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Major Health Partners Hospital Campaign Proposal Caring Under One Roof Team Members: Muhammad Alanzi, Abdulmajeed Alomayri, Robert Cox, Samantha Kirby, and Angela Qian

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Major Health Partners Hospital

Campaign Proposal

Caring Under One Roof

Team Members: Muhammad Alanzi, Abdulmajeed Alomayri, Robert Cox, Samantha Kirby, and Angela Qian

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Table of Contents



Analyzing the Organization

The Publics

Parts of the Plan




Campaign Schedule


Appendix A: Message Ideas

Appendix B: Campaign Schedule

Appendix C: Brochure Idea
















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Introduction: Situation AnalysisSituationIn its continuing efforts to serve Shelby county and surrounding areas, Major Health Partners (MHP) is moving into a new, 300,000 square-foot facility on the north side of town. The new building will provide an expanded number of health-related needs, with streamlined services all under one roof. The new building is projected to open sometime in August 2016.

BackgroundThe project has been approved and construction already begun.

Situation ImportanceThis situation is important because Shelbyville needs to be accurately informed regarding the new building. Community members need to know precisely what services the expanded location will offer. With such information, they can feel reassured that, if they need medical attention, they can receive effective, cutting-edge treatment at Major Hospital. People also need any possible concerns about the new location alleviated. With public support, this project can achieve a smooth transition between the two locations as community trust in its healthcare provider continues, and, hopefully, strengthens.

Analyzing the OrganizationAccording to U.S. News Health, Major Hospital is a general medical and surgical hospital in Shelbyville, Indiana (U.S. News Health, n.d). It is classified as a community-based nonprofit; it’s chartered as a city/county facility, and is accredited by the American Osteopathic Association. In a survey conducted by U.S. News Health (n.d.), most aspects of this hospital were ranked above average (7 out of 13). Major Hospital has also been named one of the top 100 information system hospitals in the United States.

CompetitorsMajor Hospital’s main competitors include certain larger Indianapolis hospital systems that serve

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The PublicsMany MHP stakeholders and publics, including investors, welcome the impending move because the increased size will enable Major to assist more patients.

While the entire Shelbyville community is a public for this campaign, MHP marketing specialist Bobbi Ebbing has indicated that the campaign should concentrate especially on women, ages 30 to 50, because they make most of the medical decisions for their families. Nevertheless, the so-called Generation Y should not be neglected, either. Demographic information suggests Generation Y is among the country’s the largest groups. In modern America, they control most of the finances and the economy. This population has money and are growing more independent, too. Eventually, Generation Y will be making healthcare decisions for both themselves and for their families. Additionally, some of generation Y’s oldest female members overlap with this campaign’s primary target public.

The target publics must next be divided into more accessible respective groupings. This campaign will focus on five key publics: media, limiters, opinion leaders, consumer groups, and employees. The publics for the current campaign include parents, grandparents, and Generation Y. The campaign will concentrate on the Shelbyville area, as well as Rush and Decatur Counties, Generation Y, and women, age 30 to 50.

similar demographic profiles. Decatur County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) and Rush Memorial Hospital (RMH) – both serving adjoining counties – are also among Major Hospital’s primary competitors.

Advantage of the New FacilityThis new facility will expand Major Hospital’s long tradition of convenient, quality care with a personal touch (one stop shopping). MHP estimates that 4,500 Shelby Countians are without insurance coverage. As a nonprofit hospital, Major has long provided quality healthcare to all patients regardless of ability to pay, and the new facility will make it possible to serve a larger number of uninsured patients.

As previously mentioned, the expansion will put most of Shelby County’s healthcare providers under one roof, creating a powerful synergy wherein most community health needs can be managed in one location.

This campaign will strive to maintain and be consistent with MHP’s mission and goals to provide exemplary healthcare to patients and to help patients live high-quality, healthy lifestyles. Hence, this campaign will be designed to increase awareness of and build a favorable attitude toward Major Hospital and its new facility among the patient populations in Shelby, Rush, and Decatur counties.

