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Individual reflective mind map

Mind mapsDr Merilyn Childs, A/Prof MQUGuest FacilitatorMGMT 202: Leading Others: Managing Teams and Relationships 7/7/2016 @merilynchilds

Photo: Dannyqu

Workshop planMake human mind mapReflect on human mind mapDraw human mind mapReflect on mind maps

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Follow verbal prompts to make a human mindmap of the assessment schedule for MGMT202Photo: DocChewbacca

Reflection: Is there a better mindmap?

Use team work. Reflect.Recreate.Photo:renatomitra

Individual work: Choose one of the human mindmaps.Draw it.

Reflect on mind mapsPhoto: DocChewbacca

Photo: DocChewbaccaWhy use mind maps?

Mind mapping allows students to imagine and explore associations between concepts (Martin, 2010).


Questions about Part B [for Dr Senia Kalfa]:

individual reflective mind map assessment (10%)

Learn MoreRead more about how to do mind maps: Learning GuideSimple Steps

Take away question: What are concept maps?

Photo: DocChewbaccaDelve deeper:Davies, M. (2011). Concept Mapping, Mind Mapping, Argument Mapping: What are the Differences and Do They Matter? Higher Education, 62(3), 279-301 .

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