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  • January/February Messenger Page

    Messenger Volume XXIX, Issue 1

    January/February, 2017

    A ll. Such a strange word—say it over and over and you start to sound funny like you can’t swallow or something. But it’s such an important word for us. Following Jesus is living the “alls” in the greatest commandment: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength. And you shall love your neighbors as yourself. This is not a pass/fail test. This is not whether you’re in or out with God. This is about putting your whole self into following Jesus—weaving that love for God and others into your day to day life and stretching beyond that to intentionally care for others in need.

    I love the many ways that we love God in this passage - with heart, soul, mind, and strength. Forming faith is about all of our lives - all the different components of it, all the different stages of it, all the different activities of it. All calls for us to follow Jesus with our whole individual selves and with all those around us. We can’t do it alone - we need all you all - we need to do so in community, as a collective, a congregation, for the sake of the community and world around us. Mission Mount Calvary Sunday is coming - with an all congregation worship/gathering on Sunday, January 29 at 10:15 a.m. worship. That Sunday is about intentionally focusing on the “alls” in our life together as the people of Mount Calvary. All of who we are. All of what we do to love God and our neighbors as ourselves. It’s not just about numbers and budgets, which of course we will share; those numbers are about all our life all together. We will also reflect on the ways that God has been acting with and through us, looking forward to ways that God will work with and through us in the coming year. That’s why it’s important that all you all come. Because you all are Mount Calvary; you are the body of Christ reaching out for healing and love and hope all around us. Come be a part of the “all” that day and every time we gather to all follow Jesus together.

    Pastor Jen Rome [email protected]

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    Tom Jenkins Lead Pastor Jen Rome Pastor for Children, Youth & Family Pam Carlson Associate in Ministry/Cantor Dwaine Sutherland Intern Pastor NaDyne Glidden Administrator Wendy Lane Ministry Coordinator Margaret Stachour Secretary Marianne Adelmann Community Night Building Supervisor Denise Beyer Bookkeeper Camille Buddecke Accompanist Bob Grissom Maintenance Service Technician Beth Jerzak Youth & Family Assistant Brian Jerzak Community Night Building Supervisor Shirlee Klang Office Assistant Wendy Lane Joy Choir Director Christine Lees Praise Choir Director Liz Lindner Youth Handbell Director Mary Jane Pedersen Accompanist Marlys Peterson Office Assistant Alanna Teragawa Calvary Carillons Director Kay Wandersee Office Assistant


    Dan Sjolseth, President Brenda Teats, Vice-President Tamara Anderson, Treasurer Amy Commers, Secretary Jennifer Becker, Council Lisa Johnson, Council Erica White, Council MINISTRY TEAM CHAIRS: Bob Grissom, Property Tamara Anderson, Finance Sarah Slania, Worship

    Annual Mission Mount Calvary

    Sunday 2017

    January 29, 2017 at 10:15 AM Worship

    O n Sunday, January 29th, our congregation

    will be celebrating its annual Mission Mount Calvary Sunday. During 10:15 worship, we will worship, we will hear from mission partners, we will give thanks for our shared mission, and we will approve the financial plan for yet another year of life together. Pastor Scott Simmons – mission developer of Lydia’s Place in Saint Paul – will be with us to provide music during our annual meeting. Pastor Scott was with us in October to share his gift of music, as well as to share with us the mission of Lydia’s Place to the diverse community along University Avenue’s Green Line Corridor. We will also hear from some of our various other mission partners. This is a time of celebration and joy for the work God is doing in and through the people of this place. We are so deeply grateful for our common mission. Please join us on January 29

    th! All are invited

    and welcome! Come hear your story!

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    “The earth has music for those who listen” – Shakespeare

    “There is nothing on earth that hath not its tone.