PositioningThis campaign aims to a) make it easy for targeted publics to readily identify the new facility’s features

Parts of the Plan

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and benefits; b) Distinguish MHP from competitors through the friendly, quality, convenient care MHP provides and through the expanded, streamlined services offered under one roof in the new facility.

Key PublicsAs mentioned previously, the key public for this campaign is women, aged 30 to 50 years old, living in Shelby, Rush, and Decatur Counties. Families, and Generation Y in these areas are also among the targeted publics.

CompetitionAlthough Decatur County Memorial and Rush Memorial Hospitals are smaller and have fewer resources than MHP’s future facility, they nonetheless have a considerable impact on their local communities.

GoalsThis campaign’s relationship goals include increasing identification of the new facility’s advantages in hard and soft power. Hard power advantages relate to healthcare equipment and technology (e.g., MRI machines, PET scanners, etc.), and information technology benefits. Hard power advantages also may include certain specialized doctors and nurses.

Soft power benefits relate to such elements as quality of service (e.g., meaningful dialogue between patient and doctor, clean and attractive environment, convenient registration process, etc.). Competitors may lack some or all of these hard and soft power benefits or certain elements of them.

Another relationship goal is to establish and enhance trust between MHP and its publics. Our primary task goal involves informing targeted publics about the key advantage of the expansion: the consolidation of all Shelbyville healthcare services into a single facility or “caring under one roof.” This consolidation will enable faster and more effective communication between healthcare providers, saving time and enhancing quality of care.

Available resources to achieve these goals include direct email, open houses, and local media, some of which MHP has an established relationship. Those media outlets include The Shelbyville News, Saturday Shelby, and radio station WSVX 96 FM. Media outlets in Decatur County include The Greensburg Daily News and radio station WTRE 1330 AM; while those in Rush County include The Rushville Republican and radio station WIFE 94.3 FM. In addition, social media – especially Facebook – presents a highly effective resource.

ObjectivesThis current campaign’s primary objective is to inform targeted publics of the fact that, through this move and expansion, MHP will offer improved levels of care. This campaign’s secondary objective is to improve overall awareness among targeted publics of the features and benefits provided by the new facility.

Proactive Strategies

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There hasn’t been appreciable opposition to this project, but the possibility of future opposition should nonetheless be considered and planned for. Appropriate proactive strategies must focus on educating targeted publics about both the new facility itself and about its new healthcare options.

Increasing awareness of this new healthcare resource will empower targeted publics by making them better informed regarding their options. Increased public knowledge of Major’s top-of-the-line healthcare professionals and technology and their proximity within the community will empower targeted publics to take advantage of these valuable, close-to-home resources.

Succeeding in these objectives will require actionable, communication-oriented proactive strategies. One proactive strategy will involve open houses wherein the public can visit the new facility, meet doctors and nurses, and learn about the services available, as well as the various healthcare professionals who will practice in the expanded facility. This event will offer a warm, welcoming, and supportive environment designed to promote a sense that the new facility is part of the community and can be entrusted with its health.

Our proactive communication approaches will involve publicity, transparent communication, and newsworthy information. The overall goal is educate targeted publics.

Local news media will provide an important avenue in which to communicate campaign messages. Media messages won’t be conveyed exclusively by hospital representatives, though, but largely by journalists. Such messaging provides credibility because the public expects journalists to be objective and to do due diligence compiling and writing stories.

By developing a proactive publicity strategy, we can help ensure the campaign isn’t the sole source of information regarding the new facility. The use of local news media will increase the campaign’s reach to those who read or listen to local content. The fact that MHP has strong relationships with hometown outlets will save time in this regard.

This campaign is newsworthy to targeted publics because Major is one of the region’s main hospitals, and the relocation and expansion will have significant impact on people’s lives. This campaign is timely because the facility is still under construction, with the relocation commencing in about a year.

