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  • VOLUME 57 NO.7 2018

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    Our 57th year and a 5 Star Chapter since 2004


    July is the 7th month in both the Julian & Gregorian Calendars. It was named in honor of Roman General

    Julius Caesar and, in the Northern Hemisphere, the warmest month of the year. Like our contacts in Facebook and Twitter, we ask “Where did the first six months of the year go?”

    In the United States it is the Celebrat ion month. July 4th or, Independence Day, is the date we celebrate the adoption of the D e c l a r a t i o n o f

    Independence in 1776. There will be picnics baseball games, parades and the best part, fireworks. However, let us bear in mind that a lot of veterans who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are not fond of the fireworks. And please, let’s observe firework safety. Throughout the US numerous people, mainly children, will suffer injuries due to improper handling of fireworks. They also cause fires resulting in loss of homes or woodlands.

    Don’t forget to place on your July Calendar the Mile-High Chapter picnic on the 14th. Chaplain Long will be hosting the picnic at his home again this year. Please contact members who we have not seen in a long time to attend this event.

    Hope everyone has a great July and stay cool.



    Plan to join the fun at our annual MHMOA annual picnic on the 14th of July. Russell and Francis Long will again host our picnic at their residence at 6278 S. Kearney St. in Centennial. The fun will start at 1100 and will end at 1400. Due to parking challenges, Russell recommends “car Pooling” if possible.

    If you would like to bring food or drink to share, please let me know so we don’t h a v e t o o m u c h o f one thing a n d n o t enough of a n o t h e r . The price is $10.00 per p e r s o n (which is h a l f t h e

    price of picnics costing twice as much.) It would be of help if you could bring chairs and tables, if possible, so as to not be a burden on Russell and Francis.

    We will again be entertained by the “Rootin’ Tootin’s’ Jazz Band.” If you’ve never been before, it’s fun - as it is supposed to be; a time to relax, enjoy good company, music and really great food.

    Please have your information to me by July 9th. Thanks, I’ll see you there.

    Wade Nofziger, 2nd VP Tele. (303) 933-7945 or e-mail at wadenof @

    WO1 Casey


  • VOL 57 NO. 7 JULY 2018

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    EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ELECTED OFFICERS President WO1 Dean Casey, USA, (Ret) 303-942-0632 1st V.P. CAPT Shelly Owens, USN (Ret.) 720-583-2941 2nd V.P. Maj. Wade Nofziger, USAF (Ret.) 303-933-7945 Secretary Col. Richard Wesbrook, USAF (Ret.) 303-572-0665 Treasurer Lt Col Pete Pistelli, USMC (R 720-489-7171 Pres. Emeritus COL Joe Gaddis, USA (Ret.) 303-693-4241 Past President Capt. Dennis Orr, USAF (Fmr.) 303-526-2156

    EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS Civic Affairs Vacant Membership Capt. Dennis Orr, USAF (Fmr.) 303-526-2158 Personal Affairs MAJ Edward Bennett, USA (Ret.) 303-995-9549 Reservations Lt. Col. Bob Fretzs, USAF (Ret.) 303-694-9584 Public Affairs LTC Nick Reisdorff, USA (Ret.) 303-301-4429 Legislative Lt. Col. Roy Miller, USAF (Ret.) 303-980-5877

    STAFF APPOINTMENTS Asst.. Secretary CWO Vergal Hastings, USA (Ret.) 303-690-7727 Asst. Treasurer LTC Keith Troutman, USA (Ret.) 303-955-5667 Srv. Sp. Liaison Pat LaMoe 303-979-5768 Chaplain LTC Russell Long, USA (Ret) 303-694-1079 Asst. Chaplain Maj. Charles Hutsler, USAF (Ret.) 303-514-1871 Chief Medical COL Clement Hanson, DO, USA (Ret.) 303-341-6425 Chapter Historian COL Jim Sherman, USA (Ret.) 303-443-0797 Military Historian Greg Kyle 3o3-912-5164 Newsletter Editor Maj. Adrian Presley, USAF (Ret.) 303-759-0959 ROTC/Phone Tree Lt. Col. Bob Fretzs, USAF (Ret.) 303-694-9115 TOPS Lt. Col. Bob Fretzs, USAF (Ret.) 303-694-9115 UVC Brig. Gen. Monroe Mathias, USAF (Ret.) 303-355-9825 Webmaster/Photos Larry Styer Hospitality Vacant Legal Officer “ Asst. Editor “ Sergeant at Arms “

    THE MILE HIGH MILITARY OFFICERS ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 32027 Aurora, CO 80041-2027 E-mail: webmaster @

