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MLR Convention Center INDIA

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MLR Convention CenterINDIA

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General Introduction

Build Area: 6503 Sq. M. Location: Bengaluru, India. Year of Construction: 2005 Architect: Architecture Paradigm Pvt. Ltd. Architecture Style: Modern

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Selection Criteria

Components very much similar to that provided for the project.

Contextually, Bengaluru and Kathmandu have similar climatic behavior and also have similar social structure.

Hence, can be much more fruitful in the design of the given project.

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Auditorium. Conference Room. Board Room. Pre-Function Area. Banquet Hall. Accommodation.

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Auditorium Deep thrust stage. 2 modern Green

Rooms. Seating Capacity of

480 people at 2 levels.

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Conference Room Capacity up to 30 People.

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Board Room Capacity up to 10 People.

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Pre-Function Area Capacity of up to 300 People

(Floating crowd)

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Banquet Hall Capacity up to 500 People.

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Accommodation 10 Deluxe Guest Rooms. 2 Suites.

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Site Conditions

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Ground Floor Plan

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First Floor Plan

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Second Floor Plan

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Mezzanine Floor Plan

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Space Composition

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Vertical Zoning

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Vertical Zoning

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Design Review Idea of pavilion complementing the nature of the

program/temporal. Two major components, the Banquet hall and the Auditorium

blocked. Need for identity for each of these spaces encourages us to

move the Auditorium to the higher level, the ground is now occupied by the multifunctional space allowing it to expand in either directions. The same holds good for the auditorium at upper level.

Guest rooms facility is taken to the uppermost level, which acts as a cover over the lounge/ multifunctional space complementing the auditorium.

The structure/ pavilion is interpreted as portals suspending and supporting these volumes expressing the intended lightness.

The skin defines spaces for service, lounges, etc. and also becomes an integral part of the proceedings. The skin and structures accommodate lighting, symbolic of congregational activities and celebrations.