII SAROV Energy Packages DE MkIII PVDS DE MkII MDS DE MkIII PVDS DE MkIIIDE MkIIDE MkIII SAROV 27. Propulsion Packages Payloads (samples) Vehicle Configurations Energy Packages DE MkIIIDE MkIIDE MkII PVDS DE MkII MDS DE MkIII PVDS DE MkIII PVDS 28. Propulsion Packages Payloads (samples) Vehicle Configurations Energy Packages DE MkIIIDE MkII PVDS DE MkII MDS DE MkIII PVDS DE MkII SAROVDE MkIII PVDS 29. Bringing it together

  • Design guidlines
  • Intefaces
    • Eternet
    • CAN
  • Software
    • Midleware
  • Common user inteface
  • Benefits
    • Product Cost reduction
    • Logistics, Spares, Training etc

30. AUV 62 Long range, modular and scalable AUV platform

  • Terrain navigation
  • SAS
  • SAS onboard processing
  • ASAT

31. Saab Seaeye Jaguar

  • New electric work class ROV
  • Size and power
  • New dual high-frequency/high voltage power distribution system
  • Simplified control system

32. 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 ROAD MAPLowCost SubSys* TECH TOOL BOX 2013 Pre Hull 3000m Control SystemT Power SystemBattery System TMS System Sonar Navigation Planning System System System System System 360 o 360 o 360 o System System 360 o JAGUAR FALCON SAROV Seaeye Range SAROV 3000 Tech Co-ordination Tech Co-ordination DP SYSTEM AUV 62 AUV 62 3000 *)- UW conn - Sensors - Thruster - UW Cam - - Tech source Tech user Long range intelligent Hybrid AUV/ROV systems ROV/AUV Products Defense/ Maritime Security DDS 33.

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