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Download MICHELIN Truck Tire Reference Chart Tire Reference Chart...2 MICHELIN TRUCK TIRE REFERENCE CHART XZA • Excellent steer tir e for regional operation • Desig ned for long mileage

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  • MICHELIN Truck Tire Reference ChartJanuary 2012

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    XZA (365/70R22.5)

    Advanced Technology compoundingoffers excellent fuel economy(1)

    Engineered for irregular wear resistance Over 7,000 trapezoidal micro sipes ongroove edges help break water surfacetension to promote traction on wet andslippery road surfaces

    Original shoulder groove design offersenhanced resistance to uneven shoulder wear

    LH R O/O U365/70R22.5 Tread Depth

    MICHELIN XZA 19Goodyear N/ABridgestone N/A



    Ultra-fuel-efficient tire(1) that delivers our longest mileage in line haul steer applications

    Dual Compound Tread delivers moremileage without compromising ultra-fuel-efficiency and retreadability

    Directional tread with enhanced shoulderrib designed to deliver even wear to the end

    3-Retread Limited Warranty(2)

    LH R O/O U275/80R22.5 Tread Depth

    MICHELIN XZA3+ EVERTREAD 19Goodyear G395 LHS Fuel Max 18Bridgestone R287A 16

    XZA2 ENERGY(3)

    Optimized channel design allows for longtread life and minimized irregular wear

    Low rolling resistance compounds for fueleconomy(1) in highway service

    Optimized for steer axle service

    LH R O/O U315/80R22.5 Tread Depth

    MICHELIN XZA2 ENERGY 16Goodyear G291 18Bridgestone R294 19


    Decoupling groove built for resistance toirregular wear

    Optimized for steer axle highway service Groove wall sipes help inhibit onset of irregular wear and improve wettraction

    LH R O/O U11R22.5 Tread Depth

    MICHELIN XZA-1+ 18Goodyear G395 LHS 18Bridgestone R280 18


    Optimized for all-position heavy axleloads

    Variable groove angles help reduceirregular wear and improve overallperformance

    LH R O/O U315/80R22.5 Tread Depth

    MICHELIN XZA1 18Goodyear G291 18Bridgestone R294 19


    Solid shoulders to help resist scrub Curb guards on sidewalls Deep, wide tread Full depth siping for efficient traction Compounds for scrub resistance Groove bottom protectors help defendagainst stone drilling

    LH R O/O U245/70R19.5 Tread Depth

    MICHELIN XZE 18Goodyear G149 RSA 16Bridgestone R250F 19


    Enhanced application specific compoundto promote resistance to aggression andlonger tread life

    Matrix Siping technology and microsipes protect against irregular wear

    Zig-zag grooves and sipes help increasetraction in new and worn tire conditions

    North American design

    LH R O/O U11R22.5 Tread Depth

    MICHELIN XZE2 22Goodyear G661 HSA 22Bridgestone R260F 22


    Buttressed shoulder helps resist wear inhigh scrub applications

    Full-depth sipes offer exceptional traction throughout the usable life of the tire

    European design

    LH R O/O U295/80R22.5 Tread Depth

    MICHELIN XZE2+ 20Goodyear MARATHON LHS 18Bridgestone R250F 19

    (1) Fuel savings are estimates based on comparative rolling resistance. Actual on-road savings may vary.(2) 3-Retread Manufacturing Limited Casing Warranty: 3 retreads or 700,000 miles or 7 years for MICHELIN XZA3+ EVERTREAD when retreaded by an authorized Michelin

    Retread Technologies (MRT) Dealer only. See limited warranty for details.(3) No bus shall be operated with regrooved, recapped or retreaded tires on the front wheels. US Code of Federal Regulations: Title 49, Transportation; Part 393.75.Exceeding the legal speed limit is neither recommended nor endorsed.LH Line Haul, R Regional, O/O On/Off Road, U Urban


