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  • L u x u r y m a g a z i n e f o r t h e a u t h e n t i c w o m a n

    A d v e r t i s i n g g u i d e

  • OverviewA Luxury magazine for the Authentic Woman

    Speak to one of the wealthiest and most influential market segments demonstratingthe skills of leadership and authenticity naturally: The Millennial Generation orGeneration Y.

    Women are always looking for a way to feel better about themselves and life. However, very few reallyknow where to find the real solutions to what they seek. So we are taking a view and presenting contentfrom a different and non-plastic sense. Too many women buy Women's magazines and flip through themag with nothing really of value when they are done. We are NOT just another womans mag. What weare offering is a way for women to change their reality and perspective of life in some of the mostprofound ways. Every area of life is addressed in our mag. This mag is for women with visionor at leastfor the woman who desires to develop vision for themselves and for their environment.

    For women to realise how powerfully creative they are. To recognise their true authenticself and step up and claim it. To recognise that through that authenticity (no matter their vocation,financial situation or background) they can become progressive leaders in our world. I would love this forevery human being on the planet but the most influential point of change is with women.

    Millennial Woman was born and developed into a multifaceted communication tool to do just this. Hereare some important facts:


    Leadership Leader profile (story of an influential leader extremely fussy with this persons profile as they

    must demonstrate the qualities I am seeking to address in the mag) Personal brand Emotional and mental health Physical health food and exercise Beauty and grooming Rest and relaxation Business and career

    Print run:

    First run 5000 (July) 2nd run of first edition 3000 for Spetember promotions 2nd Edition 8000 Targeted print run by 6 edition: 15000

  • EMag

    The Mobi app is for multi-platform distribution eMag will combine with links to advertisers promotions/websites/sign-up forms or selected online

    promotional tools eMag will allow options for readers to access worksheets and support to-dos for personal

    transformation (one of our story lines is developed to help women create their own leadershipautobiography)

    Link on the website will build a portfolio of video blogs with interviews, fashion tips and beauty to-dos

    eMag is exclusive to subscribers


    First edition will be free (Mag to be priced at around R35) First edition distribution to the following: Golf courses, 4 and 5 star Hotels, Slow lounges, Airport

    Lounges, top end hairdressers and Spas. First and 2nd edition distributed in August through as many womens shows and functions as

    possible. (key determinant of distribution High end events) 12 month road show throughout SA starting with Gauteng (5), Cape Town (4), KZN (4), EC (3).

    Thereafter short stops in smaller areas. Main drive is subscriptions Thereafter distribution through retailers such as: Woolworths, C N A, Pick n Pay, Spar, Selected

    book stores.


    The profile of reader is highly intuitive, affluent women from the age of 25 to 45. Both the aspirational andthe already affluent woman is the target. Women who desire wealth and harmony in their lives and aredriven to achieve. Women who know that they have more to give and more to be. Women who see theworld from the view of having arrived rather than struggle and negativity (although I expect we will attractthis group through default as they will aspire to the lifestyle).

  • Advertising PricesLaunch Advertising sizes and prices

    DPS R 21 000

    Full Page R 15 000

    Front / Back Inner R 17 000

    Half Page R 9 000

    Quarter Page (only 6 available) R 4 500

    Business Cards (24 available) R 1 000

    Launch prices are less 15% on adverts for a minimum 3month package.

    Launch offer valid for first 3 editions only

    3 month package - full rate

    6 month package - less 10%

    12 month package - less 15%

    EMag Links - FREE