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Metroparks of the Toledo Area Rotary’s Gift To The Middlegrounds 4 Sculptures Make Playgrounds Unique 9 Meet The New Executive Director 12 Summer 2012 METROPARKS M A G A Z I N E

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Summer 2012 Metroparks magazine, published for Metroparks members and supporters.









Rotarys Gift To The Middlegrounds 4 Sculptures Make Playgrounds Unique 9 Meet The New Executive Director 12

METROPARKSM A G A Z I NSummer 2012 Vol. 19, No. 1 published by


Metroparks of the Toledo Area5100 West Central Avenue Toledo, OH 43615-2106 419.407.9700

Board of Park CommissionersScott J. Savage, President Fritz Byers, Vice President Lera Doneghy, Vice President Staff: Steven W. Madewell, Executive Director [email protected] Denise Johnson, Director, Visitor Services [email protected] Patty Morgenstern, Membership/Customer Service Manager [email protected] Scott Carpenter, Public Relations Director/Editor [email protected] Jesse Mireles, Art Direction [email protected] Valerie Juhasz, Production Manager [email protected] Metroparks of the Toledo Area 2012

On the cover: Tail feathers of a red-tailed hawk. Photo by Art Weber Opposite page: Deer in the morning at Side Cut Metropark on the Maumee River. Photo by Jesse Mireles

n Season IParking Leads To Parkeventy years ago this spring, Metroparks inherited land that would lead to a new Metropark on Central Avenue in the village


of Berkey. But the inherited property was nowhere close to the site of todays Secor Metropark it was a parking lot at the corner of Jefferson and Huron Streets in downtown Toledo. In April 1942, the park district received land valued at $93,000 from the estate of businessman Arthur J. Secor, who died the previous summer. In his will, Secor left the parking lot to the park district, stipulating that money raised from its operation be used to develop a new Metropark. In June 1956, the Board of Park Commissioners unveiled plans for 500-acre Secor Park, including an arboretum with over 500 varieties of trees and 200 types of shrubs. On the occasion of Ohio's sesquicentennial celebration, 135 trees one from each school in Lucas County were planted to create the Sesquicentennial School Grove. In September 1959, 300 invited guests attended a dedication of the nature center at Secor.

MiddlegroundsA Hub Again

Rotary Gift To Make

Facing page: The Anthony Wayne Bridge forms the eastern border of the Middlegrounds. Below: View of the parkland from the bridge. See center spread for additional photo.


he name Middlegrounds will again be just as appropriate as it was in the 1840s, but for different reasons.

That vision received a major boost in May when the Rotary Club of Toledo celebrated its 100th anniversary by donating $300,000 to the Middlegrounds project. It was the largest community investment in the history of a club with a long record of making a difference. The Metroparks system is a gift to the community and it keeps on giving, said Larry Howe, Toledo Rotary Foundation vicechairman. It is our pleasure to be part of this. Rotarians gathered May 5 at the 28-acre site to celebrate the double milestones a century of service and a future where a half-mile of parkland stretches from the Anthony Wayne Bridge to the Norfolk Southern railroad

yard, southwest of Martin Luther King Plaza. The first downtown Metropark will add to the momentum that has been building along the riverfront while serving nearby neighborhoods as a clean, safe, natural destination for families. At the May 5 event, Steve Madewell, Metroparks executive director, noted recent announcements about the renovation of nearby Promenade Park, owned by the city, and the former steam plant, which will house the downtown YMCA. We need to be thinking about connectivity and looking at the riverfront as a whole, Mr. Madewell said. There is so much

In the early days of the city of Toledo, the thin strip of land between Swan Creek and the Maumee River then called the Middle Ground was the regional hub for transportation and commerce. In 2015, when Middlegrounds Metropark opens on the site, it will again be a hub, where neighbors mingle with office workers from downtown buildings, fishermen share the incomparable river views with joggers, and picnickers enjoy watching rowers skimming the waters of the largest river on the Great Lakes.

potential for this property to become an urban greenspace to serve those who live nearby as well as drawing people downtown. Toledo Mayor Mike Bell called the Metropark another piece in the puzzle. With all the energy and economic development thats going on along the river, this is a perfect jewel to that portion of what we are trying to do, Mr. Bell said. This is just a beautiful location and its a great day for Toledo. Most of Toledos bridges can be viewed from the Middlegrounds, as well as parts of downtown. The Locke Branch of the ToledoLucas County Public Library can be seen across the river. U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, who also spoke at the event, talked about the park not only preserving riverfront land, but offering visitors an opportunity to learn more about the regions history. The Great River is the reason Toledo is here, she said. And it becomes more important to our future all the time. People can

come here to re-discover why people came here originally. Completion of phase one of the The Middlegrounds is scheduled for fall 2015, following a major renovation to the adjacent Anthony Wayne Bridge. It will include a shelter named for Toledo Rotary, which will be the centerpiece of a plaza. The shelter will resemble a railroad roundhouse, which used to occupy part of the site. Trails, parking, restrooms and river access are also part of the initial plans for the property. The Middlegrounds previously was used as a granary and a railroad yard. A bridge was once located at the south end of the property, but it was destroyed by a freighter that came loose from its moorings. For decades after the closing of the rail yard, the property was used as a dumping ground for a variety of building material and debris. Metroparks purchased the land in 2006. Since then, more than 8,000 tons of debris has been removed from the site. The $1.2 million purchase price

and other costs associated with the purchase were reimbursed to the park district from a grant through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Coastal Estuarine Land Conservation Program. The grant, totaling $1.5 million, was designated for the project by Congresswoman Kaptur in February 2005. A committee of citizens and Metroparks staff drafted a General Management Plan for the park, with public meetings

at each stage, to guide future development. The Middle Ground Was Areas Commercial Hub Today, the Middlegrounds of the mid-1800s would probably be called an intermodal transportation hub. Lake vessels, canal boats and railroads converged on the property, creating a honeycomb of commercial activity. There were docks, warehouses, grain

elevators, a train depot, hotels, boarding houses and a church for railroaders and sailors. A flood in 1883 changed the face of this area forever. The train depot was moved to higher ground, and in time the area was relegated to use for rail yards and warehousing. Declining use of the Erie Canal, which terminated at Swan Creek, forced grain elevators to relocate upriver. By the late 1880s the once busy commercial area fell into neglect and was all but forgotten. An attempt at residential development failed in the early 1990s. In 1997 Owens-Corning Corporation dedicated its corporate headquarters on a portion of the Middlegrounds, bringing new life to the historic area. Clean Up: 8,700 Tons

Of Debris Removed


efore planning for a new Metropark at the Middlegrounds could begin, first the site had to be cleaned up. Metroparks spent $283,000 to remove or recycle 8,700 tons (more than 173 million pounds!) of debris.

Photos on this and previous pages show the Middlegrounds in the late 1800's and today. The once busy commercial hub was forever changed by a great flood in 1883.

What was removed: 1,800,000 pounds of concrete 6,400,000 pounds of asphalt 7,000 pounds of steel 200,000 pounds of RR ties 700,000 pounds of wood chips 902,000 pounds of logs 5,080,000 pounds of stone/ aggregate 2,280,000 pounds of soil/fill


New Playgrounds will have Interactive SculpturesWhen we have these in place, they will be unlike anything else around, Mr. Zenk said. They wont be just playgrounds they will be Metroparks playgrounds, with designs that inspire kids to discover nature.


ventually, they will be unique play structures that blend into the surrounding landscape and engage young Metroparks visitors in outdoor adventures. But they begin as large blocks of Styrofoam in a downtown Toledo warehouse.

Thats where artists Doug Kampfer and Jeremy Links create detailed, natural-looking pieces of art that double as play equipment like the slide in the shape of a downed tree complete with a great horned owl nest that has already been installed at Secor Metropark. The artists, who were commissioned after Metroparks consulted the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo, call their creations interactive sculpture. Dave Zenk, superintendent of parks, calls them signature playgrounds. When we have these in place, they will be unlike anything else

around, Mr. Zenk said. They wont be just playgrounds they will be Metroparks playgrounds, with designs that inspire kids to discover nature. Opened last November at the Walnut Grove picnic area, the Secor playground was the first for the new concept. Each new playground built in the future will include the unique, interactive features, which reflect the Metroparks conservation mission and the natural attributes to be found in individual parks. Farnsworth and Swan Creek will also be among the first Metroparks to receive playground makeovers. A design currently being developed for Farnsworth incorporates things visitors might find in that riverside park a climbing wall inspired by the Bowling Green Fault, great blue heron talk tubes, fungi steps and a buckeye leaf balance beam.

The Secor project was the first for Metroparks and for Kampfer and Links new company, Graphite Design + Build. (Our name describes what we do, Kampfer said. We can design and build anything.) The 32-year-old Bowling Green State University graduates have several years of experience with another company creating custom, interactive sculptures for international clients, but recently set out on their own. The artists demonstrated their process while working on a tree house for an Indiana childrens zoo: They start with a drawing, then mold the design out of wood or clay to create a threedimensional model. Then they sculpt the full-size piece out of Styrofoam blocks using a heated wire and a variety of other sculpting tools, coat the piece in fiberglass, finish it with an epoxy putty and sculpt the final touches. Steel is added for reinforcement where needed.

The Secor playground also includes a tree house with another slide and a variety of swings for different ages on a cushioned surface. It was built thanks to a donation from Frank and Babs Cubbon and unveiled in November as part of a weekend-long celebration with family and friends to mark Mr. and Mrs. Cubbons birthdays and their 63rd wedding anniversary. Denise Johnson, director of visitor services, noted that the playground was an appropriate legacy for a playful couple who have enjoyed the Metroparks with their own family for many years. Mr. Cubbon credited his wife, Babs, with the idea of funding a project in the park, noting that she grew up in the Mill Creek MetroParks in Youngstown, where her father was a superintendant.


Frank and Babs Cubbon at the Secor playground they helped fund. Metroparks Board members Fritz Byers and Scott Savage; Mark Dangler and Mary Caprella, of BP; and Board member Lera Doneghy. Jeremy Links and Doug Kampfer, of Graphite + Design, work on a sculpture with help from an artist friend, Don Soltis, in their downtown Toledo studio.

An inscription on the fallen tree sculpture reads: For the love of children and nature, this playground made possible by the Frank and Babs Cubbon Family." A Playground Challenge When representatives of the BP-Husky Refinery in Oregon came to a Metroparks board meeting this winter to present a check for $25,000 toward the cost of a new playground at Pearson Metropark, they issued a challenge to the community: Raise another $25,000 for the project and the company will match that amount. Friends of Pearson Metropark took up the challenge, donating $3,500, and other organizations are considering donations. The Pearson playground will get a complete makeover that will include sculptures inspired by the parks swampy history, a new landscape, improved draining and better access. If you or a group you belong to would like to contribute to the Pearson playground project and help Metroparks meet the BPHusky $25,000 challenge, please contact Denise Johnson, 419-4079716.