The hospital has existed within the community at its present location since inception nearly a century ago. That fact alone is sufficient to make the move and new facility newsworthy, but the scale of the change and the funding are equally – if not more – impressive.

While this campaign will not employ a famous spokesman, so long as news of the move is presented objectively, the public will be more likely to perceive its newsworthiness and may be more inclined to pay attention.

The Importance of Transparent CommunicationWithout transparent communication, an organization risks appearing cold and distant, and hospitals are especially vulnerable to this risk. People need to feel comfortable with their healthcare provider, and transparent communication reinforces trust and reliability.

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The hospital is already providing fairly strong updates regarding this project via Facebook, and is responding appropriately to public comments and questions. This campaign must continue open communication. Doing so will allow the public to remain up-to-date on new developments and foster long-term organizational trust in MHP.

Reactive StrategiesAt present, the hospital isn’t experiencing any major negative backlash regarding the project. That said, just because nothing horrible has occurred doesn’t mean MHP shouldn’t prepare for emergencies. To that end, we have developed a defensive response for a potential negative event. By so doing, the hospital won’t have to scramble for a response if a crisis occurs.

A prebuttal has been constructed for a software error that could expose patient information to online hackers. Data breaches, which can affect large numbers of people in a short time, have recently received heavy media coverage. Hospitals maintain extremely sensitive patient information and should thus have a plan in place in case of a data breach or other technological incident with potential to expose sensitive data. This plan needs to include a prebuttle, along with a message assuring publics and stakeholders that the organization is working to correct the problem. The public must not learn about a crisis through gossip or hearsay. A potential statement is as follows:

“Major Hospital is dedicated to the health and safety of all our patients. This past weekend, a data breach was uncovered in our digital information storage. The hospital is working with the FBI to understand the breach’s extent and find those responsible. We are also implementing new training and software to ensure this event doesn’t happen again. The hospital will also offer all affected patients two free years of identity theft protection.”

This response shows the hospital is working to fix the problem, but also that it’s working to protect those affected.

Defensive responses for denial might also be appropriate in cases wherein MHP isn’t at fault. An example would be a recalled knee-replacement part. Such a case would be the manufacturer’s responsibility, not the hospital’s, but to avoid playing the “blame game,” the messages would need to be informative without being accusatory.

Since all patients cannot always be saved, messages of condolence might also be appropriate when developing reactive strategies. At the same time, certain events might merit deliberate inaction, but each situation should be considered on a case-by-case basis and responded to accordingly.

Current Strategies & Past MHP PracticesThese responses are ethical and aren’t inconsistent with Major’s image. MHP already uses two-way communication through its Facebook page, and they’ve previously worked with local media, so it’s reasonable to use these avenues. In regards to strategic silence, because a hospital needs to maintain public trust by being open, transparent and trustworthy, silence certainly isn’t ideal. Still, it is conceivable that certain instances could arise wherein Major would be forced to make the difficult

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decision to remain silent. MHP’s reputation for trustworthiness is well established, so the public will be more inclined accept silence – especially if silence isn’t by choice (e.g., a gag order).

Possible SpokespeopleJack Horner

• Major Hospital CEO

Mary Beth Hensley, M.D.• Chief of Family Practice

James L Peters, M.D.• Been in practice for 40 years• Family Medicine

Shelley Snyder, FNP-C• Nurse Practitioner

Spokespeople Credibility LevelsAll four potential spokespeople will need to be briefed regarding this campaign, but since Horner is CEO, and Snyder works at Major, both will be impacted in significant ways by the move. And although Peters is retired, he still has a significant stake in the community and the hospital.

Obviously, all these prospective spokespeople have a degree of knowledge and understanding regarding the hospital and the move, but all would nonetheless need to be prepared before actually speaking for this campaign. Their input and participation, however, will greatly enhance credibility and relevance. We will also need to work closely around the day-to-day schedules of these key representatives.

As MHP CEO, Horner already commands respect. A cursory Google search shows no bad publicity or associations. He regularly serves as MHP spokesman, too, and has spoken about the expansion in news releases and with local news outlets.

Dr. Hensley is Chief of Family Practice, a position with a great deal of credibility. Dr. Peters was in practice 40 years. As Family Medicine doctors, these two should be relatable to our key demographic.Snyder is a respected nurse practitioner and won Major’s Shining Star award in September. The Facebook post announcing the award received 183 likes, 16 shares, and 62 positive comments. This show of support demonstrates that the community likes and respects her, adding to her trustworthiness. And her position as a nurse practitioner suggests a higher level of medical knowledge and expertise compared to a customary nursing credential, lending her additional credibility.

Spokesperson CharismaHorner has previously spoken to The Shelbyville News and regularly releases statements, so he has a degree of audience familiarity.


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Dr. Peters finished Medical school, and completed his internship and residency in Indianapolis. The fact he’s locally trained and has lived in the area so long suggests he can relate to local audiences. Hensley also completed her medical school, internship and residency in Indianapolis, so her local connection might also translate into audience relatability. In order to gauge both his interest in serving as spokesperson and his suitability for doing so, Dr. Peters would need to be interviewed. The same is true for Dr. Hensley.

The age difference between Drs. Peters (mid 60s) and Hensley (early 40s) creates an interesting, potentially beneficial dynamic. Audiences will perceive Hensley as younger and, potentially, more dynamic, while Peters is more apt to be seen as distinguished and grandfatherly. These aesthetic characteristics could be employed for different messages with different groups within the targeted publics.

Snyder’s Shining Star announcement on Facebook shows her familiarity with the Facebook audience. This is a lot of responses compared to other posts by the hospital in the last few months.

Spokespeople Control LevelsBecause healthcare professionals care for people, control life-and-death situations, and spend many years training to enter the field, they typically possess inherent authority. Indeed, three of our prospective spokespeople possess such authority. This may not be the case for Horner, but he nonetheless has authority through his position.

Key Message Basis of this CampaignMajor Hospital: combining small-town charm and high-tech resources to better care for our neighbors.

Rational Appeal of this MessageThis message uses factual information regarding the hospital’s high-tech resources, which increase the level of care provided to patients. There is tangible evidence of the enhanced high-tech resources in the new facility; these in turn increase treatment quantity and quality.

The message’s “small-town charm” component is designed to appeal to the values of targeted publics, who themselves are small-town residents. “Small-town charm” typically evokes associations of kindness and politeness; this fact could help maintain positive attitudes towards the move. Testimonies and endorsements should be utilized to reinforce the message.

Emotional Appeal of the MessageThis message is designed to appeal to positive emotions associated with small-town charm. Since the message will be used in Shelbyville and surrounding rural areas, the targeted publics will likely view “small-town charm” as familiar. The “neighbors” comment also attempts to appeal to positive emotions by reinforcing the idea of people helping their neighbors, an idea often linked to small-town life.


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Overall, this is a virtue appeal.

Use of Verbal CommunicationThe message has one point of view – MHP’s. Since there hasn’t been any major opposition to the move, and since the community has been largely supportive, there’s no need to talk about differing opinion. And because this is an educational campaign, there’s no need to change opinions among targeted publics. The message also has a conclusion in that the hospital’s high-tech resources and small-town charm will result in better patient care.

This message is also short and simple, which can be important for effective recall. We’ve also incorporated language that evokes powerful associations – “high-tech,” “neighbors,” and “charm” – in order to invoke positive sentiments. And none of it is dishonest, defamatory, or hostile to competitors.

Use of Nonverbal CommunicationThis message will include the hospital’s logo, a white lab coat, a stethoscope, images of hospital personnel, and an image of the new facility, all of which should reinforce the fact that the message is about a hospital. Including images of the new facility will help familiarize the community with the building.

How to Strengthen These MessagesThe verbal communication could be further refined and sharpened to become more informative regarding why the hospital is building a new facility and to include specific examples of how Major’s high-tech resources will be enhanced. The message can’t be too long, however, or it risks reduced impact.