    Even the air invisible sings when smitten with a staff.” – Martin Luther

    “Let all their songs employ, while fields and floods, rocks, hills, and plains repeat the sounding joy.” – Isaac Watts

    O n the second Sunday of Advent we asked you to think about and write down “What has shaped, painted, or colored your faith while experiencing nature”. I also thought about my faith as experienced in nature. It is no surprise that music is essential to me in shaping my faith but here is another part of my life that is incredibly nurtured by trees, woods, lakes, animals, stars, etc. It is not just an appreciation of everything outdoors but how God speaks to me and wakes me up once in a while and I hear God say, “Listen, here I am”. Over Labor Day weekend last year, I spent four days hiking with one of my best friends on the Superior Hiking Trail. On day three, my friend had to stay back and rest her knee so I took off on my own. I started a couple of miles north of the Cascade River and headed toward Grand Marais. The trail wound through a lot of short brush and I felt very enclosed in. For most of the hike there were no great vistas, no rivers to ponder, and hardly any other hikers. I have to admit there were a few times I even wondered why we thought hiking was fun. Step after step, head down watching for rocks, nothing to view on my left or right. Finally, I came through to a stand of aspen trees and almost unconsciously was hearing the clatter of the leaves high above me. Suddenly, I thought I heard an airplane overhead and looked up. What a great surprise. It was not an airplane. I had walked out of the aspens into a stand of soaring white pines and the music had changed. Instead of the light clapping clatter there was a low humming and buzzing of thousands of pine needles. “Listen, here I am.” In late November last year the ice on our lake had started to form but was still very new. I was standing on my driveway talking to my daughter when I heard what sounded like thousands of glass chimes. I looked down to the lake and saw geese flying in, landing on the ice and breaking through. The drumming of dozens of wings combined with all sizes of bells of ice ringing together. “Listen, here I am.”

    “(God) comes to us in sound of seas, the ocean’s fume and foam;

    Yet small and still upon the breeze, a wind that stirs the tops of trees, a voice to call us home, a voice to call us home.” – Timothy Dudley-Smith

    Pam Carlson [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]

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    January Music Schedule

    8:45 10:15

    January 1 January 8 Calvary Carillons Joy Choir January 15 Sanctuary Choir Alleluia Choir January 22 Youth Choir Sanctuary Choir January 29 Scott Simmons Scott Simmons

    February Music Schedule

    8:45 10:15

    February 5 Youth Choir Sanctuary Choir February 12 Calvary Carillons/ ReBELLious/RING Rings of the Lord February 19 Sanctuary Choir Joy & Alleluia Choirs February 26 Sanctuary Choir Youth Choir

    January 6 Lock Out for 7th-12th graders 7:00 p.m.-11 p.m. January 8 Birth-3 Parent/Child Class 10:00 a.m. January 8 3rd Grade Bible Milestone Class 10:00 a.m. January 27 7th grade Confirmation Field 5:00 p.m. Trip to Mount Zion Temple February 5 Birth-3 Parent/Child Class 10:00 a.m. February 10 9th-12th grade Lock In 7:00 p.m.-8:00 a.m. February 12 2nd Grade Share/Save/Spend 10:00 a.m. Milestone Class

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    January Worship Assistants

    USHERS 8:45 10:15 9:30 Brian Brakke Butch Raymond (8,15,22,29) Brian Brakke (1)

    Dan Gilbertson Bud Hauser (8,15,22,29) Dan Gilbertson (1) Andy Fuller Marilynn Hauser (8,15,22,29) Andy Fuller (1)

    GREETERS Lynne Janke (8,22) Linnea Raymond (8,29) Lynne Janke (1) Phyllis Martin (15,29) Dennis & Sonje Brown (15,22)


    Dan Schrantz (1,22) Maya Jenkins (8) Dan Schrantz (1) Bonnie Tranby (8) Amanda Narog (22) Janine Hudson (15,29) Sally Rix (29)