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Steve Madewell Named Executive DirectorThe conservation mission of regional park systems and open space districts must play a significant role in the stabilization and revitalization of the urban and metropolitan areas and exploring future opportunities.

Photo background: floodplain at Swan Creek Preserve Metropark. Before the acquisition of Middlegrounds Metropark, this preserve was the only Metropark within the city of Toledo.


tephen W. Madewell was named executive director of Metroparks of the Toledo Area and began work in April as the eighth chief executive since the park districts founding in 1928.

"I am humbled and honored to be afforded this opportunity and challenge, Mr. Madewell said. This is incredibly exciting from a number of perspectives. Mr. Madewell, 56, was director since 2009 at Lake Metroparks, an 8,000 acre park system in northeast Ohio. Scott J. Savage, president of the threemember Board of Park Commissioners, governing body of Metroparks, said that Mr. Madewell was selected from a pool of outstanding candidates provided by Waverly Partners, an executive search firm. Steve stood out to us because of his breadth of experience, thorough knowledge of special park districts and deep commitment to the conservation mission that is the core of what we are all about, Mr. Savage said. Steve has spent his career in special park districts in Ohio, working as a naturalist, park ranger and natural resources

manager, Mr. Savage added. He has been in senior leadership for more than 20 years and director of two excellent park districts here in Ohio. My fellow commissioners and I have a great deal of confidence in his ability to lead Metroparks. The board, which also includes vice-presidents Lera Doneghy and Fritz Byers, voted unanimously to hire Mr. Madewell. In Lake County, Mr. Madewell served as deputy director from 1991 to 2009 and interim director for a year before being named to the top position. From 1988 to 1990, he was division head of resource interpretation and protection. Previously, he served as director of the Geauga Park District. He was also a park ranger, naturalist and environmental interpretation and resource protection manager at the Greene County Recreation and Parks Department. Mr. Madewell has retained his certification as a peace officer, and in May, was sworn in as a Metroparks ranger by Lucas County Probate Court Judge Jack Puffenberger. After spending a period getting to know the staff, volunteers,

visitors and community, Mr. Madewell said he was impressed with several things he found: First and foremost the park system is deeply valued he said. Everyone I have met and talked to immediately told me they love the Metroparks. Be it runners, bikers, birders or anglers, parents or grandparents, young adults or seniors, they are quick to point out their favorite park and what they like to do there. It is also clear that our staff is highly regarded and extremely committed, and that we have a great collection of volunteers who are truly devoted to the successful execution of our mission, he said. Metroparks has done a terrific job with the conservation, protection and promotion of natural resources unique to this region. Mr. Madewell added that in the current economic climate when many Midwestern cities are challenged with redefining themselves and their future, the conservation mission of regional park systems and open space districts must play a significant role in the stabilization and revitalization of the urban and metropolitan areas and exploring future opportunities.


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Exhibit Captures The Ancient Ohio Landscape Stunning images by photographers Art Weber and Tim Black reveal the Native American earthworks of prehistoric Ohio in an exhibit through July 29 at the National Center for Nature Photography at Secor Metropark. Recent discoveries about these mysterious earthworks give evidence that Ohio was a cultural center in ancient North America. Prominently featured in the exhibit are four ancient earthworks under consideration for UNESCO World Heritage status: the Newark Earthworks, The Fort Ancient Enclosure, Serpent Mound and the restored Mound City. The exhibit is presented as part of the Ancient Ohio Summer of events sponsored by the Newark Earthworks Center and The Ohio State University Newark Campus. On Saturday, July 28 at 1 p.m., Bradley T. Lepper, curator of archaeology for the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus, will give a presentation about the Newark Earthworks, the largest set of geometric enclosures and mounds in the world. The work of the Hopewell culture between 100 B.C.

Field Notes

of 10-year-old Alex Lenhart began making the long drive from the Cleveland area to bring their son to Nature Shoot photo classes at the Nature Photography Center at Secor Metropark. They wanted to encourage his budding interest in photography. The trips paid off when Alex, now 12, was recognized this spring at a Photo Arts Club of Toledo contest awards presentation as the youngest winner in the 27 year history of the contest. Alex won both first and second place in the Fauna category for his photos taken at classes taught by Art Weber and Bob Jacksy of the Metroparks staff during Photo Shoots at the Toledo Zoo and Nature's Nursery. Alex's parents Philip and Sally Lenhart credited the Photography Center and its staff with inspiring and encouraging Alex to pursue his passion for photography. Rangers Increase Patrols On Trails Nearly 150 miles of trails in the Metroparks offer places to unwind, explore, recreate and learn about nature. But increased traffic and conflicting uses on the trials can lead to frustration for some hikers, bicyclists and dog walkers. On the first Saturday in June which was National Trails Day park rangers began stepped up patrols on the trail system to reinforce park rules and trail etiquette. Types of behavior targeted for enforcement included bicyclists travelling too fast, dog walkers with leashes longer than the permitted 8 feet and runners who

and A.D. 400 the geometric earthworks covered nearly five square miles, using more than seven million

cubic feet of earth. Why did the Hopewell build such monumental works? Were they prehistoric forts or ancient American cathedrals? After the program, meet Dr. Lepper in the gallery to learn more about the Ancient Ohio Landscape. Admission to the gallery and Dr. Leppers presentation are free. Classes Pay Off For Young Photographer Two years ago, the parents

Serpent Mound, by Art Weber, from the Ancient Ohio exhibit.


run more than two people abreast. We have rules and regulations, but whats most important on the trails is common courtesy, said Joe Fausnaugh, chief ranger for Metroparks of the Toledo Area. In additional to law enforcement, trails are patrolled by the 224 members of the Volunteer Trail Patrol, who are identified by yellow shirts and provide customer service to park visitors. The volunteers are trained in customer service, park district rules and regulations, first aid and CPR. New Trail Signs Installed New signs at Wildwood Preserve are a sign of things to come for trails throughout the Metroparks. In addition to new posts identifying trails and providing other way-finding information, markers are now spaced every tenth of a mile.

Using the mile markers and new kiosk maps, runners and walkers can now plot their own distance and make their own course using the trail system. The markers also allow trail users with cell phones to better pinpoint their location in the event that they need to call 911 for an emergency. New trail markers will appear next at Swan Creek Preserve, and along the Towpath at Farnsworth, Bend View and Providence. Eventually, they will be used on trails in all of the Metroparks. Fishing Line Recycled Four pounds may not sound like a lot, but when it comes to keeping used fishing line out of the Maumee River, where birds and other wildlife can become entangled and injured, four pounds goes a long way. Thats the amount of fishing line collected this spring in receptacles placed at Side Cut, site of the spring walleye run.

New kiosks at trailheads are part of new standards for trail signage. Below: Fishermen during the spring walleye run. The line is sent to Berkley, a fishing line manufacturer, to be recycled. UPS in Maumee agreed to ship the package at no charge. Ponds Edges Improved Visitors to Mallard Lake at Oak Openings or the lakes at Pearson this summer will notice a dramatic improvement to the shorelines of those popular bodies of water. The bank stabilization projects, which are still under way, replace outdated erosion control methods with more effective and aesthetically pleasing slabs of limestone, which soften the edges, provide beds for native plants and offer better access to the water. Great Park Search Returns The Great Park Search is back! The summer scavenger hunt provides new clues each week to find signs hidden in nine Metroparks. Participants follow clues then enter the secret codeword they find on a website. Each codeword entered is an entry in that weeks drawing to win a gift card to The Andersons. There is a new drawing each week during the nine-week program. All entries are also entered into a drawing at the end of the program, with one winner taking home a prize package, also from The Andersons, worth more than $1,000. The Great Park Search is sponsored by The Andersons,, Buckeye CableVision and The Blade. See for information about how to begin your search.


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September 2011 through June 2012 Antique Bed Returned To The Manor House After 43 Years A mahogany canopy antique bed from the home of Robert and Page Stranahan now the Wildwood Manor House is back where it belongs, thanks to a generous donation by the Edmund Collins Family. According to Don Pennell, who married into the Collins family in 1967, the bed had been in the guest room of Edmund and Louise Collins Ottawa Hills home for years before he learned of its past. A handwritten bill of sale from J.F. Bennett Studios, Inc., written in 1969, contained the first clue: From Stranahan Estate, it said. Later, Mr. Pennell took a tour of the Manor House grounds. It was on this tour that I learned that there were no original Stranahan pieces in the house. Mr. Pennell contacted Metroparks programs director Beckie Finch, and with the assistance of Ed Hill at the Toledo Museum of Art, they concluded that the bed was likely from the Stranahans private quarters. In addition, the manufacturer of the box springs and mattress confirmed that they were from the same period and likely were part of the original bed. The bed was returned to the Manor House after the sale of the Collins home. The Edmund Collins family is delighted that the bed has finally returned to the Manor House for all to enjoy after being absent for nearly 43 years, Mr. Pennell said. Support For The Nature Photography Center The National Center for Nature Photography has received exhibit support from The National Endowment for the Humanities, The Ohio State University Newark Earthworks Center, Ian Adams, the Photo

Giving Tree

General Support The following made donations to support current expenditures at Metroparks: Martha Jane Doriot Fund of the Toledo Community Foundation Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Dr. Pacifico S. Geronimo David Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Hills Benjamin and Martha Marsh Donations to the Visitors Center Garden Fountain Jim and Deborah Miller Hal Munger and David Munger Architecture Foundation Fund William and Barbara Oliver Jay and Mindy Romanoff Alice C. Rupp Arthur and Constance Smith John Van Deilen Dave and Pamela Zenk Girl Scouts of Western Ohio donated a book and two skill builder sets. Richard and Martha Kudner gave a donation to support the Oak Openings Forum. Lora Gorelich donated dog kennel bedding and two rubber feed pans. Christine Turnbull donated shares of stock to the Metroparks. Robert and Sarah Brown made a donation to support the Fallen Timbers Battlefield. The Andersons, Inc. made a donation to support Metroparks programs and events in 2012.

Arts Club of Toledo, American Frame, The Andersons, Inc. and Jeff Basting. Members Program Gifts The following gifts were made to support the membership program: Nicole Grassi Ruth Bozian Rosie Assenmacher Barbara DeLand Matching Gifts Donations by an individual may be matched by the donors business or employer. Owens-Illinois Fund matched Robert C. Hay, Sr.s gift. Libbey, Inc. matched Gregory Sparks gift.

KeyBank Foundation matched Nancy K. Nielsens gift. Microsoft Matching Gift Program matched Steven Straubs gift. Therma-Tru matched Bradley Johnsons gift.


