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Michael William PaulFashion Photographer & Director


Fashion Meets Global PurposeWilliam-Paul has strived to involve the fashion community in global issues. He founded Universal Models for Peace (www.universalmodelsforpeace.org) and is working on another project called the Model Ambassador Project (MAP).The first of the projects that UMP was involved in surrounded the International Economic Conference in West Africa. William-Paul worked to create a program around the conference.

Michael William Paul Founder of UMP

UMP is the brainchild of Director and Photographer Michael William-Paul. After a brief stint working at the European Union in Belgium in mid 2001, Michael was recruited as a senior media consultant, official photographer and press liaison within the United Nations.

He has since then devoted the past ten years consulting on, producing, and developing media related information with an emphasis on South -South Cooperation, North-South Cooperation and support for sustainable development and capacity building in underdeveloped regions.

Fashion & PoliticsMichael William also has photographed many of the most recognizable women political and celebrity figures of our time including: President Sirleaf, Jane Fonda, Isabella Rossellini, Shirley MacLaine to mention a few. At he moment he is producing a coffee table book called Women where he will donate some of the proceeds from sales into UMPs projects.

The emotion, the passion, the energy of Michael William-Pauls photography challenges the human race, jolts our mind, daring us to expand our consciousness beyond the passivity of routine thought.

Michael William-Paul has established himself as an instrumental Director and Photographer whos cinematic vision has earned accolades and accelerated him to become a most sought after artist in a world of contemporary image making professionals. His cutting edge approach to direction delivers an authentic style, Michael William-Paul appreciates and recognizes talent in a way that reflects an intensely personal emotion in his pictures, bridging a true connection between the characters and the audience.A Modern Model Revolution


The Global Goals of Sustainable Development

Understanding the need for sustained education and learning options for young women, the Model Ambassador Program was created by Michael William-Paul to provide the tools necessary for young people to understand how to get active in philanthropic service, creating generations of cooperation building opportunities, in a world where giving back becomes an endless trend.