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Please Get Ready: Your Notebooks Skip one page (for notes) and paste in Nanking Incident Docs. Today: Intro War in the Pacific Begin: Nanking Incident EQ: What really happened in Nanking, China during the phase of Japanese Imperialism? . Missed You Sophomores! . War in Europe Has Begun!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Missed You Sophomores! Please Get Ready:Your NotebooksSkip one page (for notes) and paste in Nanking Incident Docs.

Today:Intro War in the PacificBegin: Nanking Incident

EQ: What really happened in Nanking, China during the phase of Japanese Imperialism?

War in Europe Has Begun!But now we pause and move to the East

Japan Prior to WWI Japan goes through Meiji Restoration Modernizing and Industrializing.

WWI Japan allied with Russia, France and UK

Paris Peace Conference Japan proposes Racial Equality Proposal Equality in the League of Nations for non-European nations

Japanese Imperialism Begin era of Showa Nationalism Japanese Fascism Youth Groups, Extreme Nationalism

Emperor Hirohito Really lead by PM Hideki Tojo

Japan begins to Imperialize Korea, China, Manchuria

Incident at Nanking Japanese Fascism, like German and Italian Fascism was very violent. This period explains the strain between Japan and Korea and Japan and China. By looking at the following sources, I want you to decide, what do you think happened in the capitol of China, Nanking? Happy Block Day Detectives! Today:Syrian Civil War Review Nanking ActivityNanking Paragraph2 slide lectureAttack on Pearl Harbor InquiryHow much prior knowledge did we have?

Young boy sleeps between his dead parents in Syria Devastated by Civil WarArt project gets incorrectly circulated without context as candid picture.

Invasion of Nanjing First , what does the Japanese textbook source say about their invasion of China.

Anything you find odd about this source?

How does the Chinese Textbook present the incident differently? Invasion of Nanjing ContinuedHow are these next sources different from the textbook sources? Do you trust them more or less?

What do these sources say that is different from the previous sources?

Why is corroboration important?

Re-Write the Textbook Lets read what our textbook has to say about the Incident at Nanjing

1 paragraph, what should we call the invasion of Nanjing, the invasion of Nanjing? The Rape of Nanjing? Something different? Come up with your own name and support your position with two sources.

1 paragraph, Why are sources different? Use two pieces of evidence (two quotes from two different documents) to help explain your position. WWII and the Pacific Front United States already concerned with Japans expanding colonial holdings in Asia.

Japans holdings in China in direct conflict with United States Open Door Policy.

War unpopular so U.S. government enacted economic sanctions against Japan, and military and economic aid for China.

WWII and the Pacific Front Tripartite Pact Signed on September 27th 1940. Germany, Italy and Japan Japan took control of French holdings in South East AsiaU.S. increases sanctions in reaction. Cut off Japanese Oil Resources

Attempted diplomatic solutions between Japan and United States in 1941Japan would have to stop invasion of China without U.S. oil imports.

Japans attacks United States on December 7th 1941. Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

The question is How much did we know PRIOR to the attack on Pearl Harbor? How much prior knowledge did we have of the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Review each source and ask yourself Why was this source created? What is its purpose? Why might that make it more or less believable?

When youre done final write up stating what you believe we knew prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor.