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  • Michael Joseph Jackson(August29, 1958 June 25, 2009) was anAmerican recordingartist,entertainer, and businessman.Referred to as the King of Pop, orby his initials MJ, Jackson isrecognized as the most successfulentertainer of all time by GuinnessWorld Records. His contribution tomusic, dance, and fashion, alongwith a much-publicized personallife, made him a global figure inpopular culture for over fourdecades. The seventh child of theJackson family, he debuted on theprofessional music scene alongwith his brothers as a member ofThe Jackson 5, then the Jacksonsin 1964, and began his solo careerin 1971.

achieved about 80 records for differentreasons and was inducted into theGuinness World Records on numerousoccasions, for reasons among which are,among others, be the most successfulmusical artist of all time, with nearly 750millionalbumssold; award-winningmusical artist in history, with hundreds ofawards including 15 Grammy awards, theyoungest singer to lead the singles chart inthe United States, with 11 years of age, thefirst singer to enter the singles chart at # 1with "You Are not Alone"; as many weeksat number 1 on the list of albums (notsoundtracks) in the United States, Thriller,for 37 weeks; video most successful,Michael Jacksons Thriller with about 1million units sold, the first entertainer towin more than $ 100 million in a yearshighest-paid entertainer of all time (125million dollars in the list Forbes of 1989),and most successful entertainer of all Inaddition times. was the first and only artistthat has managed to start and finish theyear with an album at number 1 (Thriller)Hiscontributiontoand the first and only artist in history tomusic, dance and fashion, inachieve number 1 in the 1960, 1970 , 1980additiontoitsand 1990 publicizedpersonal life made him a popular culture figure. He began his career with his brothersin the band The Jackson 5 to mid-1960, which released ten albums withthem until 1975. In 1971 he beganhis solo career, but remained with theband of brothers. Because of theextraordinary impact of his albumThriller (1982), the biggestselling albumin musichistory, became the biggest star inpop music at that time. Some of hispublished albumslike Offthe Wall (1979), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991) andHistory:Past, Present and Future, Book I(1995), are among the best-sellingalbums of all time, the which helpedhim get into the Rock and Roll Hall ofFame. On the other hand, thirteen ofthe 98 singles Jackson reached thetop of the Billboard 100 and soldbetween 3005 and 350 million areconsidered even more sales of750 million records. Jacksons 1982 album Thriller is the best-selling album of all time. His other records, including Off the Wall (1979), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1 991), and History (1995), also rank among the worlds best-selling. Jackson is one of the few artists to have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. He was also inducted into the Dance Hall of Fame as the first (and currently only) dancer from the world of pop and rockn roll.Someofhis other achievementsinclude multiple Guinness World Records; 13 Grammy Awards (as well as the Grammy Legend Award and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award);26 AmericanMusic Awards (more than any other artist,and the estimated sale of over including the "Artist of the Century");750 million records worldwide. 13 number-one singles in the UnitedJacksonwon hundreds of States in his solo career (more than awards, which have made him the any other male artist in the Hot most-awarded recording artist inthe history of popular music. 100 era He was recognized during his careerwith the nickname of "Kingof Pop", with the pop musicsuperstars most successfulworldwide,but theirmusic also included a broadunderstandingof subgenres as rhythm & blues (soul and funk) discand dance.Also during hislife served as a musical influence fordozens ofartists. Michael Jackson throughouthis career he has garnered multipleawards, has been included twice inthe Hall of Fame Rock, hasbroken manyrecords inthe Guinness World Records andhas receivedtwenty-six American Music Awards andfifteen Grammy awards in variouscategories music, two of which areposthumous. Holds the record forthe most awarded artist in musichistory, with over 400 awards. It hasalso been recognized for his actsof philanthropy, holds the record forthe artist who has donated moremoney to charity, with hundreds ofmillions of dollars donated to39 institutions of this kind. The Jackson 5 recorded several songs, including "Big Boy", for the local record label SteeltownIn 1964, Michael and Marlon joined in 1967, before signing withthe Jackson Brothersa bandMotown Records in 1968.formed by brothers Jackie, Tito, and Rolling Stone magazine laterJermaineas backup musicians described the young Michael asplaying congas and tambourine. "a prodigy" with "overwhelmingJackson later began performing musical gifts," writing that hebackup vocals and dancing. When"quickly