Member Dollars Go To Support Park ProjectsA $7,189 grant from the Metroparks Membership program last year purchased portable lighting for the sledding hill at Side Cut. The grant brings to $18,000 the total amount spent from the Members program on the Side Cut winter recreation area. Members of the Metroparks staff submitted proposals, which were evaluated by a grants oversight committee. Other grants awarded in the 2011 were: $9,000 to purchase a golf cart for use by Wildwood rangers on patrol and to assist park visitors when necessary. $6,000 for supplies to replace a boardwalk at Oak Openings Preserve. Work was done by Boy Scouts as part of an Eagle Scout service project. $4,900 to purchase a snow thrower for use in clearing the ice for skating at on the Pearson lake. $3,800 for an auger to remove sawdust and improve efficiency at the historic Ludwig Mill at Providence. $3,500 to replace grills at Pearson. $2,500 to purchase supplies for new gates at Providence. $2,259.00 to support a traveling photography exhibit produced by the Nature Photography Center. $2,000 for pop-up tents to use at special events, such as community festivals. $1,500 for trees to replace those lost at Side Cut. $1,240 to purchase supplies for use by volunteers in species monitoring programs. $1,100 for replace light fixtures at the Indianola Shelter at Farnsworth. $1,000 for scholarships for Metroparks summer camps. $1,000 for materials to construct a new pond in the Window on Wildlife at the Buehner Center at Oak Openings Preserve $850 for the Nature Explorers program, a partnership with the Toledo Hospital Pediatric Therapy program. $800 for expenses to bring a keynote speaker to the Oak Openings Forum $552 to purchase a new grill for the Mallard Lake Shelter at Oak Openings $470 to print brochures for the park rangers SAFE program And $300 to purchase a portable sound system for use by the programming staff.

The following gave donations to support special events: Fritz Byers Lera Doneghy Scott Savage Steve Madewell The Andersons donated the use of The Anderson Activities Building for a Metroparks program. Woofers Delight donated assorted dog treats for the Metroparks Mutts program. Toledo Dog Training made a contribution to support Metroparks Mutts Chili Walk. The Compass Club Inc. made a donation to support history programs. Lois White donated a spotting scope, tripod and two black and white photos. The Wal-Mart Foundation made a donation to support the Volunteer Trail Patrol. A grant from The France Stone Foundation made possible improvements to The Volunteer Canal Boat at Providence Metropark. Gifts for Pearson BP-Husky Refinery Maumee Bay Area Chamber of Commerce

Friends of Pearson John and Yolanda Szuch Gifts For Wildwood Playground Project Volunteers In Parks donated the proceeds from the first annual Wildwood Spring Carnival to a fund to build a new playground at Wildwood. Gifts for the Manor House Lindell Clemens donated 34 pieces of stemware to the Manor House. Tom Davis donated historic negatives and prints of the house, which was known as Stranleigh. Elizabeth Kolling donated an Arrowback Rocker. Lois White donated a spotting scope, tripod and two black and white photos of the Manor House. Gifts for Side Cut The Maumee Rotary Service Foundation made a donation to pay for electrical expenses at the Rotary Pavilion at Side Cut Metropark. Gifts for Nature Camp MLM Charitable Foundation funded a grant for Nature Camp supplies. Friends of Side Cut Metropark gave a donation to support three Nature Camp scholarships.


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View from the Middlegrounds.

Welcome ... New MembersOctober 1, 2011 through June 15, 2012 Samir and Lucy Abu-Absi Mary Adams Richard and Loviah Aldinger Ronald and Judie Alessi Kevin and Stacy CuppsAlexander Edward and Joann Allen Joni Allinson Donald C. and Wanda L. Ammiller Janice Amsler Kathy Anderson Wanda Anderson William and Noel Anderson Joe B. and Antonia W. Andrews Mary Ann Anello George F. Archambault Douglas and Christine Ardley Ken and Monica Armstrong Patricia J. Robb and David Arnold Ariel and Myriam Arvelo Amir and Augusta Askari Leonard and Laura Augustyiak Linda and Nick Augustyniak Wonsup Edwin and Sunmi Yun Auh Marne Austin Eric and Michelle Bachar Dr. Dalynn Badenhop Jeanne Baehren James M. and Susan A. Bagdonas Constance Baker David Baker Dorothy R. Baker Dr. and Mrs. Roger Baker Matthew Baker William A. and GeorgeAnne Baldridge Louise N. Bankey Donald W. and Barbara Barkley Rose Barnes Joan Barrett Casey Barteck Philip Basquez Ronald and Anthony Baum Michele Beach Stephen Beadle Bruce Beaudry Terry L. Beaver Michael and Juliann Beazley Dena Baker- Becker Dave Beckwith Nancy Beeman Joyce Behner David P. and Heather D. Bellian Jeff Berman Ellen and Guillermo Bernal


Sharon Bernhoft Bob Berns Paul Beroske Robert W. Best Shashi and Arti Bhatt Thomas Biblewski John W. and Wanda Bielski James and Ramona L. Bier Robert E. and Jana M. Bishop Thomas C. and Anne Marie Blank Eddie Blazey Sue Blevins Suzanne E. Blevins Bradley Bloomer Gerald A. Bloomer Donna Lowe Bochi Eric J. and Gail E. Bocian Rebecca A. Bodeman Jeffrey T. and Claren E. SheckBoehler Kathryn Lamb Boehnke John W. and Sally O. Boening James and Elizabeth Boldt Carol Jean Bomer Andrea Bond

Earllene Bond Richard and Suzanne Bond Susanne Booth Ronald E. Boston Abbey Boulton John and DeAnna Bradley Cambell and Cynthia Ann Brady Ann and Ralph Bragg Diane Braker William and Rita Brancheau Kim Brasher Shannon Braun Jean M. Brenner Linda Brenner Peggy Briggs Charlene and Charlie Brisbin Eric D. Britton and Sara J. Worley Dr. Ernest G. Brookfield Timothy and Janice Brown Cindy Bruns James W. and Juliann M. Buchele Cheri Budzynski James and Lee Buerk Betty Jo Buggie

Daniel Bukowski Sharon Bunting Laurie Burnard and Family Janet Burtch Archie D. and Cheryl L. Call Ronald and Gay Cappelletti Elizabeth Carr Philip, Kendra and Bristol Carroll Joanne Challen Lisa Chamberlain Sharon C. Chidester Rex and Amy Childers Katherine Chowdhary and Family Elizabeth Christy Amy Clark Tim and Kathy Clark Colleen Clark and Family Mr. and Mrs. John K. Clement Virginia Clifford Katie Cline Jillian Cole Scott Coleman Timothy Coleman Susan L. Conda David and Rhoda Cook Joel Cook Gerald and Gail Cooper Richard B. and Natalie Corado John and Martha Corcoran Lisa A. Cordier Mr. and Mrs. C. Craig Covrett Mary Cowie Becky Croke The Crots Family Mary Culpert Heather Damask Robbi Darrow Maureen Davis Kathleen Deanda Ralph Decker Diane F. Delventhal William J. and Judith A. Desana Diane Dickinson Don and Bonnie Diller John Dillon Jo Ann Dixon Deborah Dobrak Laurelyn Dodge Kathleen J. Dollman Paula Domitio James and Joyce Donaldson Meghan Donnelly Margaret E. Doresco Michael Doria Debbie Drafts David P. Drlik Hope and Larry Ducharme Michele Duck Susan Duff Marie and David Dunaway Thomas Dunn Richard J. and Jeanne Eastop Barbara Eikost Su Elliott Nathan Ellis David and Phebe Engel


Ruth A. Evans James and Barbara Facci Paul and Irene Fago Mary and John Fedderke Dawn Fenicle Katie Ferdon Mark S. Fesh Gertrud Fink Cheryl Fischer Keith Fischer James Fish Tim and Kathy Fisher John Foley Julie Ford Jennifer Fought Russell and Jean France Diane E. Frazen Dr. Robert C. Friess Frederick C. Friess Vicki L. Friess Jane O. Fulkert Brittani Furlong Jarvis and Marsha Gamble Ronald Gamble Charles E. Gardner Alfred J. and Suzanne K. Garner Crista Gaudiello Todd B. Germana Charles and Patricia Gibson Brenda Gillespie Mary Louise Glen Andrea Glenn Dr. Michael Glinka Mary Golkiewicz Maria Gonzalez Keith Good Lucy Goodenday Susan Goodman Judith Gorun Renee Goubeaux John K. and Julie M. Graham Nicole Grassi and Family Felicia Gray Sarita Gray Kathy Greene John and Diana Griffin Joseph and Marcia Grossmann Rhonda Gullett Alka Gupta

Daniel and Cathy Gustafson Diane Haas Miles P. and Patricia A. Hacker Peggy J. Hall Susan Hamen Nicholas Hammer Tony Hammer Anne Hampton Peter and Claudia Handwork Paul W. and Marilyn A. Hankins Judy D. Hansen Elaine Hardman Jay and Julie Harris Jason and Marisa Hartbarger Victor Hartzell Bruce Hatfield Tim Hatzidakis Linda Haubert Kathleen Hausknecht Jill Hawkins Richard Hayes Jeanie Hayward Gloria Heacock Lyle Hecklinger Nancy Hegedus Hallie Heigel-Williams Sharon Heinrichs Kevin Heintschel Julie Heller Jim and Louise Henahan Barbara J. Henkel Nathaniel Herbst Charles Herman David and Susan Hertz Mary J. Hertzfeld Duane and Laurel Heyman Jennifer and Scott Hill Joanna Hinton Lizabeth J. Hirzel Herman and Judy Hoerig Janice Hohenbrink Gail Holbrook Elizabeth Holland Pat Honer Robert J. and Margaret E. Hopperton Esther A. Horst and Family Barbara and Jeffrey Howald Tim Hozlowski

Gene and Ellen Hubbard Dave and Becky Huey Carla Hughes Lucille C. Hurm John R. Husman James W. and Marian Hyland, Jr. Christopher Ittel Robert and Erma Jacksy Eric W. and Cynthia A. Johnson Kelsey Johnson Naketa Jones Zaynab Joseph Thomas Kaczmarek Marjorie Kane Dan Kaniewski Linda Kaplin Merl and Joan Kardatzke Judy Kasper Victoria Kavalick Steven E. and Virginia F. Keller David S. and Nancy Kelly Dale Kern Carol D. Kimbrough Dr . and Mrs. Timothy Kime Lynne R. King Frank Kinor Dora Kirtz Sharon Kleinert Barb and John Klopfenstein John and Vivian Knapp Nathan and Christina Knestrick Denise Kniss Denise A. Knox Donna J. Koester Brian Koevenig Betsy and David Kolasky James and Jacqueline Konwinski Dennis and Dianne Koop Dennis Kosinski Tim Kozlowski Edward and Sandra Kraine Patricia Krause Jeff and Pam Kreft Beth Jakubec and Dann Krupp

