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    IT Management

    (A Case study of British Airways)

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    Page No.

    Introduction 2

    Information system in modern business management 4

    Analysis-planning-implementation-control 5

    Information and the decision making 7

    Organization information system 9

    Stages of decision making 10

    A Case Study British Airways 12

    British Airwayss Information System 13Fig 1.2: MIS level of planning 14

    Fig 1.4: MIS level of planning (British Airways) 15

    A.1 Strategic Information System 16

    B.1 Tactical Information System 17

    C.1 Operational Information System 19

    Conclusion 21

    References 22

    Bibliography 22

    Web links 23

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    Information system is the vital element of any business and it provides the modern up to date

    informations to the marketers in their strategy of planning, analyzing and finally the proper

    implementation in their in the effective way. The information systems, internet system,

    telecommunications, forecasting and financial analyses etc. are all the constituents of the

    information technology.

    A number of constituents build the Information system and its ranged from the human being and

    the machine (mainly computers). Human brain takes the strategic decisions and as per thedecisions, the demands are resulted by the machines and finally implemented. Collection of the

    data, storing, analyses, communications etc. brings efficient management to the business.

    The modern informational technology has given a better opportunity to communicate with the

    buyers-sellers at a rapid and efficient way. The success rate depends on the proper integration of

    peoples, information technology, internet, processes and their proper implementation too. A

    successful develops its business policy, style and the ways of doing business.

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    Analysis is one of the most important factors of Managing Information System in the company.

    The management have to find out and recognize the weakness and strength of the company and

    have to collect the strategic data from every sector. Then the data are analyzed through the

    information technology and effective measures are taken into account.


    The analysis helps to plan the strategies for the company to implement for its success. The plan

    are planned according to the managerial decisions that based on the analytical results about the

    companys various sectors. An effective planning and successful implementation can lead the

    company to its future development.


    The plan that has been taken based on the analytical values is subjected to the implementation

    according to the companys strategies. Implementation involves the various departments of the

    company as the finance, purchase, audit, and different peoples from different sectors etc. So the

    implementation is not an easy task and it needs due monitoring at all times. The information

    system directly helps to implement as it gives access to all of the sectors and helps to proper



    The implementation needs to control in all the sectors according to the necessity. The successes

    of the implementation of the strategies are achieved by controlling of it. The controlling data are

    required to further analysis, planning and any changes to it and proper modified implementation.

    The software designated to it monitors and keep records of the companys data and helps in


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    Different types of information systems exist in the different level of organizations. The main

    classifications are as follows:

    1. TPS Transaction Process System

    2. MIS Management Information System

    3. DSS Decision Support Systems

    4. ESS Executive Support Systems



    The establishment of British airways were found in the early 25th

    August, 1919 on World war I

    its forerunner company AT&T (Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited) and it had launched the

    first daily international air services between the London and Paris in the world. It had carried

    only one passenger and a cargo that were loaded with the newspapers, Devonshire cream and

    grouse from the Heathrow base and thad taken two and half hours to reach le Bourget in Paris.

    Though it has faced the passenger crisis with the highest travel fare, it was operating in full


    The result of the formation British Caledonian in 1970 formed by taking over of the original

    Caledonian airways by British United Airways. After two years the British overseas airways

    corporation (BOAC) and the British European airways (BEA) were combined under the name of

    British Airways in 1974.

    In the February of 1987 British airways was privatized. More than one million applications were

    received for the shares in the airline.

    Now a days the British airways operating in more than 130 countries and cities around the world

    with its 600 offices and destinations. By means of adapting with the new technology in the

    business system and proper planned system that led the dramatic improvement in the current

    operation in the British airways.

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    British Airwayss Information System:

    The highly efficient management information system in the British airways is highly organized,

    co-ordinated and highly controlled. The various levels of management in the British airways are

    always updated and it has strategic planning for everyday operations. The information in the

    British airways flows in the main three information level.

    A. Strategic Information system:This is highest level of the information system in the British airways and dealt with the

    authoritative people in it. They take decisions regarding the merge of the company and its

    acquisitions, purchases of new aeroplanes and also the investment of the companys

    capital. So it needs to provide the information in a large context from the market and

    economic forecast, political and social tracks, legislative etc.

    B. Tactical Information System:These information types dealt with the internal and external sources in terms of current

    and the future performances. According to the British airways it is involved in the

    pricing, planning of the capacity, preparing of the budget, contracts purchase etc. some of

    the mentioned information are required e.g. instance cost and sale analyses, measurement

    of the performances, operation summary, production sector, budget etc.

    C. Operational Information System:Internal information is the main source of these sort system. Historical, daily or weekly

    information that may be quantitative etc. are involved. The process of the operational

    information system is more important as it deals with the instance decision making

    process. In the British airways they invest these levels of system in the production

    scheduling, flight timings and their destinations, their maintenance, ordering, customers

    booking details and acceptances, payments of the money etc.

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    A.1. Strategic Information System:

    Recent structure of the BA (British airways):

    It has the largest ever flight operations across the globe. More 44m people flew on

    499,000 flights operated by the BA. 907,000 tons of cargo and mail has been carried by it

    last year. Now a days it is operating 348 aircraft and thus it is the one of the largest fleets

    in the Europe. Therefore, the bagginess investment is in great need of the proper

    managerial information system that they are in better operation.

    Merger with the other airlines:

    To offer a better through the worldwide, the BA serves jointly with some other big

    airlines that includes, American airlines, Cathay pacific, Fin air, Qantas, Iberia, Aer-

    lingus etc. So in terms of merger they are the bigger airline industry in the world. Some

    airlines like the Deutsche (German airline) and the UK inland airline citi express runs

    their services under the franchise arrangement to use the brand name British Airways.

    British Mediterranean Airways, Comair, Great Britain airways and also some other

    airlines also operating under the same hood of British airways. These airlines that are

    franchised of the British airways operate more than the 100 destinations. As a whole, the

    BA is operating with it all partner airlines to over 600 destinations in over 130 countries


    Finance and its aspects of the British airways:

    Financial modelling and financial planning are category that can be used to illustrate the

    planning objectives of the Britsih airways for its planning of the nedw developments to

    help its managers in the assessment of the future facilities.