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Slides from photographer Michael Shilling's Blogging and content marketing masterclass at The Digital Imaging Show Birmingham 2014


  • 1. Create a content marketingmachine to drive the right sortof targeted traffic to yourwebsiteMichael Shilling@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014

2. The bit about meI Shoot Babies[mostly]Keen BloggerStudio in SouthWimbledon in aSoft-Play Centre@memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 3. What are we after?The 1%@memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 4. Key ElementsStrangersVisitorsCustomersPromotersAttractConvertCloseDelight@memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 5. How do we reach the1%?Blogging - 55% more web traffic and 70% more leadsGreat content -fantastic and inspiring imagery - helpful articlesEmail Marketing - still apowerful tool for turning leads into clientsFacebook - can help build emaillists, book sessions, creates advocates of your brand etc etcLandingPages - helps you test the success of a campaign - one percampaign Google - Google+ - Authorship - Analytics - WebmasterTools Pinterest - amazing visual tool TwitterInstagram You TubeBlogging - 55% more web traffic and 70% more leadsGreat content -fantastic and inspiring imagery - helpful articlesEmail Marketing - still apowerful tool for turning leads into clientsFacebook - can help build emaillists, book sessions, creates advocates of your brand etc etcLandingPages - helps you test the success of a campaign - one percampaign Google - Google+ - Authorship - Analytics - WebmasterTools Pinterest - amazing visual tool TwitterInstagram You Tube@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 6. Social media marketing trends in 2014#1. Pay to play@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 7. Social media marketing trends in 2014#2. Planning becomes a@memorygatenecessary evil#DIGSHOW2014 8. Emerging social media marketingtrends in 2014#3. Brands out-publishedtraditional publishers@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 9. Social media marketing trends in 2014#4. Visual social takes@memorygatecentre stage#DIGSHOW2014 10. Social media marketing trends in 2014#5. Social mobile is now@memorygatemandatory#DIGSHOW2014 11. Social media marketing trends in 2014#6. Social mediaautomation is nolonger a dirty word@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 12. Social media marketing trends in 2014#7. Wearable socialtakes big baby steps@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 13. Social media marketing trends in 2014#8. Google+ startsmoving contentand then Google begun to dump it@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 14. Social media marketing trends in 2014#9. The increasingauthority of online@memorygateinfluencers#DIGSHOW2014 15. Social media marketing trends in 2014#10. Brands start ignoringmass media in larger@memorygatenumbers[and Google starts giving brands lots of love]#DIGSHOW2014 16. Inbound Marketing AuditCreate a 'state of the union'@memorygatereport&Create a monthly report#DIGSHOW2014 17. Inbound Marketing Audit Example@memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 18. Google Analytics@memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 19. SumAll@memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 20. SumAll@memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 21. HootSuite@memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 22. http://simplymeasured.com/free-social-media-@memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 23. Twitter Follower Report@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 24. Twitter Follower Report@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 25. Twitter Follower Report@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 26. Facebook@memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 27. Facebook@memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 28. FacebookHOrganic reach - HPaid reach - NOrganic reach of page posts of your posts - AMPaid impressions of your posts - AS@memorygatecount of fans online - BT#DIGSHOW2014 29. Facebook Fan Report@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 30. Facebook Fan Report@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 31. Facebook Fan Report@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 32. Other Reports@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 33. FollowerWonk@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 34. FollowerWonk & Buffer@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 35. Setting TargetsBased on previous performance which metics would youlike to increase and by how much?What would you have todo? - create more image based posts - post more videosetc etcWhat worked? How easy is it to repeat?@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 36. Social Media Metrics@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 37. Creating content 38. Creating contentMaking artMy definition of art contains three elements:Artis made by a human being.Art is created to have animpact, to change someone else.Art is a gift. You can sellthe souvenir, the canvas, the recording... but the idea itselfis free, and the generosity is a critical part of making art.Bymy definition, most art has nothing to do with oil paint ormarble. Art is what we're doing when we do our best work.@memorygateSeth Godin#DIGSHOW2014 39. Do you remember the oldAmerican dream?Keep your head downFollow instructionsShow up on timeWork hardSuck it up@memorygateyou will be rewarded#DIGSHOW2014 40. The new AmericanDreamBe remarkableBe generousCreate artMake judgment callsConnect people and ideas@memorygateand we have no choicebut to reward youSeth GodinLinchpin 2010#DIGSHOW2014 41. Creating ContentWe are creating a product for someone, a unique andbespoke product that no one else can or will own.Do many people buy truly bespoke products anymore?Are you in danger of becoming an off-the-shelfphotographer?@memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 42. Creating ContentDoes THAT excite you?Is it the reason you want to quit your dayjob?Write down three things you are passionateabout.......don't write photography@memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 43. My Three ThingsFamilyGreat ideasThe need to createsomethingimportant@memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 44. Heres what I doFamily Portrait PhotographerStudioLocation Portraits@memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 45. 2 more listsDescribe your personalty in three words or phrasesMake a list of three things that you photograph thatreally interest you - the best bits of the job!@memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 46. Wedding PhotographerExampleCapturing theemotional connectionbetween two peopleThe tiny details of thedayCandid momentsHeart of sleevetypeThoroughand detaildrivenAnobserver@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 47. My AnswersIntimate familyportraitureQuirky and humorousportraitsBabies and 1st timeparentsAn ArtistRomanticThinkIm funny@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 48. Matching your work and personalityDo your interests andpersonality and work match?Isthere a gap between yourpersonal life and yourprofessional work?Do your interests and personality andwork match?Is there a gapbetween your personal life andyour professional work?@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 49. Bert StephaniX-Photographer's talkshowThe gap betweenpersonal andprofessional work@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 50. Bert StephaniHe sold a lifestyle - this is truemarketingYour blog and your website andYOU are selling a lifestyle so you have tobelieve it to sell itOnce you do you will find your own BertStephani to promote and sell your business@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 51. Create a profile for yourselfFamily Portrait photographer - studioand locationFamilyGreat IdeasThe needand desireto create somethingimportant@memorygateQuirky and humorousportraitsIntimate familyportraitureBaby and 1sttime parents#DIGSHOW2014 52. One thing about tone......Tell me you love me@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 53. Who are you writing for?Who are you clients and what do they like?Whatdo they believe?Who do they trust?What are theyafraid of and who do they love?What are theyseeking?Who are their friends?What do they talkabout?@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 54. @memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 55. She's looking for an engagement ringShe'spregnantNatural livingClothNappiesSewingGluten free RecipesCrafts@memorygate#DIGSHOW2014 56. playroomsArt for kidsBuying guidesKids crafts Outdoor Science fafomri lkyi dspsaSceensrsaoinryy day activitiesLiteracy andFood and recipesCreative kids partiesUnique kidsspacesCreative cakesChildren's booksNurseriesand kids roomsMurals Decals and Walltreatments Painted and paper ceilings in kidsroomsFamily finds and products@memorygateMaths Traveling withkids places to take yourkidsMother's and Father'sday giftsPositive Parentingback to schoolOrganisation ideasteaching Languages#DIGSHOW2014 57. @memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 58. @memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 59. @memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 60. @memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 61. @memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 62. @memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 63. @memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 64. @memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 65. @memorygate #DIGSHOW2014 66. Wedding InspirationBridal fashion WeekHairstylesmakeupUniqueIdeas BouquetsDIYDressBridesmaidsGroomsRedWeddingsBlue WeddingsGreen WeddingsWeddingDecorEngagement ShootVintage WeddingsBohoWeddingsTravel Themed WeddingsInspirationfoodFairytale Weddings Autumn WeddingsWedding Chair decorWedding favours Sweet bar / buffet Fun photography ideas Cake toppersEco-friendly weddingsBrown paper weddings1940s Boards Veils and Headwear WeddingCakesCocktailsTables number and name cardsWeddingStationaryJewelleryShoes#DIGSHOW2014@memorygateCeremony Ideaschildren at WeddingsWeddingFilmsStag and Hen partiesPets atWeddings BoudoirRustic WeddingsDestinationWeddingsColour PalettesGlitterReal BridesWeddingPlanning beauty articlesHoneymoon StyleSave thedateModern WeddingsWedding momentsWeddingDiversityRetro Vintage ChicBlack and WhitePhotographyNeutralsCelebrity WeddingsNauticalWeddingsWinter WeddingsInfographics CityWeddingsWedding lighting Wedding transportNailPolishWedding giftsWedding Tablescapes 67. Persona Interests Family /parentingkids roomsMurals Decals and Wall treatments Painted and paper ceilings in kids roomsFamily finds and productsback funScience for kidsSensory activitiesLiteracy and Maths Travelling with kids places to take your kidsMother's #DIGSHOW2014@memorygate 68. Persona Interests newbornphotography / babyAnnouncementsBath timeAwwwMummy fitnessBirthday PartiesMummy ChicStylish PregnancyBaby AnimalsCelebrity projectsGetting ready for babyMust have baby products and gearGender reveal ideas and cakes getting organisedCraftsHeal #DIGSHOW2014@memorygate 69. Why are you creating your content? To attract new customersTo raise awareness about your company and create buzzTo share more information about your company tohelp people find youTo foster relationships give them a reason to tell others about youWhat do they talk about?To attract new customersTo ra

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