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Marketing ManagementMGT 2306Lesson 9

Session 9 ObjectivesDefinition of PromotionList and explain the elements of the Promotional Mix?Introduce & describe the functions of:- Advertising Sales Promotion

The definition of PromotionActivities that support the furtherance of a cause, venture, or aim. (Aktiviti-aktiviti yang menyokong penerusan punca, usaha, atau matlamat.)In the case of promotion in the context of marketing, it is the publici-zation of a product, organization, or venture to increase sales or public awareness.What is a promotional mix?The components of an individual promotional campaign, which are likely to include advertising, personal selling, public relations, direct marketing and sales promotion.

What are the elements of the promotional mix?ADVERTISINGSALES PROMOTIONDIRECT SELLINGPUBLICITY/ PUBLIC RELATIONSPERSONAL SELLINGAdvertising (Pengiklanan)Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor.

6Advertising tools (media/Channels)Broadcast Media (media penyiaran) - TV, Radio, Internet StreamingPrint Media (media cetak) - Newspapers, Magazines, BrochuresIndoor/Outdoor Media (media dalaman/luaran)Billboards, Bus Panels, Buntings, Moving Placards, Kiosks7

Setting Advertising ObjectivesObjectives are classified by primary purpose:Inform (memaklumkan)Persuade (memujuk)Remind (mengingati)

9Objectives DefinedInformative advertising is used when introducing a new product category; the objective is to build primary demandComparative advertising directly or indirectly compares the brand with one or more other brandsPersuasive advertising is important with increased competition to build selective demandReminder advertising is important with mature products to help maintain customer relationships and keep customers thinking about the product10Samples of Advertisements..

Product life-cycle stageNew products require larger budgetsMature brands require lower budgetsMarket shareBuilding or taking market share requires larger budgetsMarkets with heavy competition or high advertising clutter require larger budgetsUndifferentiated brands require larger budgets

Factors to consider when setting the advertising budget12Creating the advertising messageAdvertisements need to breakthrough the clutter:To Gain attentionTo Communicate wellAdvertisements need to be better planned, more imaginative, more entertaining, and more rewarding to consumers

13Message StrategyA Message strategy is the general message that willbe communicated to consumers It has to identify consumer benefits

The creative concept is the idea that will bring the message strategy to life and guide specific appeals to be used in an advertising campaign14Creating the appeal in the advertising messageCharacteristics of the appeals include:Meaningful (bermakna)Believable (senang dipercayai)Distinctive (tersendiri)

15Message Execution in AdvertisingMessage execution is when the advertiser turns the big idea into an actual ad execution that will capture the target markets attention and interest. The creative team must find the best approach, style, tone, words, and format (pendekatan, gaya, nada, perkataan dan format) for executing the message.

16Creative Advertising Examples

17Approaches to advertising messages18Slice of Life : Properties, Expensive Yatches, Planes, CarsLifestyle : Magazine Subscriptions, Clothes, Shoes Handbags, SmartphonesFantasy : Cereals, Drinks (Ribena)Mood/Image : Hari Raya advertsMusical : JinglesPersonality Symbols : Makes use of artists to promoteTechnical Expertise : Mr Brasso, RidsectScientific Evidence : Colgate, SensodyneTestimonial /Endorsement : Smoking / Drunk Driving

Selecting the advertising mediaReach (liputan) is a measure of the percentage of people in the target market who are exposed to the ad campaign during a given period of time

Frequency (keseringan) is a measure of how many times the average person in the target market is exposed to the message

Impact (kesan) is the qualitative value of a message exposure through a given medium20 Reaches large, geographically dispersed audiences Low cost per exposure Consumers perceive advertised goods as more legitimateX ImpersonalX one-way communicationAdvantages & Disadvantages of AdvertisingSales Promotion

22Sales promotionShort-term incentive to encourage sale or trial short-term strategy - buy now! for example:competitions2 for 1 dealsprice specialspremiums etc.

Free coleslaw with a snack pack23

Why Sales PromotionTo increase current salesCompanies face more competitionCompeting brands offer less differentiationAdvertising inefficiency due to rising costs, clutter, and legal constraintsConsumers have become more deal-oriented26Major Sales Promotion Tools27SamplesSamples offer a free trial from the pack

Coupons are certificates that give buyers a saving when they purchase specific productsCoupons

28Cash RefundsAre similar to coupons except that the price reduction occurs after the purchase

They offer consumers savings off the regular price of a product Price Packs

29PremiumsAre goods offered either for free or at low price

Are useful articles imprinted with the advertisers name, logo, or message that are given as gifts to consumersAdvertising specialties

30Point-of-purchase promotionsInclude displays and demonstrations that take place at the point of sales

Require an entry by a consumer. It gives consumers the chance to win something.Contests

31ContestSweepstakesRequire consumers to submit their names for a drawing

Present consumers with something that may or may not help them win a prizeGames

32Sales ContestsAre effective in motivating salespeople or dealers to increase performance over a given periodAre effective to reach many customers not reached with the regular sales forceConventions

33Pros and Cons May be targeted at trade or consumers Makes use of variety of formats Attracts attention, offers strong purchase incentives, dramatizes offers and boosts sagging sales Stimulates quick responseX Short-livedX Not effective in building long-term brand preferences.