missing teeth-agenesis

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Missing teeth-agenesis


  • 1. Missing Lateral incisorswww.orthofree.com

2. Tooth Agenesis www.orthofree.com 3. Missing Lateral incisorswww.orthofree.com 4. Missing Mandibular Second Premolarwww.orthofree.com 5. www.orthofree.com 6. Bilateral agenesis of Permanent Mandibular Incisorswww.orthofree.com 7. www.orthofree.com 8. Multiple congenitally missing primary teeth:www.orthofree.com 9. Maxillary Lateral Incisor Agenesiswww.orthofree.com 10. Bilateral agenesis of permanent mandibular incisors:www.orthofree.com 11. Missing mandibular second premolarswww.orthofree.com 12. Thooth Agenesiswww.orthofree.com 13. Open space - Implantwww.orthofree.com 14. Closed space trtwww.orthofree.com 15. Essix Temporary Anterior Bridgeswww.orthofree.com 16. Porcelain Veneer Restoration of Canine Lateralization in Congenitally Missing Lateral Incisorswww.orthofree.com 17. Case report IDAlireza Seyed Movaghar, Benot Brochery, Rza Movaghar 18. Case report ID 19. Case report ID 20. Case report ID 21. Case report ID 22. Case report ID 23. Case report ID

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