    Kay Wandersee (8) Maya Jenkins (8) Lynne Janke (1) Becky Swanson (8) Reagan White (8) Karen Abrahamson (1) Janine Hudson (15,29) Lydia Jones, Melanie McMahon (15,29) Alexis Jones (8) Lynne Janke (22) Miya Sorensen (15) Karen Abrahamson (22) Carly Johnson (15) Gretchen Moran (15) Claire Kachelmyer (15) Camille Buddecke, Christine Codner (22) Amanda Narog (22) Jane Tveite (22) Sherin Dahn (29) Sarah Slania (29) Sarah Glad (29) Sally Rix (29)

    ALTAR SERVICE Laurie Ollila, Mandy & Olivia Hornsten

    RECORDING THE SERVICE Jan 1 Dan Gilbertson Jan 8 Steven Jones Jan 15 Andy Fuller Jan 22 Jeff Schuette Jan 29 Lynette Smith

    WELCOME DESK Jan 1 Marlys Peterson Jan 8 Marlys Peterson Jan 15 Kay Wandersee Jan 22 Stephanie Hansen Jan 29 Kathy Augdahl

    ASSISTING MINISTER Jan 1 Dwaine Sutherland Jan 8 Josh Holtzleiter Jan 15 Dwaine Sutherland Jan 22 Elsa Buck Jan 29 Lexie Sorensen

    COFFEE CLEAN UP Jan 8 Mary Menge Jan 15 Jenifer Morgan Jan 22 Tammy McWain Jan 29 Jeanette Lynch

    COUNTERS Jan 1 Brezina/Olsen Jan 8 Baisch/Kvistero Jan 15 Codner/Jerzak Jan 22 Dahn/Severson Jan 29 Clemen/Baertsch

    BREADMAKERS Jan 1 Marie Kvistero Jan 8 Kim Thole Jan 15 Janel Anderson Jan 22 Linda Elsen Jan 29 Jenny Nickell

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    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

    1 9:30 AM Wor-ship

    2 Office Closed 11:30 AM Yoga 6:00 PM TOPS 6:30 PM Yoga 7:15 PM Calvary Carillons

    3 11:00 AM Staff Meeting 6:00 PM Property Team




    5 8:30 AM Quilters 9:00 AM Sharing & Caring 11:30 AM Yoga 6:30 PM Yoga

    6 9:00 AM Yoga 7:00 PM 7th - 12th Grade Lock-out


    8 10:00 AM 3rd

    Grade Milestone Class 10:00 AM Birth - age 3 SS




    9 9:30 AM Men's Bible Study 10:00 AM God's Children Sing 11:30 AM Yoga 6:00 PM TOPS 6:30 PM Yoga 7:15 PM Calvary Carillons

    10 11:00 AM Staff Meeting 1:00 PM TOD Financial Class




    12 8:30 AM Quilters 11:30 AM Yoga 6:30 PM Yoga

    13 9:00 AM Yoga

    14 8:00 AM Shining Life Workshop

    15 10:15 AM Worship Young





    Office Closed 11:30 AM Yoga 6:00 PM TOPS 6:30 PM Yoga 7:00 PM Writer's Group

    17 9:30 AM Han-nah Circle 11:00 AM Staff Meeting 1:00 PM TOD Financial Class 6:30 PM Council Meeting




    19 8:30 AM Quilters 9:00 AM Sharing & Caring 11:00 AM Keystone 11:30 AM Yoga 6:30 PM Yoga

    20 9:00 AM Yoga

    21 7:30 AM Men's Breakfast

    22 12:30 PM Piano Recital




    23 9:30 AM Men's Bible Study 10:00 AM God's Children Sing 11:30 AM Yoga 5:00 PM Health Coach Workshop 6:00 PM TOPS 6:00 PM Vermillion Townhome 6:30 PM Yoga 7:15 PM Calvary Carillons

    24 11:00 AM Staff Meeting 1:00 PM TOD Financial Class




    26 8:30 AM Quilters 11:30 AM Yoga 6:30 PM Yoga

    27 9:00 AM Yoga 5:00 PM 7th Grade Confirma-tion Temple Field Trip

    28 8:00 AM Shining Life Workshop

    29 10:15 AM Wor-ship & Annual Meeting




    30 9:30 AM Men's Bible Study 10:00 AM God's Children Sing 11:30 AM Yoga 12:30 PM Blood Drive 5:00 PM Health Coach Workshop 6:00 PM TOPS 6:30 PM Yoga 7:15 PM Calvary Carillons