Mark and Susan Kruse Dr. Ruthie Kucharewski William A. and Trudy Kuhlman Blake Kuntz Julie Kurtz Jan Kusowski Kevin Kusz Paul and Yvonne Lahti Jeanne Pritchard and Ray Lambert Bob and Joyce Lane Thomas Lane David Lange Kay Langlois Marty Lantz Margretta Laskey Steve K. Lauer and Marilyn F. Klar Marjorie C. Laumann Wanda Lawrence Ian Lawson Marcia Lehr Mary Leinaweaver Margaret A. Lesle Dan Lewis Malinda B. Lewis Shereth L. Lichtenwald Jana Lintz Gregory Lipps Bonnie K. Loeser Bradley Long Julie and William Loome Jay J. and Louise B. Lowenstein Elma L. Ludlow Glenn and Tamara Luther Paul A. and Carolyn L. Lutz Richard Maas Bernice and Marion Macek Michele MacFarlane Richard S. and Laura L. MacMillan Starlet Madison Barbara Malkoski Jason A. Marciniak


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Sandy Marcus Pamela Martzke James Mason Nancy and George Massar Timothy and Lalaine Mattison Susan Matz Art Maust Tom and Kay C. McArdle Donald C. and Florine M. McCain Krista McCarthy Patricia A. McCauley Myra McClure Ruth A. McClurg Ann McCormick Timothy McGovern Beth J. McGowan Angele M. McGrady Denise M. McHue John McManus Valerie McVicker Neusa McWilliams Cathy Meek Ann Mehelas Kenneth Mennell Dr. William Mewborn Richard P. and Joyce A. Michalak Todd Mierzwiak Andre Miller Joel J. Miller Joyce Miller Norman and Nancy Miller Tod Minnick Amanda Minor Michelle Mizell Adam Moncznik Jonathan and Andrea Monheim Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Monro Raymond Montague Hugh L. Montgomery Kelly Lynn Mulligan Cheryl and William Murphy Darri Murphy Kelly Murphy Olivia A. Murphy Anand and Barbara Mutgi

Virginia E. Nagy Mathew and Jennifer Naujock and Family Bianca Naves Kathryn Nelson Kay R. Nickelsen Joan Niese Lois Nofzinger Nancy Norman Jennifer Norwood Joseph Nowak Henry Nowakowski William M. and Dorothy D. Nunemaker Charles and Mary Nyitray Erin Mary O'Connell Brian and Julia O'Reilly Kelly Odneal Londa Ommert Dr. Nancy Orel Joan Osborn Van Gunten Edward Osborne Natalie Pallitta Janet L. Pancone David A. and Nancy A. Parker Jon F. and Helen M. Patton Marty and Lisa Pauken Diann Paulin David Payne Erin Pennell Gregory and Colleen Peters Stephen and Barbara Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Phillips Diane Piatz Joseph and Mary Pierce Shari Pierce Carolyn M. Pietrzak Brandee Piscitello William J. and Martha J. Pituch Carol Pletz Tim Polakowski Patricia O. Polca Susan Pollex Dr. Nelson Pont Harvey and Beatriz Popovich

Christa Puterbaugh Byron D. and Nancy Quandt Margaret Rabideau Khalil and Lavinia True- Raffoul Hydie Ralston Sara Ramsey Allen Rawlins James and Barbara Ray Reed A. and Dianna L. Reamsnyder Professor David Reed Steve and Lori Reinbolt Jennifer Renshaw Richard I. and Gloria D. Reynolds Glenn and Mary Richter Patricia Rizzi Fiona Roberts Norman Robinson Geneva D. Rodgers Sandra F. Romanoff Ronna and Bruce Romstad Brad Rosebrook Johanne V. Rossi John and Elizabeth Roth Keith and Sue Rottman Steve Rowe Brad and Julie Rubini Veronica Ann Ruch Terri Rudd Neal and Pam Rudolph Ella Ruecker Frank and Carole Ryan Laurie Ryan James E. and Margaret M. Sander Robert and Patricia Sands Deborah Sandusky Robert Sawyer Paul D. Epstein and Barbara Sayers Kathleen M. Sbrocchi Robert A. Scarlett Robert P. and Diane L. Schabel Margaret Schafer Dr. Uta Schaub

David M. Schetzsle Carolyn A. Schmitt Sara Haynes and Dan Schmitt David Schnapp Carl Schober Rita Schober Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Schoeck and Family Jenny Schramm Terry and Jane Schuessler Jack Schultz Matthew Schultz Gregg and Sarah Schwartz Serena Schwartz Timothy W. and Janice Harroun Scovic Pamela Segur Ramona Segura Anne Seikel Cheryl Sexton Dina Shaffer Dr. Rama Shah Michael and Janet Shaink Nancy J. Shea Marilyn Shefferly Madison Shellhammer Karen E. Shelt Adele K. Shelton Alexander M. Sherman Glenn E. and Betty L. Sherman Eileen A. Shriner David P. and Candace Shugar Calvert and Marilyn Shuptrine Anne Shutrump Amy Silvers Janet Simmons Mark Simon Jean Sites Jann K. Siwa Patricia Siwajek James Smith Theresa M. Smrekar David J. Sobczak Mary Sochacki Michel J. and Karen A.


Soubeyrand Michelle A. Soviar Naomi Sparks Wendy Speiser Kathryn L. Sperling JoAnne Spitler Michael Spitler Charlene Sprow Cindy St. John Nicholas Stainbrook Donald and Nancy Stawowy Paul and Dorothy Steedle Daniel and Claudia Stein Janet Sternfeld Patricia Stewart Ron Stiemsma Doris N. Stifel Gary Stoll Lisa Storer Carol Stroll Merlyn K. Struble Edward and Mary Ann Stuart Paul Sullivan Rick Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Sully Arthur and Mary Sussman Richard L. and Marilyn Suter Nicholas and Marsha Swanson Peter and Victoria Sweeney Judy Szewczak Melissa Szigeti Samuel and Judy Szor Darrell and Antonia Talley Karen Tank Mary Jo Tarini Paul and Elaine Tecpanecatl Norman R. Thal, Jr. Kevin Thomas Michelle Thomas Robert Thomas Sam and Carol Thomas Gail Thompson Michael A. and Lisa Tietje Mary Anne Tigges Eileen Ann Tishler James A. Tita Mark Tomko James Toppin Dr. Richard T. Torchia David and Karen Trautlein Neal Troy Deanna Truitt Bill Tucholski and Rochelle Fleming Kyle Turco Diana Ujvagi Ronald J. and Allison W. Unnerstall Monica Urbanski US Attorney's Office Mark A. and Karen L. V'Soske Joan Valentine Sientje Vanderhoeven Barbara Vanderkelen J. Michael Vassar Barbara Vernon

Joan Haskell Vicinus Barbara M. Vining Marilyn Visi James and Candice Vogel Beth Vollmar Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Von Gunten Thomas R. and Jacqueline Wagener, Sr. Elizabeth Wagoner Richard and Shelley Walinski Jane Wallace Lyndy Walling Paul and Susan Wannemacher Dr. and Mrs. Richard Ward Mrs. J. Jean Ward Richard D. and Linda S. Ward Brie Warnock Jeffery A. Watts Cynthia L. Webb Patricia S. Weis Mary Weiss Jerome and Kathleen Welenc Sara and Steve Wells Suzanna Wells Thomas J. and Ann L. Welly Charlie Wendt Kathy Werner Don and Catherine West Heather Westmeyer Donald White Roger White Barbara Wiemer Kay S. and Larry D. Wilcox Jacob Wilkens Loretta Willey David and Miriam Wilson Roland and Deborah Wilson Dee Winkel Ernie Woeller Leslie and Lee Woldenberg Hazel Wolf Katharin Mason Wolf Christine Wood Julie Wood Karen Wood and Dave Donley Roger E. Wyman Sara Ann Wysocki Tracie Hasenfratz and Dodd Yoder Glen Young Joan Yurko Carolyn B. Jabs and David Zamichow Frank Zbierajewski Gail Zeisloft Kathy Zeller Norman G. and Connie Zemmelman Joseph V. and Cheryl Zielinski Mark and Gretchen Zyndorf Ann Abate Omar and Eman Abu-Yasein Marjorie A. Achinger Sharon and Ed Ahlfors John F. and Rosie E. Allore

Membership Renewals ...Richard and Kay D. Amendola Richard Bryan and Regina Amidon Carl P. Anderson Joan and Patrick Anderson Judith A. Anderson Mary Jo Anderson Michael and Carol Anderson Susan J. Anderson Paul and Carol Anspach Janice and Charles E. Antal Garabed K. and Millicent M. Apardian Dean N. and Andrea M. Applin Bruce Arnold Ruth M. Arnot Merlin J. and Antoinette B. Artz Dr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Assenmacher Jean E. Atkin Charles H. and Nancy Lee Atkins Robert R. and Mary Ann Atwood Darla Austermiller Gayle J. Austin B. Hill'z Excavating, Inc. John and Lynn Bachelor Dr. George J. Baibak Jody Baker Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Baker Terry and Cynthia Baker Nancy A. Ballinger Ellen L. Bambrick Mr. and Mrs. Jerald B. Bannister

Paul and Kathleen Barber Donna Jean Bardis Melvin and Loraine Barger Catherine and Scott Barnes Gabrielle Davis and Sharon Barnes Julie A. Barnes Bert and Sharon Barnett Glen Victor Baron Naomi Baron Albert L. and Jacqueline M. Bartels Donald Bauman Ruth Baumann Albert M. and Barbara J. Baumgartner Carole Beamer Lowell V. Beaverson Allan Sacks and June Bechthold Christopher and Stacey Beck Louise E. Bedee Joanne M. Beede David and Cynthia Beekley Elsie B. Bellner Marilyn Bennett Mike and Debbie Bercher John E. and Mary Berger Ellen E. Berry Kathy Berry Carol and Neil Bersticker Tom and Joyce Bettinger Thomas C. Biebesheimer James F. and Nancy K. Bingle Michelle L. Birdwell Jon E. and Karen Bjorkman Curtis D. and Marilyn C. Black Maureen G. Ireland and Jonathan Blinn


