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2. Whimsical Occasion for Gap Kids Photo Shoot Styling Art Director Photography 3. 50ft 50ft 10ft 40ft100ft10ft30ft50ft 4. In this inspiring scene, R&B singer Chris Brown under takesThis stirring scene was created intentionally for the To conclude the music video, the closing scene takes the role as an American soldier at war. The concept of bridge of the song. The concept of this scene is toplace in Time Square located in New York City. Thethe scene is to create a powerful, war like ambiance.capture the legendary motto The American Dreamscene is persuaded as a fast pace enviroment, which Furthermore, militaristic elements will be generated into Furthermore, this scene includes an inspiring animatedrepresents the American lifestyle. Chris Brown stands in a the scene, such as, weapons, dust clouds, and soldiers.backdrop of the American flag. Meanwhile, Chris Brown proud stance, because he is delighted to fight for his The war theme will be projected throughout the video.continues to play the role as a power soldier.country and all of its Beautiful People.