This campaign’s nonverbal communication could be strengthened by the establishment of a standardized color scheme used across all messages, creating a uniformity that ties everything together. The hospital’s new website, which will be revealed later, might be used to help create these schemes.

Interpersonal Communication TacticsOne principal tactic of this campaign will be the use of “open houses.” These events, of which we recommend three be held, will allow the public, hospital staff, and investors to visit the new facility for the first time. The open houses will occur before the new facility begins accepting patients, thereby preventing interference with normal hospital operations.

During these events, doctors, nurses, and other staff will wait at their workstations and offices to greet visitors, to talk about the resources and services available at the new facility, and to answer questions. Information packets will be distributed at the entrance, while specialty-based tri-folds will be distributed to visitors by doctors, nurses, and other personnel in the individual work areas.


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Proposed information-exchange tactics to be used during the open houses include small equipment demonstrations, talks regarding each doctor and nurse’s specialties, and question-and-answer sessions. These initiatives will cover such topics as heart health, best-health practices, healthy weight loss, and many others.

The times for these events will be announced in advance, and we recommend MHP distribute hard-mail invitations for the public event, while emailed invitations may be sufficient for employee-related sessions. We further recommend that the staff/employee-related open house be held during a normal business day. Groups of hospital personnel might be assigned specific times to visit, creating a unique experience for staff that both showcases the new facility and generates a warm, personable, festive-like work environment.

Hospital staff will provide overall building tours, giving demonstrations of the care and services available in the new facility. One or more of the proposed spokespeople for this campaign will give a brief talk at the beginning and/or end of each open house, welcoming participants and thanking them.Other special events could be held in conjunction with each open house. For example, a ribbon cutting might serve as an appropriate kickoff for the general-public open house, with the formal ceremony held after a speech by CEO Horner and other campaign spokespeople.

The last recommended special event is artistic-based. At present, a local artist regularly creates and displays her work on MHP’s campus. Major could expand upon this by inviting other local-area artists for an interactive, public art show. The final products could be displayed in the lobby and traded out every few months with other art-show paintings. Doing so would allow the artists to take pride in being publicly displayed and in contributing to MHP, creating a sense of accomplishment and a deeper connection to the new building.

The theme for this art-based event might be “Painting…under one roof.” The overall theme of this campaign is “Caring…under one roof.”

Interpersonal Communication Tactic Relevance to ObjectivesThese tactics will enable MHP to interact with targeted publics through personalized mailed and emailed invitations to the events. A single open house for staff, one for administrators and executives, and one for the general public, would enable MHP to tailor each event. For participants, these events will help increase knowledge of the services, features, technologies, and options available at the new facility. Moreover, these events will showcase MHP in a controlled way that won’t be possible after the new facility opens.

These tactics will also generate a greater amount of one-on-one interaction between the public and providers, allowing a wider range of specific, individual healthcare concerns to be addressed across larger groups. One possible disadvantage is the fact that public events could create difficulties in effectively tracking visitors. Additionally, doctors and nurses are notoriously busy. Securing participation from a sufficiently large group could prove problematic.

Required Resources for Interpersonal Communication Tactics

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The proposed tactics will require time, money, staff effort, and various other, miscellaneous resources. The time commitment for the open houses could be managed by rotating staff so that no single employee attends more than two hours. Below is a breakdown of costs for the open house:

• Staff: this cost will be based on the compensation offered to staff, who will be participating during personal off hours to help with public and administrative open houses.

• Electricity. • Artist: the artists will likely participate voluntarily, but they will nonetheless need supplies.• Drinks and snacks: MHP might consider supplying a limited number of free snacks and

refreshments, with others being sold by local non-profits.• MHP might consider partnering with a local, non-profit including, possibly, the YMCA, Relay

for Life, Race for the Cure, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and others.

Organizational TacticsOur media tactics include brochures and leaflets. Mailed and digital invitations will be used to announce the open houses. Other digital media will include emails and MHP’s website. Social media will be used via Major’s Facebook page, which is already heavily used.

