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  • 1. By: Bianca Garcia
  • 2. Being angry makes you less likable Causes unwanted events to occur Its not who you are but how you react
  • 3. You have to avoid it in the first place. Try to ignore the stuff that would usually get you mad. Dont let it get on your nerves; stay calm.
  • 4. Stress is caused by thinking too much about events that occurred in the past, and what might happen in the future. Depends on how you look at things
  • 5. Look at the bright side of things Figure out what is bothering you If you figure out whats really bothering you, youll realize it isnt that much of a problem.
  • 6. The Easy Breathing Method is the most common breathing technique that helps relieve stress. Slowly inhale, pause, slowly exhale then pause again 3-10 Minutes Mind should be at peace
  • 7. Everything you say in your mind Recognize how you talk to yourself- if youre constantly complaining or criticizing, or how you look at things.
  • 8. Try to replace negative Self Talk Tell yourself positive things If you feel as if youre about to tell yourself something negative, remind yourself you said you were going to stop. Use a calm, patient voice.
  • 9. Anger- dont let stuff get on your nerves as much Stress- realize the problem, and realize that its not a big deal Breathing Methods- The Easy Breathing Method helps relieve stress Self Talk- Think positive*Practicing these Methods will help you get theMind-Body Health you desire!*
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