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Mineral Resources BranchIncentives, professional development and clarityIncentivesMineral Incentive ProgramBusiness Development OpportunitiesOne Window Process

$700,000/ yearMineral Incentive ProgramMeasuring Program Success

Increased activity; new ideas , deals, new discoveries4Business Development Opportunities

Bob Fraser5

One WindowProfessional DevelopmentOnline Prospector Training CourseWorkshopsUniversity Courses

Online Prospector Training 11 modules in total. Ready buy end of year. 8 Modules complete and being showcasedThe PEP modules cover a range of topics such as geology (slide 1), minerals (2), licences and claims (3), land use issues (4) and finding information (5). We are showcasing 8 modules at the conference with an additional 3 modules near completion


0.40 km0.25 mi0.40 km0.25 miMineral Claims are mile or 0.4 km square.

The highlighted claim is:NTS 11E3ATract 102Claim AHere is the same diagram with a single claim highlighted in red.

Individual mineral claims are approximately quarter mile or 0.4 km square.

The highlighted Mineral Claim is NTS 11E3A Tract 102, Claim A.

One claim costs $5.71 to stake.

9Geologic Materials

Bedrock earths crust

Till derived from bedrock through glacial processes

Soils derived from till


Stream sediments

In the Geology of Nova Scotia module you were introduced to the basic structure of the earth and you learned that the crust floats on the semi-liquid mantle. High concentrations of mineralization form mineral deposits in the crust - but only deposits near the surface can be economically mined.

In areas like NS, glaciers grind up bedrock and leave behind glacial till that blankets the province.

Soils form on top of the till through surface process like weathering and accumulation of organic matter. The photo shows a typical cross-section.

Boulders are occasionally sampled when visible mineralization is found. Large boulders are often locally derived and provide information about the underlying bedrock.

Another geologic material often sampled are stream sediments. Stream sediments represent eroded bedrock in a stream or watershed area.

10Hardness: Soft, easily scratched with a knife, malleable.Shape: Generally irregular, hackly Colour: Bright gold yellow, Lustre: Metallic Reaction with acid: NoMagnetic: NoStreak: goldOther: Very heavy;19 times heavier than water; 7 times heavier than rock; 4 times heavier than fools goldLocation: Common on Eastern Shore

Gold (Au)

One of the most exciting minerals to find is gold.Gold is yellow and has a metallic lustre. One problem is that fools gold is also yellow and has a metallic lustre.One of the first tests to perform is whether it can be scratched by a needle; gold has a hardness of

11DNR LibraryGeneral informationAerialphotosGovernmentreportsMapsAssessmentreports & prospectorsstatementsGovernment databases helpWe described six types of information to you. All of them are in some way tied to the Library.{turn on each balloon as mentiongrey-out as move on to next}The general geoscience information is all at the Library.Aerial photographs are held at the Library.

All government reports and maps, are at the Library, and assessment reports and PSs prior to NovaRoc are at the Library. You can find many of these on-line, but if it was created as a printed document, the library is the more reliable access point.

We also mentioned two government databases. While these exist on-line, it is the Library that provides you with help using them. The Library also provides help for NovaScan, which well describe in a moment.

Community Interests

Many communities in Nova Scotia have long histories, well established traditions and are quite protective of the environment within which they live.

In most cases prospecting does not create issues for the local community but perceptions about mining can be an issue. It is important to keep in mind that most people have a poor understand of the mineral industry and some have had poor experiences. Its prudent to be prepared to explain your activities and plans when appropriate.

Also remember that communities are more connected than ever through social media and negative experiences are easily shared.

Lets take a look at Municipal Drinking Water Supplies as an example where you need to be vigilant concerning community interests.13Workshops

Looking to expand:Last year community consultationThis year : 43101 and student career planningEnvironmental Assessment sessions on ThursdayProspectors association panel14University Courses

Dalhousie planning program. Patricia ManualMining CycleHow to Land-use planning and Mineral Resources

15ClarityState of the IndustryMikmaq ConsultationBest Practices for Community ConsultationPublic Outreach and EducationRenewal of the Act

Economic Impact of the Mineral Industry in Nova Scotia - 2012 Update -Nova Scotia Department of Natural ResourcesOpen File Report ME 2013-003October 20134.


Mikmaq Mining Consultation TableColin Chisholm, Chief Terry Paul and Laurent Jonart18

Created Wetlands,Created JobsSocial benifits19

Follow up from Importance of engaging early and oftenBuilds value into the projectWe will be working with municipalities, prospectors etc. to increase awareness.21Building Clarity Through Education and Outreach

June. Grade 5 students and the public22Gem and Mineral Show

August 5000 attendees23


25Mineral Resources ActCHAPTER 18 OF THE ACTS OF 1990 amended 1992, c. 14, s. 61; 1992, c. 37, ss. 1, 2; 1994, c. 36;1995-96, c. 8, s. 20; 2001, c. 6, s. 118; 1999 (2nd Sess.), c. 12

Engagement: Advisory committee to help review and update the act26

THANK YOUIndustry doing very well. But C.B. program will make even bettter

Helen MacLeod.March 2012 study to be released27DNR Geoscience

Not relying solely on industry for new ideas to attract business28Chart10.630.240.13

Mineral Incentive Program63%24%13%

Sheet1Mineral Incentive ProgramAdvanced Grants63%Prospector Grants24%Professional Development13%To resize chart data range, drag lower right corner of range.