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1. The Nimble Elephant: Bringing Agile to Old-School PublishingLee Fife, VP, Publishing Solutions at Flatirons Solutions Shannon Holman, Director, Content Management at McGraw-Hill Higher Mark Logic Digital Publishing Summit Plaza | 10 December 2009Lee 1 2. Agenda Denitions Context Challenge Stats Demo Process Questions2 3. Denitionsagile* adjective1. quick and well-coordinated in movement; lithe2. active; lively3. marked by an ability to think quickly; mentally acute or aware old school pub lish ing traditional business1. slow, ponderous2. trailing market changes3. primarily driven by past conditions; nostalgic*Dictionary.com3 4. Back in the day... Nearly 20 years ago, McGraw-Hill was rst to market with a custom publishing application for higher education instructors. At the time, Primis (prime information system) was a bold bet on emerging technologies from Xerox PARC, Eastman Kodak, and Adobe. Now, though, a rigid RDBMS approach, an outdated UI, and a tangled back-end make it a challenge to fulll the promise of just-in-time textbook publishing. We decided to start all over again. 4 5. Stats MarkLogic Server 4.1-3 stores WebLogic serves up the Flex-based over 3.2 million pages of content user interface where instructors nd representing nearly 4,000 books and arrange content and personalize in 80 academic disciplines, along their book for print or eBook delivery. with about 40,000 readings and third-party business cases. The back-end has been completely rebuilt in Java and integrated with existing systems for registration, authentication, sales credit, and royalty reporting. AdLib converts user-uploaded les to PDFs, and iText renders the table of contents and running head. We signed a contract in Dec 2008 and released in beta in October 2009, delivering a POC and 4 point releases in that timeframe.5 6. [demo]Lets see that schizzle 6 7. Nobody said it would be easyToday's orthodoxy has institutionalized a set of internally consistent but dysfunctional beliefs. This has created a tightly interlocking and self-reinforcing system, a system from which it is very difcult to break free. Even when we change one piece, the other pieces hold us back by blocking the benets of our change. When our change fails to produce benets, we revert to our old approaches. Don Reinertsen, The Principles of Product Development Flow 7 8. But since when was there any fun in easy? 8 9. Agile + waterfall = painful progress What worked High-level of involvementfrom Keeper of Vision Detailed tradeoffs at all pointsin project Ongoing exploration ofoptions What hurt Emerging requirements,especially UI/design Changing functionality =>ongoing adjustment by team Governance headaches Change leads to disappointment if it is not sustained. Transformation issustained change, and it is achieved through practice. B.K.S. Iyengar9 10. Thanks, Questions, Credits Old Skool grafti by Banksy, Clerkenwell Road, London. Available at http://, Robert. Data Base Lets Authors Customize Textbooks. The New York Times. 8 October 1992. Available from 1992/10/08/news/08iht-text.html. Rendered with newspaper clipping generator.Jaipur elephant by Keith Levit via Flickr.Underwater elephant by Cesare Naldi. Available at http://! by The Peoples Bboy Thugz Bunny via Flickr.Houdini pose by MessyMissy via Flickr.Respect the old school available at Iyengar video available at v=lmOUZQi_6T. 10 11. Special bonus trackShow your respect for old school publishing by making your own pressmans cap 11