    Exclusively for motorhome use Cool running tread design Excellent ozone resistance sidewalls Stable tread with cool runningcompound engineered to reduce squirmand lower heat for improved handlingand durability

    LH R O/O U235/80R22.5 Tread Depth

    MICHELIN XRV 16Goodyear G670 RV (245/75) 15Bridgestone R250F 19

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    Excellent steer tire for regional operation Designed for long mileage and eventread wear

    Zig-zag design for true all-position use

    LH R O/O U8R19.5 Tread Depth

    MICHELIN XZA 16Goodyear G171 LT 18Bridgestone N/A


    Tread compound offers excellentprotection against aggression, chippingand scaling

    Extra robust casing construction forexcellent retreadability

    Maximized soft soil and mud tractionthroughout the tire life

    LH R O/O U11R22.5 Tread Depth

    MICHELIN XZY3 24Goodyear G288 MSA 25Bridgestone M850 24

    X One XZY3

    Long treadlife and outstanding chip andcut resistance in on/off road service

    Flat, stable contact area for long, even wear provided by Infini-CoilTechnology

    Enhanced protection against stonedrilling from variable pitch groove wallsand groove bottom protectors in centergrooves

    LH R O/O U455/55R22.5 Tread Depth

    MICHELIN X One XZY3 23Goodyear N/ABridgestone N/A

    X One XZUS

    Optimized for weight savings in urbanand regional operation

    Enhanced protection against stone drillingfrom variable pitch groove walls andgroove bottom protectors in all grooves

    Reinforced bead package for resistanceto heat

    23 32nds original tread depth Infini-Coil Technology

    LH R O/O U455/55R22.5 Tread Depth

    MICHELIN X One XZUS 23Goodyear N/ABridgestone N/A

    (1) Exceeding the legal speed limit is neither recommended nor endorsed.LH Line Haul, R Regional, O/O On/Off Road, U Urban



    Up to 20% increase in removal mileage*due to new 4-rib tread design

    Maximum mileage and casing life due toCo-Ex Technology

    Improved retreadability* with anoptimized bead design

    Maximum sidewall protection with a robustshoulder and aggressive protector ribs* When compared to the MICHELIN XZUS tire.

    LH R O/O U315/80R22.5 Tread Depth

    MICHELIN XZUS2 23Goodyear G289 WHA 24Bridgestone M860 24


    Casing durability and protection fromincreased shoulder and sidewall thickness

    Improved traction and floatation in softsoil and mud

    Great resistance to shocks, bruising andpenetrations

    LH R O/O U425/65R22.5 Tread Depth

    MICHELIN XZY3 WIDE BASE 23Goodyear G296A MSA 23Bridgestone M844F 24


    Significant increase in tread life with newtread compounds and increased treadvolume

    65 mph(1) rating with optimized scrubresistance and reduced operatingtemperatures in the crown area

    Fosters reduced mounting anddismounting damages with Michelin'srounded bead toe design

    LH R O/O U425/65R22.5 Tread Depth

    MICHELIN XZUS WIDE BASE 23Goodyear G296A MSA 23Bridgestone M844F 24

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    Optimized for urban operation withfrequent starts and stops

    Extended retreadability with extra robustcasing and bead design

    Matrix sipes help provide excellenttraction and even wear throughout lifeof tire

    Helps improve bead durability from extralong metallic chafer

    LH R O/O U305/85R22.5 Tread Depth

    MICHELIN XZU3 26Goodyear G291 (315/80) 18Bridgestone R260 F 22


    Built-up sidewall protectors provideprotection against most curb damage

    Sidewall wear indicators promote timelytire rotation for long casing life andenhanced retreadability

    Wide, deep circumferential grooves andfull-depth sipes help promote excellenttraction throughout the life of the tire

    LH R O/O U305/70R22.5 Tread Depth

    MICHELIN XZU2 22Goodyear G291 (315/80) 18Bridgestone R260 F 22

    X COACH XZ(1)

    Charter bus tire designed for mileage,safety and comfort

    Tread design helps deliver up to 15%higher


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