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Ed Bloedow Dr. and Mrs. G. Barton Blossom David W. and Sandra S. Blumfeldt Katherine Blystone Morton and Susan Bobowick Patricia Bockert Mary E. Boellner Russell and Cathi Bohland Annette L. Boice Fred Borck Delbert E. and Frieda Fern Bordner Diane R. Bouillon Sandra L. Bowdle Mary F. Boyd Rosemary Boyd Herbert W. Boyer Joanne Branks Donald Bray Arthur S. and Laura L. Brecher Virginia L. Breese John M. and Barbara J. Brennan Norm Brettel Mary and Terry Breymaier Constance Briel Florence Briggs Carol A. Brockett Susan Brown Richard A. and Kathleen C. Brunt Gerald A. and Kathryn T. Bryant Carl and Laraine Brywczynski Doris R. Buchanan Mary and Orville Bucher Nancy Bucher Richard Buchholz Bonita Buckley Linda Buford Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Buganski Charles Bunner

Jean Burgbacher Pat Burkart Roger and Heather E. Burke Flora Rhodes Burkholder Dale S. and Robert W. Burnett Kenneth and Corrine M. Burress Keith and Susan Burwell Myrna Bush Waldo Bush Fritz and Katie Byers Keith A. and Margie A. Cadaret Donald R. and Alice U. Calabrese Archie D. and Cheryl L. Call Constance C. Calmes Ellen Broido and Jo Campbell Carroll Cannon Jan and Michael Caron Alan D. and Darlene A. Carpenter Jack R. and Joyce M. Carpenter Scott and Beth Carpenter Doug and Wendy Carr Thomas and Robyn Carr Eve Casey Andrea L. Caverly Deanna F. Cedargren Karen Centers Kathleen A. Chamberlain Harry J. Chappell Barb Chappell and Ace Acebedo James R. and Barbara M. Charvat Laurie and Mark Cherry Robert G. and Elaine M. Chrismas Gloria Christin Dr. Leo and Mrs. Linda Clark Rita and Bob Clark Michael P. Clover Dr. and Mrs. Philip E. Cochran James E. and Sandra K. Coe

Heidi Conklin Cheryl J. Conley Robert D. Conley William Connolly Martin and Jan Connors David F. and Candace C. Cooper James and Kimberly Ann Cooper and Family Robert J. and Molly B. Cooperider Robinson E. Cope Edward and Linda Costell Alvina R. Costilla Paul C. and Janet R. Cothrel Geraldine Cottey Camp Carolyn C. Coven Ellen S. Cramer Wallen and Suzanne Crane James A. and E. Maxine Crawford, Sr. Patricia Criswell, PH.D. Albert H. and Sharon L. Croci Jon and Susan Cross Mr. Frank W. and Barbara Cubbon, Jr. Darla Culberson Rodney and Lori Cundiff Richard L. and Barbara Carter Daley Charles and Ann Dana Kathleen and Patrick Daney Dennis and Roberta Danford Alfred S. and Carri Dannhauser Charles S. Davis Curtis W. and Phyllis C. Davis

Harriet and Martin Davis Brian and Barbara DeLand Robert and Diana Delaney Marge Dembowski David Bodner and Beth Dennis William V. A. and Jeanne S. Dennler Dr. and Mrs. Dale E. Derick Jonna McRury and Dan Dessner Rose Marie and Donald Detlef Hazel Marie Deuble Thomas Burkstrand and Michele Devereaux Carolyn Sue Dickes Rose Marie Diem Jan Dixon Mary Dixon Steve and Debbie Dolgin Beverly A. Domalski Eleanor Dombrowski Karen M. Domenico Patrick and Katie Dougherty Shawn Dowling Michael D. and Elizabeth R. Doyle Michael Draheim Terese I. and Timothy G Drewyor Jack L. and Barth Dubler Shirley and Gelbert Duckins Gary E. Duden Michael and Barbara Duffey Tim Duffey Brian P. Duggan Thomas C. Dumas Thomas A. and Sue Dunn


Volunteers Make A Difference

Thomas and Nancy Durnford James and Mary Ellen Durst Shirley A. Dwyer Susan D. Earl Philip Myers and Martha Early Ruth Eby Rose Edson Alice and Richard Edwards Shirley Edwards Kevin Egan John Eikost Dr. and Mrs. M. El-Shafie Fred Eldridge Paula C. Ellinger David G. and Kathryn Ellis Michael J. and Judith A. Encheff Kurt Erichsen John H. and Martha P. Esbin Elizabeth H. Fackelman Norman Fairman Richard and Kathleen Faist Michael Fall Joseph and Elisabeth Fausnaugh Steven R. Federman Rickie and Kathy Feeback Bernard Fegan Julia Ann Fellhauer Richard and Margaret Fern Yvonne Fey Jerry and Agnes Finfera Allison S. Fisher John and Abigail Flahie Mary Jane Flores Randy and Vicky Foeller Paula B. Follis Diane E. Folsom Elizabeth S. Ford Janet E. Forster John and Carole A. Forte Jack and Susan Fortney Steve and Janet Foster Louise Fought Zella R. Fought Patrick France

Donald L. and Catherine M. Franks Ronald and Linda A. Frastaci John and Kim Frautschi William N. and Anne C. Free William Freitag Jean A. Friis Alan and Deborah Fritz Donald Fritz Jim and Florence Fuerst Becky Fuhrman and Don Leary Frank and Susan Fulkerson Stephan and Nancy Gabalac Scott Gage Thomas M. Gainsley Tracy Gallagher Lynda C. Gallant Hal and Maureen Gardner Clarence A. and Mary Gartz Jim and Judy Gates Mike Thaman and Lisa Gathard Rick Geithmann Mark E. Gentry Robert E. and Paulette Giaimo Sally A. Giauque Edgar C and Rita F. Gibson Jan Gibson William F. and Mary Lou Gilbert Sherrie and Jay Gilchrist Ted C. and Patricia R. Gillespie Barbara H. Gilmore Audrey P. Gingras Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Glassberg Richard J. and Sandra J. Glasson Donald A. and Lynn M. Godfrey Phyllis Gogel Robert and Margo Gogel Darrell K. and Joanne R. Goins Gary, Patty and Grace Golden Barbara Gonsowski Lucy Goodenday Lynne S. Goodman Donald W. and Barbara L. Gorrell Elizabeth Gorski

Inez E. Gorsuch Dr. James and Mrs. Mary Ellen Gosman Sandra Grady Paul Graham Anthony F. and Marianne R. Gramza John W. Granger Roger H. and Sharon L. Grant Esther Greenfield Brian and Judith Gribble Nancy Griffin Ruth Griffin Russ and Vicky Griggs John and Michelle Grigore Gary Grime and Cindy Siefert Dorothy A. Grove Patrick and Susan Grove Sarah E. and Bruce W. Groves Betsy A. Gschwind Robert and Carmella Gulick George and Suzanne Gusses John R. and Susan Hadley James A. and Martha F. Hagan Pamela Haggood James V. and Kathleen M. Hahn Joan Haigh Karen Hakel Marilyn Halker Brian Hall Glenn and Judith A. Hamburg Steven and Joy Hammer Scott and Melissa Hamner Paul Hamrick Harry L. Handley, Jr.

Judith Hanes Jodi Haney Brenda A. Hannan Dick and Pat Hanusz Randolph R. and Sue J. Harms Richard L. Harner Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hartwig Julius Hartwig Danny M. and Denise M. Harvey LeAnna D. and Cris E. Hastin, Jr. Earnest T. and Nancy H. Hatfield, Jr. C. P. and Paula Hauck Robert G. and Peggie L. Hausch Dorothy M. Haverbusch James and Diane Hawkins Robert C. and Bonita Hay, Sr. Michael D. Haynes Marilynn Hazard Earl C. and Dolores M. Heath Robert and Debra Hecklinger Robert W. Heckman Donna Heer Kay Heinrichs Roy A. and Joan Heinz John Heisman Christopher R. and Judith A. Helm Jim Helyer Albert and Jean Henderson Fran and Jim Hendren Mary Alice Henkel Mr. and Mrs. Clay P. Hepler Gregory and Beverly J. Herig Robert Herman


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Jean Hersland James W. and Rhoda M. Hess Suzanne J. Hess Norman and Dorothy Heydinger Peter Heydinger and Virginia Keil Patricia A. Hilfinger Brenda Hill Charles and Rosalie Hinde Julia Hoch Chris Hoecker Gerald and Jeannie Hoeffel Elaine Hoefflin John and Alice Hoff Dr. Barbara B. Holdcroft Paul and Pamela Hollenbeck John and Nancy Hollister Martin and Kathleen Holmes, Sr. Jean Holzscheiter Dale F. and Patricia J. Homer Bill and Marie Hoover David and Shelly Hopson Dallas and Linda Howard Barbara Hricovsky Mary B. Hubbard Brian Hughes Robert Hull Anthony and Donna Hurley Theodore and Laura Hutchisson Drs. Jeanine and Jim Huttner and Family

Marjorie M. Hutton Jeanne Y. Hylant Tim and Yvonne Hyma Nancy D. Ibarra Judith Infalt Arthur, Corinne and Elliot Ingmire Patricia A. Jackson Alice H. James Anna H. James Bradford C. and Lorraine James Thomas Janicki Patricia A. and David D. Jankowski Theodore G. Jenkins Tom and Karen Jennings David and Tanya Jensen David and Jori Jex and Family Al and Christine Johnson Carolyn K. Johnson Patrick J. Johnson Robert B. and Patricia T. Johnson Wendy Johnson Karen Johnston Sandra U. Jones Dolores and Mel Kaitaniak Clarence H. Kalmbach Andy and Rose Kandik E. Arlene Kantner Jim and Evelyn Kanzelmeyer Jane Karau

Mary M. Karazim Kim Kaseman Kathy Kasprzak Cheryl Kazmierczak Jacqueline D. Keim William and Joan Keister Daniel C. and Marilyn J. Keller Dennis F. and Christine Keller Don and Carime Kellermeier Anita E. Kelly Rita F. Kelly James L. and Hilde M. Kennedy Farrukh Khan Gerard and Sue Kincade Bridgette King, Sr. Helen and Phil Kirk and Family Carole R. Kiroff Charles Kiskaddon Michael P. and Jamie Klear Nancy C. and Albert W. Kleine, Jr. Jennifer and Philip Klempner Tom and Mary Klockowski Joe and April Klosowski Don Klotz Mary Knake Paul B. and Judith A. Knapinski Donna Knodle Leo and Sharon Knox William T. and Carol Koback Jim and Kathie Koenigseker Marjorie M. Kohler Zale S. and Shirley A. Kohler Bernard A. Kokocinski Joseph and Jannette Komorowski Janice Konoff John Koontz Ellen D. Kraft Thomas J. and Catherine A. Krall Gary and Bonnie Kramer