emerged as the mainhe was eight, Jackson began sharingdraw and lead singer. He groupthe lead vocals with his older brother set a chart record when its firstJermaine, and the groups name was four singles ("I Want You Back",changed to The Jackson 5 The band"ABC", "The Love You Save",toured the Midwest extensively fromand "Ill Be There") peaked at1966 to 1968, frequently performingnumber one on the Billboardat a string of black clubs known asHot 100. Between 1972 andthe "chitlin circuit", where they often 1975, Michael released four soloopened stripteases and other adult studio albums with Motown,acts. In 1966, they won a major localamong them Got to Be Theretalent show with renditions of and Ben, released as part of theMotown hits and James Browns "I Jackson 5 franchise, andGot You (I Feel Good)", led by producing successful singlesMichael. such as "Got to Be There", "Ben", and a remake of Bobby Days "Rockin Robin". In June 1975, the Jackson 5signed with Epic Records, asubsidiary of CBS Recordsand renamed themselves theJacksons. Younger brotherRandy formally joined theband around this time, whileJermaine left to pursue a solocareer. They continued to tourinternationally, releasing sixmore albums between 1976and 1984, during whichMichael wastheleadsongwriter, writing hits suchas "Shake Your Body (Down tothe Ground)", "This PlaceHotel," and "Can You Feel It".In 1978, he starred as thescarecrow in the musical, Itwas here that he teamed upwith Quincy Jones, who wasarranging the films musicalscore.Jonesagreed toproduce Jacksons next soloalbum, Off the Wall. Thealbumtoppedthe In 1982, Jackson contributed Billboard 200 chart for 37the song "Someone In theweeks and was in the top 10Dark" to the storybook for theof the 200 for 80 consecutivefilm E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial;weeks. It was the first albumthe record won a Grammy for to have seven Billboard HotBest Recording for Children in100 top 10 singles, including1984. In the same year he won "Billie Jean", "Beat It," andanother seven Grammys and "Wanna BeStartineight American Music Awards Somethin.Thrillerwas(including the Award of Merit,certified for 29 millionthe youngest artist to win it), shipments by themaking him the most awarded RIAA,givingitDoublein one night for both award Diamond status in the Unitedshows.[ These awards were States. The album won alsothanks to the Thriller album, another Grammy for Bestreleased in late 1982, whichEngineered Recording Nonwas 1983s best-selling album Classical in 1984, awardingworldwide and became theBruce Swedien for his work.best-selling album of all timeJacksons attorney Johnin the United States, as well asBranca noted that Jacksonthe best-selling album of all had the highest royalty ratetime worldwide, selling anin the music industry at thatestimated 110 million copiespoint: approximately $2 forso far. every album sold. He was also making record-breaking profits from sales ofhis recordings.Thevideocassette ofthedocumentary The Making ofMichael Jacksons Thrillersold over 350,000 copies in afew months. The era saw thearrival of novelties like dollsmodeled after MichaelJackson, which appeared instores in May 1984 at a priceof $12..In 1985, The Making ofMichael Jacksons Thrillerwon a Grammy for Best MusicVideo, Long form.InDecember 2009, the musicvideo for "Thriller" wasselected for the National FilmRegistry by the Library ofCongress, "Thriller" is thefirst music video ever to beinducted. In March 1991, Jackson renewed his contract withSony for $65 million, a record-breaking deal at thetime, displacing Neil Diamonds renewal contractwith Columbia Records. He released his eighthalbumDangerous in1991. Asof2008, Dangerous had shipped seven million copiesin the U.S. and had sold 32 million copiesworldwide. The Dangerous album was co-producedby Teddy Riley, one of the pioneers of "new jackswing" which convinced Michael to featurea rapper on his album for the first time, the actworked and it turned out to be the best-sellingalbum associated with that movement. In theUnited States, the albums first single "Black orWhite" was its biggest hit, reaching number one onthe Billboard Hot 100 and remaining there forseven weeks, with similar chart performancesworldwide. The albums second single "Rememberthe Time" spent eight weeks in the top five in theUnited States, peaking at number three onthe Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. At the end of1992, Dangerous was awarded 1992s best-sellingalbum worldwide and "Black or White" wasawarded 1992s best-selling single worldwide atthe Billboard Music Awards. Additionally, he wonan award as best-selling artist of the 80s. In 1993,Jackson performed the song at the Soul TrainMusic Awards in a chair, saying he had suffered aninjury in rehearsals. In the UK and other parts ofEurope, "Heal the World" was the biggest hit fromthe album; it sold 450,000 copies in the UK andspent five weeks at number two in 1992. Jackson founded the Heal the WorldFoundation in1992.Thecharityorganization brought underprivilegedchildren to Jack