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  • Myth : Drive Small Cars for

    Good Mileage

  • Reality : Size of Vehicle does not matter .

  • Under the hood Technology of vehicle makes it


  • Example :

    hybrid drivetrains

    low-rolling resistance tires

    Diesel engines

  • Reality : The advancements in automatic transmission shows a better fuel economy than

    manual transmission.

  • Vehicles with CVT and automatic transmission

    improves fuel economy by 6% than to a manual one

  • Myth : Car uses more fuel when starts rather in idle

  • Reality :

  • Idling consumes quarter to half a gallon of fuel per hour :-

  • Reality : Gas Mileage touches the pick if the vehicle maintenance scheduled in time

  • Reality : Replacing air filter increases fuel economy in

    old engines that contain carbonator

  • Myth : Driving with open windows hurts fuel

    economy more than use of Air conditioning

  • Reality : The more you use Air condition the

    more you drain the fuel and lowers the

    overall fuel economy

  • As per The report

  • Myth : Over Inflated Tire Increases gas


  • Reality : Tough Increases gas mileage by 2% at 75mph

    but reduce braking ability and that can cause poor


  • Myth: Premium gas gives good mileage

  • Reality : Premium gasoline only works in high-performance engines

  • Most vehicles are designed to run on regular gasoline and premium gasoline does not change the fuel mileage

  • Myth : Load does not affect the mileage

  • Reality : 100pounds of cargo decreases 4.2% of

    gas mileage at 75mph

  • Myth : Right selection of additive will

    increase Mileage

  • Reality : Only cleans the fuel and nothing to do with increase

    mileage notion still not proved by any organization

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