Joseph O. and Donna J. Kramer David and Susan Krantz John P. and Ana M. Kraus Paul and Carol Kraus George F. Kreft Chuck Kreutz William and Helen S. Kreutz Dr. Venkatesan Krishnan Fred and Kathy Krout Janice Krumel Martha and Dick Kudner Winifred Kuk Ronald P. Kustra Lawrence J. Kwiatkowski Sandra Laas Michael J. and Gale A. Lacey Gerald E. and Jennifer L. Lagger Lillian Lagger Ann Lampkowski Thomas Landgraff Richard D. and Sally R. Lane Ronald and Susan Lang Ted Lang Lynn M. Langel Jim and Janet Lankey Nancy A. and James W. Lapp Bob and LuAnne Larson Frank J. Latendresse Steven A. and Paula Lauer David and Barbara Leapard William J. Leddy Michael and Barbara Lemon Philip and Sally Lenhart Joseph W. and Claramae R. Leonard Mary Lou Leonard Harold and Carol Leupp Gary E. Levey and Cynthia Poe Anita Levin and Ken Lempert John W. Lewandowski Richard Lewis


Theodore and Pat Ligibel Vivian J. Lijewski William R. and Barbara A. Lindeman Stanley Linver Noryne Lockwood Robert S. and Imelda D. Loeb Gary A. and Kathy A. Loeffler Gerald L. Lohman Mark Lohman Donna Long Lynne Long Marilyn C. Long Paul and Susan Longnecker Erwin and Linda A. Lorenz Sam and Anna Lovalenti Kristine Ludwig The Ludwig Family Richard W. and Sharon A. Luedtke Kathleen P. Lundberg Carl and Andrea Lundgren Peter and Corrina Lungulow Wilma Lupe Arlynn H. Lyle David J. Lymanstall Alice F. Lynch David J.and Haruko Lyons Alex Lytten Patricia McConnell and Walt MacDonald Thomas F. and Ann A. Maidment James Maier Stephen and Megan Malczewski Richard R. and Kathryn C. Malone Thomas and Susan Malone Stanley and Patricia Mann Dorothy J. Manning Renzo J. and Carolyn Maraldo Catherine and Pete Marinelli Paul and Kathryn Marion David H. and Susan C. Markle Anne Marie Marlow Bridget Ann Marlow Benjamin and Martha Marsh David and Pam Marsh Kevin and Diane McEwen Martin Kevin W. and Mary E. Martin John P. and Saundra K. Mason Robert J. and Carol A. Mason Bruce and Lois Mason-Williams Rachel Masters Howard A. Matuszewski Clinton and Pat Mauk Jack L. and Mary A. Mayer Shirley J. Mayer Gary and Beverly McBride Kathleen McCarthy Daniel and Teresa McCormick Pat McGlauchlin Susan B. McHugh Linda A. McMahon Patrick and Mary McNamara Dr. and Mrs. Roger McNichols Andrea J. Meadows

James and Aimee Meads, II Paul E. Mechling John O. Meloy Thomas and Maureen Menacher Karen Menard Timothy D. and Amy L. Merkel Nancy Merriam Frank S. Merritt Debbie Metcalf Florence M. Metzger Phil and Carol Meuser Linda Meyer Richard and Mary Meyers Carmela A. Micallef Paul V. and Charlotte A. Michalak Willard Middaugh Paula D. Miklovic David K. Miller Jim and Deborah Miller Joan Miller Mariellen and James Miller Robert C. and Pamela P. Miller Rose M. Miller Keith E. Miller and Bernice G. Schwartz Keith and Nancy Millinger Nancy and John Minns Jo Minogue Jay H. and Gail S. Mirrow Susan and Bruce Modarai James and Ellen Moeller Betty Moharter David T. Mohler Mildred L. Mohr Martha E. Mollenkopf Beverly A. Mominee Mr. Robert F. Monti Joseph and Ruth Montion Ralph K. and Betty L. Moore Thomas L. and Christine Moore Harry W. Morgan Robert A. and Ruth E. Morgan

Joanne Morgenstern Nancy C. Morningstar Susan Muenzer and Craig W. Nilsson Joan Mulheisen Amy Muller Carol L. and James P. Murray Ralph E. Mussehl Robert A. and Patricia Ann Myers Virginia and John J. Myers Elsa Nadler Nap and Donna Nasser Dawn Ostrand Naujock Donald M. Navarre Barbara Navarro Ralph Naveaux Joan A. Neeley Lois Anne Nelson Susan Nelson and Family Pearl Neuhaus John C. and Janet A. Neundorfer Patricia Newman Harry E. and Nancy Brown Nicholson Lisle Nied Robert J. and Mary A. Niedzielski Elisabeth Nigrovic Anne Niner Randy and Susie Nissen Fred D. and Hope Nofziger Laura Novotny Cynthia J. Nowak Peter Noyes Maurice D. and Joan L. O'Connell Joseph T. and Ann P. O'Leary Gail S. Odneal and Mel Honig Thomas L. and Mary A. Oess Judith A. Olson Ruth Ormsby Peter R. Orser Patricia A. Osborn

Dorothy R. Otis Martin and Noreen Overholt John Ozancin Tom and Kathy Page Nancy Pahl Rex and Lucinda Palmer Helen Palochko Beverly A. Pangle Lisa K. Papenfuss Elizabeth G. Paren Ralph S. Parks Paul Parrick Dr. James Patrick Madonna A. Pauken Walter B. Pauly George A. Pavuk John and Terri Payak David Payne Michael and Kathy Peace Jim and Barbara Pease Donald G. Pennell Jeffery and Dana Periat Joyce R. Perkins Robert O. and Mary Jean Perry William A. and Melba S. Peters Ruth Ann Petroff James and Phyllis Petty Richard S. Phalin, Sr. Marilyn J. Picknell John Leslie and Kay E. Pither Flora Poad Patricia W. Poll Edward J. and Jeanette S. Pollauf Milton R. and Patricia M. Pommeranz Dan and Julie Pompa Tom and Karen Porter Joan Posadny Lee Post Judge John W. Potter William J. Potvin and Linda Myers


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Maria A. Povsic William E. and Dorothy Powell Janet L. Preston Diane R. Pribor Paige M. Price Valerie J. Price Reid and Claire A. Proctor Rose A. Pruszynski Jack and Sarah Puffenberger Curt and Pat Pulcini Robert J. and Paula M. Pulhuj Arthur L. and Janet Purinton, II Charles and Carol Quick Dr. and Mrs. Suresh Ramnath Ronald and Jane S. Randall Doug and Kristina Rasik Norman J. Rasmusson Dave Rassenfoss Ann Ray Samuel and Robin Rayner Vivian R. Reardon Marjorie A. Reas Ann Rechtine Patrick A. and Lori J. Reddington Richard and Penelope Reder William Bruce Redpath Jeanne Reed Timothy and Susan Reichard Vivian M. Renner Alice Robie Resnick Korki and Don Ressler Don and Sue Rettig Nina Rettig Brian and Anne Rex Jack G. and Denise S. Rex Reed and Inga Reynolds Gregg M. and Susan J. Rice Robert G. Rice David B. and Polly M. Richardson Joseph A. and Beverly Rideout Jim and Rosemary Riley Judge and Mrs. Reno R. Riley Todd and Vicki Riley Chris and Natalie Rilling

Warren C. and Martha L. Risher Mae Jo Ritchie Sally A. Ritter Christina M. Rizzo Carol Roach Linda L. Roberts Brian and Laura Robinson Wilma M. Robinson Marvin and Nancy Robon Beau Rochte Sarah Rodgers Joan L. Roe George Roessler Harold D. and Marilyn A. Roesti Joe Romano Robert R. and Phyllis M. Romick Marcia Romstadt Harvey and Edna Rosen Howard and Ann Rosenberg Gary and Page Rostetter Kenneth and Joan MyersRothrock Cindy and Marv Rotondo Beth and Paul Rouda Rheo D. and Sally O. Rouillard Catherine Rourke Joette M. Rozanski Stanley Rubin Randall Ruch Robert S. and Gladys R. Rudolph Michael and Karen M. Rudy Peter and Patricia Ruma Drs. Elizabeth and Richard D. Ruppert John, Sally and Hannah Russ Thomas and Phyllis Rutter John Ryan Virginia E. Ryan Richard and Anderia Ryley Rick and Rose Sabo Robert and Abigail Sadowy Nancy K. Saffer Gary R. and Jeannette C. Samples

Anna Lee Samson Maribelle Sanzenbacher Renee Sarra Charles G. and Nancy A. Sattler Marvin J. and Joan A. Savage Suzanne Savage Uma Savanoor Lester E. and Ana F. Savory, Sr. Eileen L. Sawyer Kay T. Saxby David M. Saygers Ernest R. and Virginia B. Saylor Ms. Elizabeth C. Schaefer Robert A. Schaefer Patricia Schafer Patricia M. Scharf Jim and Sue Scheib Janice Schemenauer Mary S. Schlatter Robert and Mary A. Schlembach Keith and Shirley Schlender Warren W. Schlievert Dennis M. Schmedlen Anthony and Lynn Schmenk William C. and Bette T. Schmidlin Patricia Schmucker Bernard Schneider, Sr. Dorothy A. Schoell Thomas J. and Nancy L. Schreiber Heidi Schultz Marlene Schultz Russell G. and Judith A. Schultz Frederick W. and Priscilla L. Schwier Ruth E. Searles William H. Searles Robert R. Seeman and Karin A. Jacobson Robert F. Seyfang and Susan Del Vecchio Mrs. Charlotte L. Shaffer Debra Shaffer

John and Donna Sharp Sandy Sharpless Coleen K. Shaw Stephen B. and Joyce P. Shawaker Ronald and Marilyn Sheck Thomas and Margaret Sheehan Cathy Sheets Chalane and Charles Sheldon John H. and Lois B. Shelly Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Shirk David and Sandra Shutt Scott Sibley Elizabeth Sido Gerald and Marilyn Siefert Jim and Becky Sillery Mark W. and Debra M. Simmons Sharon F. Simmons & Ron Coffman John and Rona Simon Mary Simon Richard and Mary Jane Simon Shirley Simon Margaret I. Sinkey Ann M. Sisinyak Michael and Kathy Skaff Joy D. Skeel David Smigelski Connie Smith Michael J. and Pat Smith Pamela Smith Sharon Bailey and Alan Smith Stephen E. Smith Douglas A. and Terry L. Snider Marlene J. Snyder William A. Sohnly John and Christy Soncrant Eleanor Sonntag Carol S. Spaulding Donald L. and Sue Speck Naomi M. Spencer Charles A. Sperling Christine L. Spetka Steve and Vickie Sprow Richard L. and Patricia R. Squibb Raymond J. and Patricia L. Squire Donald D. and Beverly J. St. Clair Dr. Richard A. and Mrs. Lauretta A St. John Michael and Constance Stark David S. and Judy Stead Lydia B. Steensen Howard and Dagmar Stein Susan F. Steinert Rebecca Steingass Rosetta Bessinger Steinmiller Mark V. and Barbara Stender Family Randall and Rose Stephenson Raymond W. and Virginia C. Stevens Tom and Mary Ann Stibbe Charles A. and Carol M. Stocking Michael L. and Denise M. Stokes Robert L. Storer and Alvera J. Brandt