    31 11:00 AM Staff Meeting 1:00 PM TOD Financial Class 6:30 PM Ste-phen Ministries Team

    1 2




    5:00 PM RING/Youth Choir 5:15 PM Fellowship Supper 6:00 PM Praise/Joy/Alleluia Choirs 6:00 PM ROL 6:30 PM Worship 6:30 PM Confirmation 7:00 PM Sanctuary Choir/ ReBellious 7:30 PM Sr. High Youth Leaders


    8:15 AM Fellowship 8:45 AM Worship 9:45 AM All Always

    Learning (AAL) 10:15 AM Worship

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    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday







    2 8:30 AM Quilt-ers 9:00 AM Shar-ing & Caring 11:30 AM Yoga 6:30 PM Yoga

    3 9:00 AM Yoga


    5 10:00 AM Birth - age 3 SS




    6 9:30 AM Men's Bible Study 10:00 AM God's Children Sing 11:30 AM Yoga 5:00 PM Health Coach Workshop 6:00 PM TOPS 6:30 PM Yoga 7:00 PM Writer's Group 7:15 PM Calvary Carillons

    7 11:00 AM Staff Meeting 6:00 PM Property Team




    9 8:30 AM Quilt-ers 11:30 AM Yoga 6:30 PM Yoga

    10 9:00 AM Yoga 7:00 PM 9th - 12th Grade Lock-in

    11 8:00 AM Shining Life Workshop

    12 10:00 AM 2nd Grade Milestone Class




    13 Messenger Arti-cles Due 9:30 AM Men's Bible Study 10:00 AM God's Children Sing 11:30 AM Yoga 5:00 PM Health Coach Workshop 6:00 PM TOPS 6:30 PM Yoga 7:15 PM Calvary Carillons

    14 11:00 AM Staff Meeting




    16 8:30 AM Quilt-ers 9:00 AM Shar-ing & Caring 11:00 AM Keystone 11:30 AM Yoga 6:30 PM Yoga

    17 9:00 AM Yoga

    18 7:30 AM Men's Breakfast

    19 10:15 AM Worship Young




    20 Office Closed 11:30 AM Yoga 6:00 PM TOPS 6:30 PM Yoga 7:00 PM Writer's Group

    21 9:30 AM Hannah Cir-cle 11:00 AM Staff Meeting 6:30 PM Council Meet-ing




    23 8:30 AM Quilt-ers -11:30 AM Yoga 6:30 PM Yoga

    24 9:00 AM Yoga

    25 8:00 AM Shining Life Workshop





    27 9:30 AM Men's Bible Study 10:00 AM God's Children Sing 11:30 AM Yoga 6:00 PM TOPS 6:00 PM Vermillion Townhome 6:30 PM Yoga 7:15 PM Calvary Carillons

    28 11:00 AM Staff Meeting 6:30 PM Stephen Ministries Team

    1 4:30 PM Ash Wednesday Worship 5:15 PM Fellowship Supper 6:30 PM Ash Wednesday Worship

    2 8:30 AM Quilters 9:00 AM Sharing & Caring 11:30 AM Yoga 6:30 PM Yoga

    3 9:00 AM Yoga


  • Page 8 January/February Messenger

    February Worship Assistants

    USHERS 8:45 10:15

    Bob Gastfield Renate Owen Jim Drahos Danielle Pedersen Cindy Drahos Jennifer Kehr

    GREETERS Brenda Higgins (5) Sharin Dahn (5,19) Carole Gastfield (12,26) Marilyn Launer (15,26) Sharin Dahn (19)


    Lexie Sorensen (5) Sally Rix (5) Alanna Teragawa (12) Grace Pitzl (12) Amanda Narog (19) Elsa Buck (26) Roy Campen (26)