How These Tactics will Help MHP Achieve Campaign ObjectivesThrough their variety and their use of repetition to cover an assortment of topics, these tactics will help MHP communicate with targeted publics.

Required Resources for Organizational TacticsSocial and digital media cost nothing. The other tactics will cost labor, printing, supplies, and mailing costs. MHP owns in-house printing, but also uses a local printer for certain printed materials; hospital personnel will need to decide which resource is most appropriate. All these tactics will require staff time, but after the first design is finalized, the remaining materials can use edited variations.

News Media TacticsThis campaign will use direct news material, including fact sheets, event listings, news releases, audio news releases, video B-roll, and a media kit. Indirect news material will include a media advisory and a query letter. Opinion material will include an op-ed piece from the CEO, and letters to the editor by Bob Carmony to the three newspapers of the targeted counties. Interactive news opportunities will include news interviews.

Contacts for The Shelbyville NewsEditorPaul Gable(317) [email protected]

ReporterAndy Proffet(317) 398-1292

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[email protected]

ReporterAlex Krach(317) [email protected]

Contact for WSVX, Giant 96Penny [email protected]

Contact for Saturday ShelbyInquiries should be emailed to [email protected].

Contacts for The Greensburg Daily NewsBrent Brown, News EditorOffice: 812-663-3111 [email protected]

Amanda Browning, Staff WriterOffice: 812-663-3111 [email protected]

Contact for Greensburg’s WTREKathy Verseman [email protected]

Contacts for The Rushville RepublicanFrank Denzler, Staff WriterPhone: (765) 932-2222, ext. [email protected]

Kate Thurston, Staff WriterPhone: (765) 932-2222, ext. [email protected]

Contact for Rushville’s WIFE-FMMichelle Bottomley 765-825-6411 or 765-932-3409.

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How These News Media Tactics Help MHP Achieve its ObjectivesBecause much of this information includes preassembled story elements, journalists should be able to more easily compile and complete their stories. The indirect news material will draw attention to the story before the direct material is sent, providing journalists with advance notice.The opinion material will allow MHP’s campaign messages, along with Major’s mission and goals moving forward, to be directly conveyed. Since Mr. Horner’s position carries substantial status, designing the message from his perspective should make the public more receptive. Interactive news opportunities will give journalists an opportunity to interact with high-level hospital personnel.

Required Resources for News Media TacticsThese tactics will cost money, time, and effort; however, since MHP has used similar tactics in the past, it is experienced in and, therefore, capable of assembling and effectively deploying the necessary resources.

Advertising Media & Promotional TacticsThis campaign will use newspaper, television, and radio advertising. It will also use billboards, and arena posters in local school gyms.

How These Advertising Media & Promotional Tactics Will Help MHP Achieve Campaign ObjectivesNewspaper, television, and radio advertising will help refine the message, enhancing it to appeal in different ways, while also serving to inform. Billboards, arena posters in school gyms, and signage will add additional components – especially visual ones – and can also point audiences toward additional information sources (e.g., the MHP website and Facebook page). Text on these billboards, etcetera, should be limited so the public might be more likely to remember essential points.

Required Resources for Advertising Media & Promotional TacticsThese tactics will require time and money. Without more specific knowledge of Major’s existing advertising resources, however, we cannot estimate cost of implementation.

Specific Initiatives/Sections of This PlanThis plan starts with a brief introduction of MHP and the new facility, including information about target publics and the geographic areas MHP wants to reach. The subsequent section covers goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics, while the last section provides specific examples of the proposed tactics. The tactics section includes discussions regarding pre-written statements, design ideas for pamphlets, press releases, radio PSAs, and other tactics.

Specific Publics & Corresponding Objectives These tactics are designed to provide optimum conformity and effectiveness with the campaign’s two objectives. Campaign objectives, along with their corresponding tactics, are listed below:

Objective 1 – To inform local publics how MHP’s move will offer a greatly-improved level of

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healthcare. The key target public is women, age 30 to 50, living in Shelby, Rush, and Decatur Counties.