Joseph and Carol Stose K. Elizabeth Stover Steven Straub and Family Robert T. Strawman Wayne and Barb Strayer Roger Streiffert Robert F. and Carol F. Streight David A. and Ann Strickler Cinda Stutzman Enid and Robert Sullivant Ruthie and David Summers Elizabeth Sutherland Patricia Sutherland Mary B. Sutphin Douglas Sweet Marilyn L. Szabo Joanne Szalkowski Gerald F. and Iris E. Szelagowski Steven Szirotnyak Mary B. Taylor Lee Teare Howard and Teresa Teifke Douglas Swiatecki and Mary Templin Donna Therkelsen Jean R. Thieroff Bernard I. Thomas Katherine M. Thompson Mary A. Thompson Rose Thomson Rudolph L. Thoreson Jim and Peg Tichy James and Bernice Tillman Doris Titgemeyer Fred and Jacquelyn Tito Tom and Lynnette Titus Robert E. and Helen J. Tobian John R. Toelken Toledo Area Bicyclists

Bill Toth Kenneth R. Trachsel Elliot Tramer and Chris Manzey Joan Travis James Troknya Scott and Margaret Upton Trumbull Ronald G. and Pamela D. Tumblin Anton and Tamara Urbas Phyllis A. Ustaszewski John F. Valduga Thomas and Joan Van Auken Kathleen Van Der Veer Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Van Scoy Thomas W. Vandini and Hodge Family Jackie Vannuyen Clement J. and Elinore L. Vascik Bill and Jean Vaughn Nancy and Tom Verner Mary J. Villegas Christine L. Vischer James V. and Julie A. Vitale Lillian Vogel Dr. David L. Waggoner Gary and Deborah Wagner Paul J. and Darlene Wahr, Jr. Jill Wainwright Russell C. Waite Dr. and Mrs. Aron Wajskol Frank and Barb Wallace Hardress J. and Gertrude G. Waller Dennis Walsh Eileen Walsh Tim and Andrea Walters Foster V. and Marcia Ann Waltz Harry Ward

Paul E. Ward William and Norma Warejko Thomas V. and Ruth A. Warnka Gary M. and Diana F. Waugh Ernest W. Weaver, Jr. John and Lucy Jane Webster Janet Weiden David and Judy Weinberg Richard and Christine Weisfelder Mathias P. and Sonja E. Welker Elbert J. Weller L. Jack and Carolyn C. Wells Beth Welter Karen Welter Steve and Kay Werkman Carla Westbrook David Westrick Gary Westrick Martha Wheeler Morris C. Wheeler Richard and Janice Whitaker Dr. and Mrs. Peter White Amy White and Family James R. and Lois S. Whiteman Paul Wibbeler Gisela L. Wicher Sue Wiegand Christine and Thomas Wierman, Jr. Janet L. Wilhelm Keith and Barb Wilkowski Angie Williams Charles E. Williams George and Kristi Skeel Williams Leon and Ellie Williams Michael D. and Diane L. Williams Marc and Carol Williams-Young Linda Wills and John Koontz Susan E. Wilson Dr. John A. Winder Audra Wing George L. Winkle Jeanne Winzeler Glenn D. Wise James and Janice Wisniewski Earl N. and Phyllis R. Witzler E. James and Marilyn Wolff John L. Wolff Richard and Cheryl Wolff Karen Ranney Wolkins Marge and Roger Woodbury Robert E. and Karen Woods Dave and Sue Woolford William A. Woolridge Lee Alfred Wright Margaret Wroblewski Joan Wuest Roger E. Wyman Virginia L. Wysong Helen M. Yglesias Algie L. and Alma L. Young Robert and Joanne P. Youngen Mohamed and Fatma Youssef Jon Zabowski

David and Pamela Zenk Nickolas Zientara Peggy Zientara Cheryl Zimmerman Kurt Zimmerman Al and Jane Zohn Karen S. Zolg Dr. Joel P. and Mrs. Nancy J. Zrull Jennifer Zunk and Carin Hopps Scott and Dawn Zura Sam Zyndorf

Welcome New MetroBarks MembersRosie Assenmacher, Udo Casper Stephen Barraco, Beauty Lauren Bee and Family, Libbee, Dobbee Stacey Brown, Rudy Claire Browning, Fizbeau Herman Burmeister, Buddy, Pudge, Tucker Shawnna Collins, Akasha Gary L. and Ilene D. Damrauer, Max Robin Duffin, J.B., A2 Kim Eckles, Steve, Bailey Richard and Ruth Flaskamp, Wrigley, Tashia Cathy Hanneman, Angeline, Allie Michelle Heim, Ginger Holly Horen, Murphy Beth Kerstetter, Sam and Ellie Laura Leventhal, Maggie Katherine Mantel, LuLu Stephen Mayers, Isak Mark McCoyne, Stella, Greta Thomas E. Meiring, Charlie Tom, Therese and Sam Metzger, Mocha Lauren Miller, Waffles Jill O'Hara, Marla Susan Perkins, Daisey Patty Petros, Shadow Judith Potter, Dexter, Buckley, Maynard Pat Reid Stanley and Deborah Rinda, Sami, Gabbi John and Julie Royston, Molly Joel J. and Benet S. Rupp, Guinness, Java Sarah Schroeder, Alfie Elizabeth Roberts and Myron Shapiro Richard and Carol Smith, Bailey Laura J. Stone Beth Swyers-Maenle and Family, Betty Girl, Pennie Joel Washing


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MetroBarks Member RenewalsValerie Adamski, Simon and Josie Leonard and Joan Bacon, Buddy and Millie Avis Bartley, Wee Bobbie, Louie Russell A. and Amy Bless, Coco Jim and Kay Blue, Magic Molly Bopp, Quinn Mark and Sarah Bratt, Daisy Constance Cameron, China, Jolie Diane Daney, Tasha William and Sheila Earp, Punkie Willis and Mandy Day, Boca Ken and Jill Falls, Princess, Zeke Angela Gerber, Layla Mike and Beverly Greene, Daisy James and Paula Hofmann, Cody, Maxx Scott Jaskela, Rex Paul and Nancy Jomantas, Deuce, Regis, Ripley, Juno Paul J. and Valerie S. Juhasz, Cooper, Seeker

Rachel Kappler Darin Lockert, Bailey, Savannah Teresa S. Mawer, Parker, Riley David and Diane McClellan, Shadow Michael and Alissa Meyer, Moe Tim Meyers, Argos Becky Mincheff, Alia, Bianca, Cimba Jill and Daryl Moreau, Mardi, Rudy Heather Mosqueda, Lola, Pedro Jerold A. and Susan Noss, Abby, Jacey Bruce W. and Marcia Ann Parkhurst, Gabby Gail Peery, Ella Mae, Suzy Joel Retholtz, Paxton William B. Rugh, Sarge Edie Scott, Rascal Peter R. and Marcia S. Silverman, Raffi, Jonah Carol Stansfield, Jody, Paula Lynda Lee Stern, Farley Sue Walter Stotz Cathy Szymanowski, Jackson, Zosia Ken and Carol Takats, Sully, Kirby, Lindy Julie Weidner, Mocha

HonorariumsVisitors Center Honorarium BricksBear Albert Jeff Albert

Anne Burnham Antoinette S. Burnham James A. Collins James T. Collins

i Delta Chapters Tina WagnerSteve and Debbie Dolgin Amy Nancy and Roger Debbe and Steve Barb and Mike Harriet and David Linda and Buzz The Foleys Julie Foley Jack Fortney Susan Fortney The Glassmans Tavis Glassman The High Family Kim High Patrick, Sarah and London Johnson Sarah Johnson Anita Levin and Ken Lempert Anita Levin Mary and David Lewandowski Matthew John Lewandowski Rob, Dana, Torey and Julia Loeb Susan Palmer Alissa, Mike and Moe Meyer Mike and Alissa Meyer George and June Njaim Julie Buehler Andrew, Beth, Natalie, Patrick, and Matthew Oman Steve and Barbara Armacost Dick and Penny Reder Traci and Mike Retholtz Dave, Sue, Tim, Laura, Brandi, Daisy Spiess David Spiess Coaches Brooks and Smith NV XC 2011 David Susan Guip

Jack L. Baker Terry and Cindy Baker William Chidester Sharon Chidester Andy Dixon Jenny Dixon Sue Hoffman Tim Hoffman Michael and Bella Linver Stan Linver Tootie Weng Siebert Donald Weng Jordan Stormer Betty Schuster Bo Vandenbroek Sue Vandenbroek

Wildwood Schoolhouse Honorarium BricksAlice and Marcel Karen Connell

Visitors Center Honorarium Bricks

Andrew, Beth, Natalie, Patrick and Matthew Oman Steve and Barbara Armacost Bill and Liz Beard William Beard Bob Biglin Stranahan Elementary School Vickie Witty Davis Bret Davis Daniel and Dawn Gurzynski Daniel Gurzynski Nancy Katz Arlene Bodette, Stacy Meridieth, Jan Dolgin, Wendy Cooper, Shelly Helberg Steve and Marsha Boice Alan and Heidi Newell Bill and Julie Buehler Julie Buehler


The Mohr Family Cory Mohr The Van Deilen Family John Van Deilen Tootie Weng Siebert The Donald Weng Family

MemorialsMemorial LamppostsRosalind Lobdill Roland Gluss Timothy C. Atkins

Pearson Bricks

October 1, 2011 through June 15, 2012 Kyle Donna Hall

Borer and Moening Families Ronald and Carolyn Moening Sarah Marguerite Strasbourg Gerald B. Strasbourg

Annual Fund Gifts

The following memorial gifts were given to support the Annual Fund Douglas Duschl Rita Kelly Charles Herb Rolander Renzo and Carolyn Maraldo The following honorarium gifts were given to support the Annual Fund John and Abby Flahie Audra Wing Katie R. Davis Thomas and Jean Davis

Memorial Benches

Richard and Mary Ann Gorny David Gorny John F. Myers Phyllis and David Ackley Rose Marie Cole Karen Detmer Stephany and David Hall Linda Handyside Harold and Jo Ann Jennings Beverly Koenig Mark and Jeanne Middleton Joan Myers Dollie and Morton Smith Margaret Thackery Red Skelding Robert Reuscher and McNamara Family Nigel, Nyra, Victoria, Elena and Amelia Jay and Sue Ryno

Wildwood Schoolhouse Bricks MemorialBridgette Belair Jackalyn Belair Greg Tomasi Matt Tomasi

Honorarium Benches

October 1, 2011 through June 15, 2012 Nicholas and Judy Dye

Memorial Gifts

October 1, 2011 through June 15, 2012 Sam and Alice Carson Samuel Carson, Jr. The following gifts were given in memory of Kou Cheu Allen Dong. Cheuk and Kit Ming Chan Siu Fai Chan Dale Chang Chow Yan Chin Kyou H. Chin Eve Dong Carol and Daniel Harbert Kwok Wai Law and Choi Heung Dan Huang Wing Huang Kiao Q. Hui Allen Inks and Kitty Chung Kee Jueng and Family Sam Jung Linda Khaw and Mike Phan Hun Fong Kyi Bor K. Lau Frank Lo

David Low Jerry Low Kathy and Kevin Martin Alfred and Judith Nicely Wing Nicholson Charlotte and Bob Pennington Omnicare Pharmacy of Northwest Ohio Don and Wanda Wong Michael and Yei Wong Norman and Connie Zemmelman Charlene Harrison Arlyn and Sue Brinker Robert Good Charles and Nancy Haerr Carl and Cindy Mauss Edward and Lorraine Nussel University of St. Francis Jane Crowner, Mary Culham and Frank Marxer made a donation to support the Wildwood Metropark Buckeye Fund in memory of Frances Jacob. Joan L. Roe made a donation to support Wildwood Metropark in memory of Kathleen and Gwyn Jones. Charity Krueger made a donation to purchase a permanent acquisition for the Manor House in memory of Alice and George Krueger.


