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  • Savage Worlds, Rippers, all unique characters, creatures, and locations, artwork, logos, and the Pinnacle logo are 2015 Great White Games, LLC; DBA

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    Minion of Set (Golem)These jackal-headed humanoids are

    Egyptian statues brought to life by ancient magic.They are relentless combatants, difficult to

    damage, and highly resistant to the arcane arts...which is precisely what makes them so fearsome.Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4 (A), Spirit d8, Strength d10, Vigor d8Skills: Fighting d10, Intimidation d8, Notice d6Pace: 6; Parry: 7; Toughness: 10 (4)Gear: Ancient polearm (Str+d10)Special Abilities: Armor +4: Minions of Set have stone

    bodies that resist most attacks. Construct: +2 to recover from being

    Shaken; called shots do no extra damage; does not suffer from disease and poison.

    Improved Arcane Resistance: +4 Armor versus magic, and +4 to rolls made to resist magical effects.

    Improved Sweep: A Minion of Set can attack all adjacent foes with no penalty.

    Howl of the Desert: Instead of attacking, a minion of Set can howl. A terrible, hot wind like that of the desert blows from all aroundeven indoorsand everyone within 50 yards (25) must make a Vigor roll at 2. Those who fail suffer a level of Fatigue. A critical failure is catastrophic: The character turns to solid sandstone until the minion who caused the condition is destroyed.