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  • 1. www.ifm.com/mid Flowsensors Compact and low-cost monitoring of conductive liquids. Magnetic-inductive flow metering from ifm.

2. Volumetric flow sensor efector mid. High-precision measurement, display and signalling of liquid media. For industrial applications Coolant monitoring Cooling water monitoring Ideal in widely branched cooling systems, e.g. weld- ing lines. The volumetric flow sensor efector mid detects very small deviations from the specified volu- metric flow quan- tity, for example for leaks, and monitors at the same time the temperature of the cooling water. This guarantees process safety and quality. Decentralised detection and monitoring of liquid media. The diagnostic functionality of efector mid, e.g. analogue outputs, binary limit values, consumed quanti- ties during the specified period or temperature mon- itoring in the medium, enables the reliable opera- tion of cooling cir- cuits and systems. Due to the contin- uous monitoring the sensor can be perfectly integrat- ed into the condi- Condition-based maintenance. Monitoring of conductive liquids. tion-based main- tenance concepts. This enhances the reliability of the plant; uptime is increased. Expen- sive consequential damage resulting from lack of cool- ant is prevented. By integration into a real-time-main- tenance concept maintenance can be implemented at the right time, in the right place, using the right material and oper- ators. The magnetic- inductive volumet- ric flow sensor is suitable for moni- toring conductive media. The media have a different electrical conduc- tivity. efector mid measures liquid media from a conductivity of > 20 S/cm. electrical conductivity sea water (salt) water glycol mixtures water-based coolants drinking water industrial water 3. Measuring length and electronics are integrated into a robust and com- pact housing. So otherwise usual inlet and outlet pipe lengths can be reduced to a minimum. Pressure loss is negligible. Compact, informative and easy to install. Four-digit alpha- numeric display for information on site: current volu- metric flow, accu- mulated total quantity and medium tempera- ture. l/min or m3/h can be selected as the unit of mea- surement. Two LEDs indicate the switch points. Mounting via R 1/2 or R 3/4 adapter ensures easy installation in the pipe. Cooling process optimisation Water supply documentation efector mid the reliable and low- cost solution for monitoring the exact supply and consumption of liquids in industri- al processes. Due to the measuring range of 0 to 25 l/min and an accuracy of 2 % of the measured value the unit can be used in a wide range of applica- tions. Volumetric flow in the oppo- site direction is also indicated. alphanumeric display switch point indication programming buttons Photoreference Inductionhardening:R.RiekerGmbH,Leingarten Waferproduction:centrothermthermalsolutionsGmbH+CoKG,Blaubeuren 4. Operating voltage [V] 19...30 DC* Current rating [mA] 2 x 200 Short-circuit protection, pulsed 2 x 200 Analogue output 4...20 mA / 0...10 V (4...20 mA: max: 500 / 0...10 V: min. 2000 ) Flow monitoring Measuring range [l/min / m3/h] 0...25 / 0...1.5 Measurement error [%] Setting range [l/min / m3/h] Set point, SP Analogue start point, ASP Analogue end point, AEP Start-up delay [s] (2 % measured value + 0.5 % VMR) 0.25...25 / 0.015...1.5 0...20 / 0...1.2 5...25 / 0.3...1.5 0...50 Temperature monitoring Measuring range [C] -20...80 Measurement error [C] 2.5 (Q > 1 l/min) Pressure resistance [bar] 16 Medium temperature [C] -10...70 Reverse polarity, overload prot. 2 x 200 Technical data volumetric flow sensor efector mid Application area conductive liquids (conductivity: 20 S/cm / viscosity: < 70 mm2/s at 40 C) Electrical design Connection DC PNP/NPN 4-wire DC PNP 4-wire Output 1 Output 2 normally open / normally closed programmable or pulse normally open / normally closed programmable or analogue (4...20 mA / 0...10 V, scalable) analogue (4...20 mA) Process connection G 1/2 male thread Order no. SM6000 SM6050 Sockets Description Order no. 2 m PUR, M12 angled, without LED EVC004 5 m PUR, M12 angled, without LED EVC005 Accessories (selection) Description Order no. Adapter G 1/2 - R 3/4 Process connection G 3/4 flat seal Adapter G 1/2 - R 1/2 110 73 M12x1 16 G G21 21 M12x1 54 *to EN50178, SELV, PELV Setting range [C] Set point, SP Analogue start point, ASP Analogue end point, AEP -19.8...80.0 -20...60 0...80 Display unit Output status Measured values Programming 6 LEDs green (l/min, m3/h, m3, 103, C) 2 LEDs yellow 4-digit alphanumeric display 4-digit alphanumeric display Protection IP 67, III Housing materials stainless steel (316S12); stainless steel (316S16); PBT-GF 20; EPDM/X (Santoprene) Sensor materials stainless steel (316S12); PEEK (polyetheretherketone); FKM Connection M12 connector; gold-plated contacts E40189 E40199 Grounding clamp E40196 SM6000 5. Ensuring product quality and plant up-time. Volumetric flow sensor efector mid: Simultaneous monitoring of volumetric flow quantity and temperature of con- ductive liquids. Functionality and precision at the right price. Local indication of the current volumetric flow quantity, total quantity and temperature. For external evaluation: Switching, pulse and ana- logue outputs for signal and control tasks. Less cost: Setting and monitoring of cooling circuits for optimum performance. More safety: Immediate detection of even very small leaks. High transparency: Counting and allocation of consumed quantities. Exactly right: Exact determination of liquid quantities. Magnetic-inductive flow metering. converted in the evaluation electro- nics. As the pipe cross-section is defined, the volumetric flow quantity can be determined exactly. No moving com- ponents are used, therefore the system works relia- bly, wear and maintenance free. The volumetric flow sensor is based on Faradays principle of induc- tion. The conduc- tive medium flowing through a pipe in a magnetic field generates a voltage which is proportional to the flow velocity or volumetric flow quantity. This vol- tage is tapped via electrodes and M = magnet E = electrodes V = flow velocity V M M E 6. ifmarticleno.7511274Wereservetherighttomaketechnicalalterationswithoutpriornotice.PrintedinGermanyonnon-chlorinebleachedpaper.02/08 Over 70 locations worldwide at a glance at www.ifm.com visit our website: www.ifm.com Position sensors and object recognition Inductive sensors Capacitive sensors Magnetic sensors, cylinder sensors Safety technology Valve sensors Photoelectric sensors Object recognition Encoders Evaluation systems, power supplies Connection technology Fluid sensors and diagnostic systems Level sensors Flow sensors Pressure sensors Temperature sensors Diagnostic systems Evaluation systems, power supplies Connection technology Bus systems Bus system AS-Interface Power supplies Connection technology Identification systems DataMatrix code-reading systems RF-identification systems Power supplies Connection technology Control systems Control systems for mobile vehicles Connection technology Overview ifm main catalogues: ifm electronic gmbh Teichstrae 4 45127 Essen Tel. +49 / 0201 / 2 42 20 Fax +49 / 0201 / 2 42 22 00 E-Mail: [email protected]