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Building Your Digital PresencePersonal Branding and your digital footprintPersonal BrandingPersonal BrandingTop 10 Personal Branding Tips for StudentsBe AuthenticLearn How to Introduce YourselfShow Your ConfidenceDevelop the Tools of the TradeShow Your CardsDress for SuccessBuild a Professional Online ImageTake a Writing ClassAsk for FeedbackReassess Your Personal Brand RegularlyFacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestInstagramSnapchatTumblrGoogle +BlogsYouTubeVineTaking your Digital Pulseemployers who admit to checking out candidates on social media1 in 3Employers rejected candidates based on something they found about them online45% Why your digital footprint mattersContent to be careful of: Political Posts, Religious Posts.589% of recruiters check candidate social media profiles and dislike the following behavior: #TYPO78% References to illegal drugs66% Sexualcontent47% Alcoholconsumption54% Spelling and grammatical errorsWhy your digital footprint matters92% of companies use LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter for recruiting, which makes social networking essential when job hunting.6Why your digital footprint matters4 STEPS TO CLEANING UP YOUR DIGITAL PRESENCEFirst ImpressionsScrubbing Your ProfileThe Profile PolishPlaying the ProfessionalHow to Brand your digital footprint10 LINKEDIN TIPS FOR STUDENTSUpload an appropriate photoWrite an informative but punchy profile headlineDont cut corners on theSummary statementBe smart about yourexperienceComplete additional profile sectionstailored to career startersBuild a strong networkso its there when you need itClaim yourunique LinkedIn URLShow, dont just tell:Share your workUse keywordsin addingskillsyou can be endorsed for and get a fewrecommendationsCheck out thecontenton LinkedIn. Its awesome!By Omar Garriott Director of Product Marketing @ Salesforce.com FoundationHow to Brand your digital footprintTHE SOCIAL JOB SEARCH AND YOUR PERSONAL BRANDSHOWCASE WHAT YOU KNOWSHARE YOUR INSIGHTSGET NOTICEDHow to Brand your digital footprintQuestions?