Proposed Tactics• Open house• Ribbon cutting• Demonstrations (in the open house)• Speech• Mailed invitations (digital and hard mail)• Hospital Website• Facebook• News releases• Audio news releases• Op-ed piece from the CEO• Letters to the editor by MHP head of marketing• News interviews• Media kit

Objective 2 – To increase overall awareness among people living in Shelby, Rush, and Decatur counties of the features and benefits provided by MHP’s new facility. Major’s primary competitors are DCMH, RMH, and various hospitals in the Indianapolis area.

Proposed Tactics• Open house• Ribbon cutting• Demonstrations (in the open house)• Speeches• Art show• Brochures• Leaflets• Mailed invitations• Emails• Hospital Website• Facebook• News releases• Audio news releases• Video B-roll• A media kit• Media advisory• Op-ed piece from the CEO• Letters to the editor by Major’s head of marketing• News interviews

Campaign Schedule

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This campaign will commence after formal presentation on December 8, 2015 to Mr. Bob Carmony, head of MHP marketing. Because no finalized date exists regarding when the new facility will start seeing patients, Major’s marketing team will modify the proposed schedule as more information materializes.

This campaign will be conducted even after the new facility begins receiving patients and will continue running, unchanged, up to six months afterward; at that point, Major’s team will likely design new tactics. Message repetition for different tactics will happen in different frequencies. TV ads, for example, will occur more often than direct mail to public homes.

Additionally, we designed this campaign around the assumption that MHP marketing will assign a stricter, more-specific schedule based on real-time constraints and obstacles. Also, because we are mostly unfamiliar with MHP personnel, we further assume MHP will assign managers for each tactic.

At present, MHP has not allocated specific campaign dollar amounts. However, we can project a handful of costs. For example, a digital billboard in Shelbyville cost $4,039 for four weeks, encompassing 184.4k impressions and 1,332 spots per day. Radio ads on WSVX-AM cost $88 per 30-seconds ( Additionally, MHP already runs TV ads; these could, potentially, be exchanged for campaign-related ads, thus limiting expenses.

Of course, MHP marketing will make all final decisions regarding which elements and tactics to implement. Because this campaign IS purely a recommendation, we wish to thank Bob Carmony, Gena Linville, and Bobbi Ebbing for assisting and collaborating on its creation.

We recommend MHP use online and paper surveys to measure campaign effectiveness. These might be distributed through MHP’s website, through Facebook, within MHP itself, and via USPS mail. Since all Shelbyville-based doctors are part of MHP, it can be reasonably assumed they will recommend the new facility to patients. We nonetheless recommend that doctors occasionally be emailed “gentle” reminders to help ensure they are indeed mentioning the new building to patients. This will be especially important for doctors who aren’t currently on MHP’s campus but will, in the not-too-distant future, move into the new facility. We make this recommendation because doctors are extremely busy and the goal should be to integrate mention of the new facility into every patient visit. Such a mention needn’t necessarily be long, but the important point is the establishment of a habit.

The effectiveness of this campaign can’t be assessed based solely on the number of inquiries or patients served. By surveying targeted publics, MHP should gain a better understanding of public campaign-awareness levels and which elements require additional attention.

These surveys should require, at most, 20 minutes to complete. We further recommend that physical-mail copies include a postage-paid return envelope to increase return rates. In order to gather maximum data, we suggest a hospital-branded tee-shirt might be distributed as an appropriate incentive for the first 100 people who complete and return the entire survey.


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Appendix A: Message IdeasElevator PitchesJack Horner- Major Hospital CEO

• The Shelbyville community is growing and this hospital expansion project will help serve the increasing demand for healthcare services in order to better serve our community. It will change the way healthcare is delivered in our community, helping us to be able to perform more procedures, conduct high-tech tests, and shorten hospital stays.

