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A Diploma in Architecture Portfolio; compilation of Architecture Designs and other miscellaneous works.



| BIOGRAPHYArts; the medium I chose to express myself. Deciding to pursue in Architecture did not come as a surprise for me, given the fact that Ive been channeling my emotions in arts ever since I can remember. It started with colouring & doodling as most would as a child, which then lead to sketching, painting, writing, & even photography. Architecture was something I could see myself doing without losing my personal perspectives while making a living out of what I enjoy doing. This portfolio consists of a compilation of my works throughout my 3 year Diploma in Architectural course at ALFA College, along with some of my other artworks that Ive done.

contact details:phone: 012 642 4355 email: [email protected]

| Architectural Studio 01For the final project of Year 1 design, students were given the task to design a family home, bungalow, at a specified site. The site for this project was at Lorong Maarof, Bangsar. The challenge of this project was that the site was situated on a slope, among the other existing residential bungalows. Ive chosen to designed a tropical style architecture bungalow in this project to suit the Malaysian climate, having long overhangs, North-South oriented building to minimize heat, & a large pitch roof. A green roof was also included in this design, this not only replaces the greens used to build the bungalow, but also provides extra outdoor spaces for the family.

Family Home- Bungalow

| Architectural Studio 03The key to understanding what the people need in an urban area is to feel and revive an old, abandoned urban site. Although the target of this project was just to give students a minimum taste of what urban revival is about, the understanding of what is required & lacking of an urban site was fully studied under this project. The site was located at Masjid Jamek, the people around this area are mostly of working adults. Surrounded by tall office buildings, this site is in need of more greens, excitement & life other than work.

Urban Development

| Architectural Studio 03Students were required to relate this project to the previous design, which was Mobile Retreat. In this project, students were asked to design a Temporary Stage Structure for various performers at Dataran Merdeka. Thus, The materials used, Rollable Solar Panel Films, in the previous project was repeated here as to link both projects. Other materials were added such as ETFE as roof/shade & steel structures for support.

Temporary Stage Structure

| Architectural Studio 05Individual Project -Green Art Centre The final step to this assignment is for students to each select one newly proposed building from the New Proposed Master Plan, to study deeper into the particular site and to come up with a design development, individually. This process requires students to start with their personal concept and ideas, followed by a suitable design and completed with working drawings.

Urban Revival


Making art the tool to catalyze people with the environment, teaching them methods to a sustainable lifestyle. Due to the fact that sustainability is a balance between social, economy and the environment, the goal is to also promote equality amongst the community, eliminating discriminations.


Nothing, Anything; Something, Everything.

DESIGN GOAL: To design a living example of a sustainable building, in order to further motivate and nurture the practice of ecofriendly activities. To design a place that is friendly and welcoming to the public, eliminating social hierarchy, bringing people together to appreciate sustainable art with the objective of equality. Although this building is designed with a humble approach, there is a need to design for an iconic element in order to portray its image as an art centre.

Design Process

Wide walkways & passages that connects the rooms.

Entrance; informality & welcoming.

Designed spaces for maximum natural ventilation & lighting. Informal entrace transition; multiple entry points.

Mindmap of ideas- Project Goal, Design Goal, Design Concept.A balance of natural ventilation, lighting & open spaces for circulation & comfort of the people.

Various perspective views of the proposed Green Art Centre, Kampung Attap, Kuala Lumpur.

Ground Floor Plan


Lower Ground Floor Plan


Roof Plan


North East Elevation


North West Elevation


South Elevation


West Elevation


Section A-A


Section C-C


Final model for final project @ ALFA College - Proposed Green Art Centre, Kampung Attap, Kuala Lumpur.

| miscellaneous

The Spin; online based shopping site. Founded by my friend & I, we speciallize in handmade items such as laptop sleeves, iPad sleeves, mobile cases, stationary cases, passport cases etc.

| The Spin: Flyer Design

| Poster DesignALFA COLLEGEs Christian Fellowship (ACCF) has its monthly programmes. Programmes were planned according to each month, and every month has its own theme.

| PhotographyTaken with Nikon D90, Tamron 17-50mm Landscape at KLPAC.

| PhotographyTaken with Nikon D90, Tamron 17-50mm The night scene.

| PhotographyTaken with Nikon D90, Tamron 17-50mm People; here, there, everywhere.

| PhotographyTaken with Nikon D90, Tamron 17-50mm Architecture & its surroundings.

| POSTSCRIPTMy journey as an Architectural student so far has taught me more than I could ask for. It had definitely changed my perspectives on design; & designers. One would think that design is as simply as the designer wishes. However, it is not necessarily true as to design is to serve; the society, the surrounding & the individual. & so it applies to Architecture. In other words, studying Architecture has widen my horizon in more ways than I could imagine. A special thanks to my dedicated lecturers at ALFA for their constant teachings, advisings, encouragements & nurture my design works.