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1. Microcredentialing: Recognizing Student Learning with Digital Badges 2. Presenters Cameron Wills Research Associate cwills@niu.edu @MetaWills Stephanie Richter Assistant Director srichter@niu.edu @slrichter 3. Slides available at j.mp/fsi15badges 4. The landscape of learning is changing 5. Why Microcredentialing? 6. What are Badges? Visual representations of achievements, learning, skills, interests, & competencies 7. Digital Badge an online record of achievement, tracking the recipients communities of interaction that issued the badge and the work completed to get it (The Mozilla Foundation & Peer 2 Peer University, 2012) 8. Digital Badges Examples 9. Digital Badges Examples 10. Badge Alliance 11. Microcredential Awarded on the acquisition of specific knowledge or demonstrated competency of an identified skill and validated by recognized professional bodies or educational institutions (Elliott et al., 2014) 12. Badge vs. Microcredential Some debate on the difference Formative vs. summative assessment 13. Common terminology Lifecycle Creating > Issuing > Displaying Stacking Upgrading badges to higher level achievements Ecosystem Overall badging architecture, including badges, platforms, and paths for earning 14. Challenges to Adoption Value Do badges/microcredentials mean anything? Do employers value them? Trust Are issuers valid? Does the recipient deserve the badge? Equivalency How do badges compare to certificates or degrees? 15. Mozilla Open Badge Backpack Repository for saving badges Framework for displaying badges Learn more at openbadges.org 16. Step 1: Create a Mozilla Persona Account Go to backpack.openbadges.org/ Click Log In or Sign Up Enter your information TIP: Choose an email address you can check during this session 17. Step 2: Give us your email address Go to j.mp/fsi15_claimbadge Enter your name and the email address you used for your Mozilla account Note: Personal information will only be used to distribute the badges 18. Using Microcredentials in Teaching 19. Why Use Badges? Recognition Motivation 20. ETR 531 Educational Program Evaluation 12-week Graduate level course Students working toward M.S. Ed in Instructional Technology Badges rewarded students for mastering evaluation concepts 21. Badges for ETR 531 22. Evaluation Measures Mastery 23. Disability in Society MOOC 24. Perspectives on Disability 10-week Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Instead of grades, participants earned badges 25. Badges for Perspectives on Disability 26. Week 1 27. Week 10 28. Lessons learned Students liked the badges & certificate Was ideal for providing recognition without grading Easy to set up 29. Discussion How would you use microcredentials or badges in your teaching? 30. Creating and Issuing Badges 31. Formula for Making Badges Image + metadata = badge 32. Image No secret its just an image Usually square 33. Metadata Proves that the badges was earned Validates the issuer, the criteria, the evidence Metadata is what creates trust in badges 34. Metadata { "uid": "f2c20", "recipient": { "type": "email", "hashed": true, "salt": "deadsea", "identity": "sha256$c7ef86405ba71b85acd8e2e95166c4b111448089f2e1599f42fe1bba46e865c5" }, "image": "https://example.org/beths-robot-badge.png", "evidence": "https://example.org/beths-robot-work.html", "issuedOn": 1359217910, "badge": "https://example.org/robotics-badge.json", "verify": { "type": "hosted", "url": "https://example.org/beths-robotics-badge.json" } } Learn More About Badge MetaData wiki.mozilla.org/Badges/Onboarding-Issuer 35. Badge Images 36. Made with PowerPoint Program Evaluation ETR 531 PROSPECTUS Program Evaluation ETR 531 LOGIC MODEL Program Evaluation ETR 531 EVALUATION DESIGN GREAT CONTRIBUTOR ETR 531 Program Evaluation Program Evaluation ETR 531 MEASURES Program Evaluation ETR 531 EVALUATION MANAGEMENT Program Evaluation ETR 531 EVALUATION PLAN Program Evaluation ETR 531 EVALUATION PRESENTATION 37. Other Tools for Making Badge Graphics Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Inkscape (free) OpenBadges.me 38. Issuing Badges 39. Tools for Creating Metadata BadgeKit Purdue Passport Credly Blackboard Achievements 40. Create a Badge with Credly 1. Go to credly.com 2. Click the Customize This button 3. Create a Credly account if you want to save or issue your badge 41. Accepting a Badge 42. Learn more Mozilla Open Badges www.openbadges.org/ Badge Alliance www.badgealliance.org/ 7 Things You Should Know About Badges www.educause.edu/library/resources/7-things-you-should- know-about-badges 7 Things You Should Read About Badges www.educause.edu/library/resources/7-things-you-should- read-about-badges 43. Questions? Cameron Wills Research Associate cwills@niu.edu @MetaWills Stephanie Richter Assistant Director srichter@niu.edu @slrichter Slides available at j.mp/fsi15badges