    Brenda Higgins (5,19) Sherin Dahn, Sarah Slania (5) Marie Kvistero (5,19) Sarah Glad, Sally Rix (5) Michelle Finlon (12) Grace Pitzl, Jackson White (12,26) Lauren Milliken (12) Elsa Buck, Paige Grebin (12) Judy Campen (26) Maya Jenkins, Reagan White (19) Roy Campen (26) Lydia Jones, Alexis Jones (19)


    Susan Fuller, Sherry Gilbsertson

    RECORDING THE SERVICE Feb 5 Colin Buddecke Feb 12 Nate Reis Feb 19 Bruce Olson Feb 26

    WELCOME DESK Feb 5 Alanna Teragawa Feb 12 Marlys Peterson Feb 19 Kay Wandersee Feb 26 Marianne Adelmann

    ASSISTING MINISTER Feb 5 Lisa Anderson Feb 12 Emma Buddecke Feb 19 Joe Nickell Feb 26 Jeremy Bierlein

    COFFEE CLEAN UP Feb 5 Marie Kvistero Feb 12 Elaine Moss Feb 19 Dave & Lisa Johnson

    Feb 26 Jenny Nickell

    BREADMAKERS Feb 5 Sally Rix Feb 12 Kathy Jents Feb 19 Jennifer Becker Feb 26 Kellie Johnson

  • January/February Messenger Page 9

    Hannah Circle Tuesday, January 17

    Farolyn Gerring - hostess


    Tuesday, February 21 9:30 a.m.

    Fellowship Hall

    Marilynn Launer - hostess

    Weather -Related Cancellations

    I t is inevitable, when living in Minnesota, that once in a while we will have severe winter weather causing the cancellation of services, programs and activities. When bad weather is predicted, you have several ways to check for cancellations at Mount Calvary:

    Call the Church office at 651-454-2344.

    A message will be on our church answering service stating to “Press 0” for weather-related cancellations.

    Check your e-mail.

    An e-mail will be sent to Mount Calvary members for which we have e-mail addresses.

    Check the Mount Calvary website at A message will be posted on the

    Home page.

    During bad weather, please check one of the listed options before heading out to the church.

    Stay safe and warm during our winter season!


    Monday, January 30 12:30 - 6:30 p.m.

    The American Red Cross will be at Mount Calvary to conduct a blood drive. "You may never think of yourself as the answer to someone's prayer, but every time you donate blood, you are!!" The nation's blood supply is dangerously low - now's your chance to make a difference!

    Come, help with this important effort. There are several ways to schedule your appointment:

    1) Call 1-800-733-2767; 2) Sign up on a Sunday morning in the Gathering Area 3) Contact Wendy Lane at [email protected]

    or 651-454-2344 (ext 14) or schedule on-line with the Red Cross at and follow these instructions:

    Thank you for considering donating your precious blood for a precious cause. All participants will receive a coupon for a free pint of Culver's Frozen custard!!

    http://www.mtcalvary.commailto:[email protected]:651-454-2344

  • Page 10 January/February Messenger


    O ne of Mount Calvary's hallmarks is our sense of community. LifeStories is one way to add depth to that sense. It provides a means of helping others open up and capture the unique and interesting stories of their lives. Our initial focus is helping older Mount Calvary members tell their stories. How many times have you read a life summary or bio or even an obituary and not learned anything about what the person was like, what and whom they valued, what made them laugh, etc? By volunteering to be a LifeStory listener, you'll be armed with triggering questions that help people both recall the “good old days” and reveal their values, personality and character (see excerpts from Dick Johnson's LifeStory below). And if you're an older member, we encourage you to volunteer to be a story-teller (Dick encourages any would-be storytellers to ask him about the experience). Listeners record the sessions or take notes and write up the storyteller's LifeStory—a gift to them and their families. Listeners and storytellers together determine meeting times and duration. On average, listeners can expect to invest 4-6 hours over a couple of months. So if you're interested in personal histories, getting to know interesting people and learning from them, or in an intergenerational service project, please join us in helping our older friends tell their stories. It's a privilege to be invited into their lives. And it's an experience that can form a lasting bond between storyteller and listener. To volunteer or learn more, please contact any of us or Wendy Lane at the church. LifeStories Committee members-- Deanna Baisch, Rich Cowles, Karen Dare, Melissa Lindsey, Debbie Nickell and Mark Teats Excerpts from Dick Johnson's LifeStory:

