mesh banners trump vinyl to emerge as the top choice for outdoor printed signs

Download Mesh Banners Trump Vinyl to Emerge As the Top Choice for Outdoor Printed Signs

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  • Mesh Banners Trump Vinyl to Emerge As the Top Choice for Outdoor Printed Signs

    Are you tired of old fashioned flyers and businesscards to promote your company or event? Whileflyers are an effective way of advertising, they donot come close to new digitally printed signs ininexpensiveness, ease of distribution and widereach.

  • What Are Printed Mesh Banners?

    In actuality, mesh banners are made fromthe same material as vinyl banners. Butmesh banners have tiny holes whichensure that they allow the passage ofwind and sound, thus making them apreferred choice for outdoor locations.They are ideal for high wind locationsand extended exposure to the wind.

  • Mesh banners are printed in full color andthe designer can add background color,photographs, text, and clipart. Thecrisscross fibers give it a high-endappearance, making it a great choice forslightly high-budget events. Mesh bannerscan be slightly more expensive thanconventional vinyl printing materials, buttheir quality and durability more thanmake-up for the small difference in price.Mesh banners can be printed in any size.

  • How Are Mesh Banners Different FromConventional Vinyl Banners?

  • Although both vinyl and printed mesh bannershave a similar concept, the texture, andmaterial of the two differ slightly. Vinyl bannersare a single piece of material that tends toparachute along with the wind. But because oftheir resistance to wear, they can be usedoutdoors, when fixed against walls or similarsolid structures. The major difference betweenthe two is that mesh, as suggested by the nameitself is perforated with numerous fine holes.

  • Why Are Printed Mesh Banners BetterThan Vinyl Banners?

  • Whether mesh is better than vinyl dependson the use. Generally, mesh banners aregreatly preferred for their large size anduncompromised quality that can bedisplayed from buildings, fences, or anylarge structures. Since these are mostly tobe viewed from some distance, the tinyperforated holes on the surface are notvisible but they give the print a refinedquality.

  • If you want your banner to be placed on ahigh structure, it is likely to be subjected tomoderate or strong winds. It has alreadybeen said that mesh is the best choice inthis regard, as the tiny holes present on itssurface allow the wind to pass through.These are more durable are the perfectchoice if you plan to use it for a significantlength of time.

  • Two Aspects in Which VinylBanners Trumps Mesh

  • Although mesh has an overwhelmingnumber of pros to its name, thereare two areas in which conventionalvinyl may be the preferred choice.

  • Mesh banners are only one-sided, i.e. it cannotbe printed on both sides at the same time. Vinylbanners, on the other hand, can be printed onboth sides together. By hanging the banner onthe street, you can ensure that your messagecan be seen from both sides. Besides, meshbanners are slightly more expensive. If you wantyour banner to be displayed for a short periodof time, the vinyl banner is the right choice foryou. They are great for indoor use.

  • The type of material to be chosen forbanner printing should be decided onlyafter a detailed understanding of theabove-mentioned factors.

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