Have you considered making a Planned Gift to Metroparks?

The following gifts were given in memory of Stephen D. Moser Nancy Arnold Carl and Georgann Borngasser Bert and Joann Dyer Don and Wilma Haerr Richard and Sharon Luedtke Ellen Magee Peggy Martin Dean and Lucille Moser Jason and Melanie Moser Louella L. Rupp Debra Haley made a donation to support the Land Acquisition Trust Fund in memory of Stephen D. Moser The following donations were made to support the Window on Wildlife and the Manor House in memory of Carolyn Newmeyer. Melissa Baginski Jack Newmeyer Phyllis J. Nofzinger The following gifts were given in memory of Virginia Jinni Nilsson. Pauline Albaugh Nancy R. Beal Jennifer Brienik Dr. and Mrs. Carson P. Cochran Robert and Beth Cunningham Linda Furney Marilyn Kutzli Harold and Marilyn Maurer

Jean Noethlich Peggy Noethlich Thomas S. Robinson Dr. Wilma C. Robinson Louella L. Rupp Richard and Frances Thomas Norma Weiher Kenneth R. Dickson made a donation to the Metroparks in memory of the following people: Mr. and Mrs. Rolly Bowen Bruce Dickson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mefferd Beverly Moharter Dell Moharter Mr. and Mrs. J. Pritchett Frank Reder First Church of Christ, Scientist The following donations were made in memory of Elaine Siebert. Debra Fedderke Charles Zsarnay Mike and Debbie Bercher made a donation for bird seed expenses at Wildwood Metropark in memory of Harriet Wisniewski.

Annual Fund DonorsGregory and Constance Alexander Susan J. Anderson Harvard L. Armus James Aubry Gayle J. Austin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Backoff Dr. and Mrs. Roger Baker Louise N. Bankey Margaret R. Baranoski Julie A. Barnes Anne J. Basile Christopher and Stacey Beck Joyce Behner David P. and Heather D. Bellian Bend of the River Magazine David W. and Sandra S. Blumfeldt John and Helen Bordner Angie B. Boudouris-Powers Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Brady Kevin Brennan Mable A. Bridgman Donald J. and Anne W. Britt Eric D. Britton and Sara J. Worley Susan L. Brotje Peter and Paula Brown Mary Ann Buchanan Dale S. and Robert W. Burnett Dr. Candilee Butler Dorothy Byers Donald R. and Alice U. Calabrese Jan and Michael Caron Richard and Tomlyn Chambers Walter and Lois Churchill Mr. and Mrs. John K. Clement Mary Cowie Barbara Cross

Honorarium Gifts

Ann L. Meier made a donation in honor of Nate Ramsey. Patrick Flahie and Jennifer Strandberg made a donation in honor of John and Abigail Flahie to support the Trail Endowment Fund.

Kyle Cubbon Richard S. and Doris Currie, III Thomas and Jean Davis William and Sara Jane DeHoff William J. and Judith A. Desana Mr. and Mrs. Dean R. Diehl John and Janice Doroghazi Shawn Dowling Patrick and Jude Downing Dawn and Jeffrey Durivage Jean Duston Richard J. and Jeanne Eastop Elizabeth A. Eberly John H. Eisenhart Mrs. Richard Entenmann Victoria Erickson Elizabeth H. Fackelman Ann M. Fago Richard and Kathleen Faist Joann Ferrell Richard A. and Mary F. Flasck Gladys I. Ford John and Carole A. Forte Kurt and Lynn Franck John and Cynthia Finn Galbraith Dr. Pacifico S. Geronimo Ted C. and Patricia R. Gillespie Patrick J. and Joy K. Gladieux Gary, Patty and Grace Golden Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Gordon Josephine and John Grosjean David and Nancy Hamilton Paul Hamrick Vicki Heminger Vaughn A. Hoblet Ruth M. Hoffman Timothy and Pamela Horne Bill and Sue Horvath John H. and Johanna Hull Anthony and Donna Hurley Tim and Yvonne Hyma Charles and Betty Hyre A. David and Kathy James Michael Jasinkowski


David and Jori Jex and Family Bradley Johnson Dolores and Mel Kaitaniak Judy Kasper Nancy Katz Rita F. Kelly Gretchen and Thomas Kirk Don Klotz Don and Laurie Kowalski Lawrence W. and Susan M. Kowalski Philip and Jennifer Kraus Marvin Miller and Kathleen Kress Harley and Stacey Kripkee Robin Kruse Michael J. and Gale A. Lacey Ann Lampkowski Steve Latsch Malinda B. Lewis Richard Lewis Jana Lintz Andrew and Karen Lyke Deepak and Judith Malhotra Joanne Malikowski Michael M. Malone Renzo J. and Carolyn Maraldo Tom Marek James and Aimee Meads, II S. Thomas and Laura Megeath John & Margaret Michalak, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Roger A. Miller Norman and Nancy Miller Marcia Miller MLM Charitable Foundation

John H. and Mary Pat Moor Jill and Daryl Moreau Nancy C. Morningstar David and Kim Mossing Alfred and Adela Mundt Jack H. and Doris M. Myers Michael and Tara Nicely Bob and Barbara Nichols, Sr. Lawrence and Carol Nichols Nancy K. Nielsen Randy and Susie Nissen Ray and Sheila Otto Billy and Mary Ann Parker George A. Pavuk Charles T. and Luann J. Perzynski Flora Poad Jack R. Prettyman Katherine Ray William Bruce Redpath George William Reed Timothy and Barbara B. Reed Paul R. and Rae J. Rehfeldt Margot M. Reichert Robert and Gloria Remy Don and Sue Rettig Todd and Vicki Riley Stanley and Deborah Rinda Virginia Roberts Kelli Routsong Randall Ruch Robert S. and Gladys R. Rudolph Richard Rulton Drs. Elizabeth and Richard D. Ruppert

Gregory and Margaret Sammons Ann B. Sawyer John C. and Marilyn Scarlett Fred and Claire Schaefer Dennis M. Schmedlen Dale G. and Betty J. Schneider Virginia Seeman Glenn E. and Betty L. Sherman David and Sandra Shutt Regina E. Silletti Nancy J. Simon Richard and Mary Jane Simon Janet Smith Lewis O. and Peggy Smith, III Dr. and Mrs. John Spiess Margene Spring Earl J. and Jo Anne Stechschulte, Jr. Wilma Steele Rosetta Bessinger Steinmiller Spencer D. and Prudence W. Stone John H. Strand Merlyn K. Struble Robert S. Stump Richard L. and Marilyn Suter Patricia Sutherland Sanford Taylor, Jr. Gregory and Sharon Thomas Toledo Orthopaedic Surgeons Phyllis A. Ustaszewski Theresa Van Koughnet Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Van Scoy Christine L. Vischer Eugenia R. Vogel Jane Wallace Robert A. and Deborah J. Walters Richard D. and Linda S. Ward

Georgia Welles Mary Ann Whipple James R. and Lois S. Whiteman Robert and Debra Whiting Audra Wing Constance J. Winslow Glenn D. Wise E. James and Marilyn Wolff Michael Zerner Karen S. Zolg Jennifer Zunk and Carin Hopps

2012 Trail Project Donors

Michele Beach John and Abigail Flahie Patrick Flahie and Jennifer Kay Strandberg Sandra Grady Ann Hillard Ellen Kang Anita Levin and Ken Lempert Dan Lewis Darin Lockert Joseph Madigan Elsa Nadler Lisa Parisien Andy Rogers Kelli Routsong Walter Stotz Andrew Stough Beth Vollmar Jeffery A. Watts Jenifer Wiles Andria Wisniewski Phillip Worley


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Tee It Up

Citizens for Metroparks Golf Outing 2012Monday, September 10, 2012 Registration: 11:00 a.m. Tee-Off: 12:00 p.m. Valleywood Golf Club 13501 Airport Hwy Swanton, Ohio Cost: $75 per player Includes round of golf, cart, dinner and prizesFor more information, (419) 360-2599

Metroparks members receive a discount on the cost of all facility rentals, any day of the week. For rental information & outdoor weddings: call 419.407.9710 Manor House reservations: call 419.407.9784


Rental Facilities In Your Metroparksetroparks offers a variety of meeting rooms and shelters to suit your needs.

Experience 6 Metroparks in one afternoon! Collect your stamps at each stop for a chance to win! (Pick up your Stamp Card the day of the event.)

Saturday, August 11, 2012Run leaves from Wildwood Preserve at Noon Run ends at Pearson Metropark. Must be at Pearson by 4 p.m.

Make a difference... become a volunteer!

Registration 10 to 11 a.m.For More Information Call:


elp preserve and protect the natu-

Administrative | Trail Patrol | Manor House | History | Special Events|

ral heritage of northwest Ohio a rewarding way to contribute to the community.

|Nature Programming |Stewardship

CAll: 419-360-2599Citizens Campaign for Metroparks

Learn more about how to get involved. Call 419-407-9703.34

Nature ShotsStunning SceneryScenery captured by local photographers Captured by Local Photographers Stunning

"Tree Frog" Visit the National Center for Nature Photography Secor Metropark Open noon- 5 p.m. Weekends

Photo by Bob Jacksy


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