    "'Ski for Light' was my biggest accomplishment in life.... it gives blind people the experience and joy of skiing (one blind and one sited skier would ski in pairs). We would be their eyes and give verbal instructions and then we would have weekly races…I felt an inner urgency to learn what they went through and how to help. I felt that I was chosen to do this. I had to do it, and it gave me a great sense of accomplishment. ...My biggest challenge was teaching a woman who was both blind and deaf how to ski. At first I thought, 'how are we going to communicate with her?' But we did so through hand movements on her back. When she was awarded her first medal, I told everyone to stomp on the floor so she could feel the ovation. There wasn't a dry eye in the place.... I have always loved people and had many friends. I've led a full, beautiful life."

  • January/February Messenger Page 11


    Those Who Lost Loved Ones

    Denice Moen - brother Family of Alva Locke Orv Felt - brother

    Those Baptized

    Drew Thomas son of Andy & Bryna

    Update on Drew Nickell

    W e are happy to inform you that Drew’s most recent scan results show no evidence of active neuroblastoma!! When we heard this we could not help but have tears of joy and relief. There are still some remnants of the original tumors however they look different on the scans; different in a good way! The tumors appear to be more calcified, which essentially means they are not multiplying/growing. It no longer lights up on the PET scan either which also helps confirm that it is not actively growing. In most cancers all of the tumor must be removed but in neuroblastoma that is not the case; very strange I know. It is rare for a neuroblastoma tumor to COMPLETELY vanish on an imaging test. It will leave behind a “scar” which is essentially what Drew’s tumor looks like right now. He will most likely have this scar the rest of his life. For those interested in numbers, he has 2 portions of his tumor – abdominal and chest. At his mid-way point (after 4 cycles) of chemo the abdominal portion was 91% smaller and thoracic was 78% smaller. Now, abdominal is 94% smaller (from original) and the thoracic is 91% smaller. These excellent numbers (both greater than 90%) allow us to bypass having a surgery to remove what is left, so little Drewy got to start his oral medication today! He took his pill like a champ (I wrapped a fruit snack around the capsule)! He almost never gets fruit snacks so he gobbled it right up. He will take isotretinoin (Accutane) for 14 days on, then 14 days off, for 6 cycles. He will also have more imaging scans at the half way and end point to make sure the cancer is not coming back. In rare cases the tumor that remains could start becoming active again in which case he may need surgery or more chemo but we will continue to pray that his repeat scan in three months looks unchanged from this most recent one. If nothing has changed at that point, we will likely have his port removed. Until his port is removed, we still need to bring him in as soon as he spikes a fever to make sure it is not a port infection. This could be a long winter season but we are grateful he no longer needs chemo. His immune system should be back to normal in about three months. I will continue to be the sanitizing queen! We are very relieved to receive these results! Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers and support thus far!! Lots of Love, Jen, Mark, Luke and Drew

  • Page 12 January/February Messenger

    Address Service Requested

    Non Profit Org. U.S. POSTAGE

    PAID TWIN CITIES MN Permit No. 2611

    3930 Rahn Road Eagan, MN 55122

    God’s Work. Our Hand.


    Pastor Jen 1

    Mission Mount Calvary 2

    Cantor 3

    Music/Children, Youth & Family 4

    January Assistants 5

    Calendar 6

    February Assistants 8

    Etc. 9

    LifeStories 10

    Pray For 11


    Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

    Friday CLOSED


    @ [email protected]


    W 651.454.5505

    mailto:[email protected]