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The 11th Annual MIMA Summit Wednesday, October 10th, Minneapolis Hilton www.mimasummit.org

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  • 1. The 11th AnnualMIMA SummitWednesday, October 10th, Minneapolis Hiltonwww.mimasummit.org

2. Page 2The 11th Annual MIMA SummitJoin us for the biggest marketing and technology conference in the Midwest, presented by the oldest interactive association in America.No BoundariesIn an age of never-ending innovation, where does your job end?Guy Kawasaki Jane McGonigalLunch KeynoteMorning Keynote1821 University Ave W #S256, St. Paul, MN 55104 | (651) 999-5345 | mima.org 3. Page 3Welcome to v.11Since 2001, the MIMA Summit has brought together a vibrant mix ofmarketers, designers, technologists and thought leaders tocelebrate, to inspire, to fuel positive change in our marketplace andacross the country.The MIMA Summit is the biggest marketing and technologyconference in the Midwest. This years theme, No Boundaries,offers speakers a broad platform upon which to advance theories,delve into new lines of inquiry and promote unique perspectives. Weare excited to present this years compelling roster of speakers andpresentations for the 11th annual MIMA Summit. We hope you canjoin us in the adventure!Tim Brunelle, PresidentLauren Melcher, Director of [email protected]@mima.org1821 University Ave W #S256, St. Paul, MN 55104 | (651) 999-5345 | mima.org 4. Page 4The MIMA MissionElevating TalentFounded in 1998, the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association is theoldest Interactive Marketing Association in the U.S., and currently servesand inspires more than 1,200 members from agency, corporate andfreelance environments in content development, design, experiencedesign, marketing, media, product development, promotions, publishingand usability.MIMA believes fundamental changes in technology and culture havetransformed business, and it is our associations role to connect,illuminate, and partner with members and guests to elevate the quality ofmarketing practiced, the image, and talent available in Minnesota to therest of the world to challenge the status quo to inspire innovation andfuel relevant change that benefits our membership in their professionaland personal lives.1821 University Ave W #S256, St. Paul, MN 55104 | (651) 999-5345 | mima.org 5. Page 5Did you know? On average, morethan 250 people a variety ofprofessionals, from young novicesto seasoned veterans attend ourmonthly educational events. Ourannual Summit attracts over 1,000attendees each year.1821 University Ave W #S256, St. Paul, MN 55104 | (651) 999-5345 | mima.org 6. Page 6Details: Breakout TracksBreaking BoundariesOur conference theme track, with speakers who offer both geek credand big ideas to impact and inspire every level of your organization.Case StudiesLearning from experience and sharing examples of best practices insocial, mobile, measurement and content strategy.Emerging TrendsExposing the ideas that will shape our industry and our world in years tocome.Reputation and InfluenceHelping you tackle the challenge of managing reputation and cultivatinginfluence in an evolving digital/social marketplace.Online/offline ConvergenceAt intersection of traditional behavioral analytics and todays digitalculture, learning what makes people engaged, how businesses cancompete and how to foster engagement both online and offline.Designing Interactive ExperiencesExploring the interconnected topics of user experience, information,interaction and visual design.Digital Paid MediaFor when you want to go out into the world, grab people where they are,and bring them back to your online presence.Digital WorkflowA deep dive into project management strategies and new ways ofthinking for all stages of content and platform creation.1821 University Ave W #S256, St. Paul, MN 55104 | (651) 999-5345 | mima.org 7. Page 7Our speakers are the best.And we mean it.Meet this years amazing line-up of industry trend-setters and thoughtleaders who will share their smarts with 2012 Summit attendees:Vanessa Fox Lee OddenFarhad Manjoo Adam KmiecPeter ShankmanErin ScimeJohn Hadl Robbie WhitingDan KhabieCharlie ODonnellJon Schepke Nicole NewvilleMichele PolzNigel JacobCindy ChastainAaron BanninStephen AndersonDoug RozenSamantha StarmerJ.J. SchaidlerGretchen Anderson Brett BaldwinAdam KeatsSpike JonesMitchell Reichgut Heather LaMarreRyan MancheeMark SchaeferKonrad FeldmanErin AndersonSara Wachter-BoettcherTom Webster 1821 University Ave W #S256, St. Paul, MN 55104 | (651) 999-5345 | mima.org 8. Page 8Our programming attracts andconnects with the needs of awide variety of interests.In our 14 years as an organization, MIMA has hosted hundreds ofspeakers. Here are some of the highlights from the last three years:Analytics Evangelist for Google Avinash Kaushik, Facebook ContentStrategist Sarah Cancilla, WIRED Editor and author Chris Anderson,SEOMOZ founder Rand Fishkin, charity:water digital director PaullYoung, Global Digital Manager at Ford Motor Company Scott Monty,Geek Squad founder Robert Stephens, Winelibrary.tv founder and bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk, author of Designing Obama ScottThomas, principal and senior strategist at BrandBuilder MarketingOlivier Blanchard, Boing Boing co-founder Xeni Jardin, futurist CecilySommers, VP of Marketing at Virgin Airlines Porter Gale, crowdsourcing evangelist John Winsor, Managing Partner at Bond Art +Science Karen McGrane, and many more. 1821 University Ave W #S256, St. Paul, MN 55104 | (651) 999-5345 | mima.org 9. 1821 University Ave W #S256, St. Paul, MN 55104(651) 999-5345 | mima.orgContact:Lauren Melcher, MMA Board of Directors (Summit Programming Chair)[email protected]