    TREASURER’S REPORT 5/31/2018 Lt Col Pete Pistelli, Treasurer

    MHMOA Operating accounts

    Net Worth 4/30/2018 $6,052.70 Monthly Income $910.12 Monthly Expenses -$1,009.85

    Net Worth 5/31/2018 $5,952.97

    MHMOA Bank Accounts 5/31/2018 WF Checking $1,055.71 WF Savings $4,897.26

    Total $5,952.97

    MHMOA Scholarship Fund 5/31/2018

    Net Worth 4/30/2018 $6,787.39 Monthly Income $ 68.18 Monthly Expenses $ 0.00

    Net Worth 5/31/2018 $6,855.57

    LUNCH OR BRUNCH SURVEY Lt Col Pete Pistelli

    In the interest of increasing participation in our monthly meetings, we have asked our members, over the past two months, if they would prefer a Brunch meet ing over the cur rent Lunch meet ing . Approximately 75 % of those responding preferred a Brunch meeting, citing the freeing of the Saturday afternoon as a significant advantage.

    We will now search for a facility with a brunch type menu. The general requirement is for a centrally located restaurant/hotel with a separate meeting room having a capacity of about 50 persons. If any of you have any recommendations, please share them with us.

    For the time being, I’ll coordinate the search. You can email me at [email protected], or call me at (720) 489-7171. We’ll keep you informed of our progress through the newsletter and our monthly meetings.

    Pete Pistelli Join the Air Force and see the world!

  • VOL 57 NO. 7 JULY 2018

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    Attendance; WO 1 Dean Casey, President, LTC Russel Long, Capt. Dennis Orr, Mrs. Pat LaMoe, CAPT Shelly Owens, Maj. Wade Nofziger, Lt. Col. Bob Fretzs, Lt. Col. Pete Pistelli, COL Jim Sherman, Maj. Adrian Presley, Lt. Col Thom Fry and Col. Dick Wesbrook

    Minutes; The minutes for 2 May 2018 were read and by motion and vote were approved. A recommendation, made by Maj Adrian Presley, to publish an edited version of the BOD using the abridged version of the Minutes, was discussed. The font utilized for the last Newsletter ie., an eight point verses a ten- point font, received mixed reviews but the decision was made to continue with the smaller type and the abridged version for the time being. Treasurers Report; LTC Pete Pistelli presented a copy of the 31 May 2018 financials for review. The Treasurers report for the month ending 31 May 2018 shows $5,952.97 in the operating account and $6,855.57 in the Scholarship account. A motion to accept the Treasurers report was made seconded and by vote were accepted.

    President; WO Dean Casey told of the anniversary trip that he and his wife took to New Mexico and specifically the Carlsbad Caverns. The BOD discussed the outcome of Pete’s question to the membership about Luncheons vs. Brunches. Pete and others will search for a venue to do the brunches and present the question of the options to the Membership at the June luncheon. CAPT Shelly Owens said that she had received notice from MOAA that the National Committee Module had not been accessed. The persons that must access the module is the Chapter President or the Membership Chair. Dean said that he would access the Module by Monday 11 June at the latest. This affects our submittal of the Five Star Designation for the Chapter.

    1st Vice President; CAPT Shelly Owens said that she has updated the By-Laws to reflect the change from Woman’s Auxiliary to Surviving Spouses. Shelly said that Mr. Louis J Zoghby, will be our speaker for June. Mr. Zoghby is a WW II Soldier who fought in the Battle in the Bulge (Ardennes). In July, we will rejoin, once again, for our Annual Picnic.

    2nd Vice President; Maj. Wade Nofziger said that the Picnic will be held on the 14th of July at the home of LTC Russell Long. He then took note of the menu items that the BOD will be bringing. The last years picnic was attended by a total of 44 regular members of the MHMOA and guests.

    UVC activities; Brig. Gen. Mathias Brig. Gen. Mathias said that the Colorado Legislature recessed in May, having addressed several legislative actions deemed beneficial to Colorado veterans. They resume the session after the recess.

    Surviving Spouses; Mrs. Pat LaMoe said that the trip, on May 5th, to the Air Force Museum in Colorado Springs, was a great success. All that attended enjoyed the day spent among the vintage aircraft from the Air Force inventory.

    CCoC President and Historian; COL Jim Sherman said that he had received a letter from MAJ. Ron Thompson following the funeral service of his wife Debbie. Ron expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the sorrow expressed by members of the MHMOA following the death of his wife. Jim said that the next meeting of the CCoC will be held on August 11th in Grand Junction, CO. He polled he BOD to see who would be attending the event, which coincides with the Peach festival on the Western Slope. Jim also asked for a three-month report of MHMOA activities, for presentatio