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Minoan Crete The Beginnings Of Western Civilization

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Minoan Crete. The Beginnings Of Western Civilization. Agenda. Today: Answer the Bell-ringer Who are the Minoans anyway? Story of the Minotaur Word Wall. Bell-ringer. Where is Crete on a political map? Try to define the following: Western Civilization: Minotaur: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Minoan Crete

Minoan Crete

The BeginningsOf

Western Civilization

Page 2: Minoan Crete


• Today:– Answer the Bell-ringer–Who are the Minoans anyway?– Story of the Minotaur–Word Wall

Page 3: Minoan Crete


• Where is Crete on a political map?

• Try to define the following:–Western Civilization:–Minotaur:

(Break into groups)

Page 4: Minoan Crete


Page 5: Minoan Crete

Western Civilization

• It is: The modern culture of Europe and North America– It is what makes us unique from the rest

of the world

• Minotaur: Half Bull/Half Man mythical figure

Page 6: Minoan Crete

*The Minoans

• An ancient civilization on the island of Crete

• The birthplace of Western Civilization

Page 7: Minoan Crete


• The Minoans were very advanced

• They made unique pottery

• They were polytheistic

Page 8: Minoan Crete


• They had a King and royal court

• Their capital was Knossos

• Question: Being an island can anyone guess what kind of economy they would have?

Page 9: Minoan Crete


• They were a sea trading country

• They grew many crops and domesticated bees as well

• They were a major stopping point across the Mediterranean sea

Page 10: Minoan Crete

* Please read the story silently by yourself

Page 11: Minoan Crete

The Minotaur Terms and Definitions• Poseidon:

• Labyrinth:

• Athens:

Moral of the Story•

Page 12: Minoan Crete


Page 13: Minoan Crete

Clue: English translation of the word “clew” – “ball of yarn” in Greek

Page 14: Minoan Crete

Minoan culture ends

• At some point near 1400 BC the Minoans disappear

• We do not know what happened to them

• We do know that they were heavily influenced by the Greeks near the end

• They may have taken them over

Page 15: Minoan Crete

*The story of Icarus

• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvrjaxNmf24

• Can you tell the moral of this story

Page 16: Minoan Crete

The Greeks

The Greeks create much of the history we know today

They created much of the architecture we still use and our government

Page 17: Minoan Crete


• A collection of myths– A made up story

with a moral

• Famous Greek Myths– Birth of Zeus– Heracles– The Minotaur– Icarus

• The Greeks, who are around during and after the Minoans tell A LOT of Mythology

Page 18: Minoan Crete


• Create your own myth

• You must have a moral and at least two fictional characters

• One page – 16 sentences or more (2 paragraphs)

Page 19: Minoan Crete

The Titans and Olympians

Titans• Cronus was their

leader– Father of Zeus

• They ruled the world according to the Greeks

• Overthrown by the Olympians

Olympians• Zeus was their leader

– Son of Cronus

• They ruled after they defeated the Titans

• Celebrated as the “Gods” in Greek culture