Mary Beth Hensley, M.D. - Chief of Family Practice• As the Chief of Family Practice at Major Hospital, I see this expansion project as an excellent

opportunity for Shelbyville and the surrounding areas. Better healthcare services, more efficient choices, and a more attractive facility will come together under one roof in order to increase accessibility to quality healthcare for everyone in our community.

James L Peters, M.D. - Been in practice for 40 years• Having worked in Family Medicine for 40 years, I’ve seen how continually providing quality

care and integrating new technology into practice has helped friends and family. This expansion project will benefit the community and create an opportunity for experienced professionals to share knowledge and skills with one another. Backed by an excellent team of professionals, this expansion will provide enhanced healthcare opportunities for generations to come.

Shelley Snyder, FNP-C - Nurse Practitioner• As a nurse practitioner, I believe a better facility will help nurses and doctors provide a higher

quality of healthcare to our patients. The new facility for Major Hospital will allow us to provide better healthcare, resources, and technology in order to help the health of our community members. Furthermore, having a bigger facility means we will be able to help more patients as our community continues to grow.

Prebuttle“Major Hospital is dedicated to the safety and health of all our patients. This past weekend, a data breach was uncovered in our digital information storage. The hospital is working with the FBI to find the extent of the breach and to find those responsible so they can be persecuted. We are also implementing new training and software to ensure this event doesn’t happen again. The hospital will also be offering all patients whose records were part of the breach two years of identity theft protection at no charge.”

External Public Invitation to Open HouseDear INSERT NAME HERE,

Major Health Partners is holding an open house to introduce our new building to the public. The event will take place Saturday, Aug. 3, 2016, from 12 – 9 p.m. The entire community is invited, and we’d love for you to stop by. This will be a great opportunity to take a tour and meet our staff.

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Since our inception in 1924, Major Hospital has strived to provide Shelby County the highest-quality healthcare with a personal touch. Our new facility will continue and extend that commitment by putting all the community’s healthcare providers under one roof, providing 300,000 square foot of space – more than double our current facility. This will greatly improve the ability of our providers and staff to communicate with each other and allow us to address an expanded number of healthcare needs. The new building also provides some of the most-advanced healthcare technology available, including the latest MRI and PET machines.

The open house is being held just before our new building opens, so this will be the only chance to tour it with open access to most areas. We invite you to come visit with our doctors and nurses at their workstations and offices. They will talk about the new building’s resources and services, and answer all your questions.

We would be honored if you could join us in celebration of our new facility.


Internal Public Invitation to Open HouseDear INSERT NAME HERE,

On Friday, Sept. 3, we are hosting a half-day, staff-centered open house for the new building. All Major Health Partner employees are welcomed to take time from their workday to tour the new facility. Hospital administrators will be on hand for a meet-and-greet. They will be joined by doctors and nurses from various departments, who will answer questions, and provide tours of their offices and workstations. There will also be free health screens, light refreshments, and goodie bags.

Please work with your supervisor to arrange a time to visit and join us. The celebration of our impending move and expansion won’t be complete without you!


Internal Public II Invitation to Open HouseDear INSERT NAME HERE,

On Saturday, Aug. 3, 2016, from 12 – 9 p.m., we are hosting a public open house at the new facility. All employees and staff are invited to attend and greet the public. CEO Horner, and other hospital administrators, along with doctors and nurses will also be attending.

It is extremely important for as many staff as possible to attend and interact with the public regarding the new facility. Doctors and nurses will be waiting at their work areas during the event, talking to visitors, answering questions, providing tours, and giving equipment demonstrations. They’ll be providing information about such healthcare-related topics as best-health practices, cardiac health,

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healthy lifestyles, and others.

The event will take place before the new facility begins accepting patients, providing the public with optimum access. The aim is to provide as much information as possible and encourage the community to take advantage of the services at the new facility.

Our impending move and expansion marks the beginning of a bright future for Major Health Partners, and we want all our employees to be part of celebrating it. Please confirm your attendance with Mary at reception by July 30.


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Date:  Dec.  6,  2015  



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