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WeChat is the best social media platform in China. Kenet Media work with Cheung Kong Business Review to offer advertisers a cost effective way to target high-end mobile users in China. CKBR's WeChat ID is "CKRview".


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Kenet Media

Mobile Advertising

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About us

Kenet Media is a media services company based in Hong Kong. Our team works with media owners, advertisers and agencies across Asia. We understand that everything should be within your budget and business plan. Therefore, we

create custom solutions that deliver the best result and brand exposure through premium media channels in the region. !Although we are a Hong Kong agency but most of our major media partners are in China such Balintimes, China Daily,

Caixin Video and Economic Observer. Through us, you can advertise in print, digital, outdoor and social media platforms. What is more, we are able to help clients to advertise in a wide range of Asian media channels. So, you can focus on doing

real business.

Kenet Media

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WeChat Public Account (Cheung Kong Business Review)WeChat (微信) is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service developed by Tencent in China, firstly released in January 2011. The app is available on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian phones, and there are also Web-based and OS X clients. As of 2013, WeChat has 300 million users; with 70 million outside of China. Since WeChat has become the hottest social platform in China, the majority of Chinese media have created their own accounts to target and

engage audiences who now are keen on reading articles through the almighty WeChat. Many freelance writers and content providers are now using WeChat as their primary publishing platform. A few have gone even further that managed to attract

advertisers to do advertising or advertorials. !Recently, Cheung Kong Business Review「⻑⾧長江商業評論」 has been one of those successful cases. It delivers not only financial

news but also in-depth analysis to its subscribers on daily basis. With about 160,000 readers, it is definitely the best advertising platform to target high-end mobile users in China.

Kenet Media

WeChat ID: CKReview

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Media Profile (CKBR)

60% Male, 30% Female, 10% Non-specified159,311Total No. of Subscribers

Province Subscriber

Beijing 26,908

Un-specified 22,174

Shanghai 22,145

Guangdong 23,270

Zhejiang 7,272

Sichuan 4,051

Jiangsu 7,740

Hubei 3,055

Hunan 2,923

Chongqing 1,809

Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese


0 40000 80000 120000 160000

Language Setting

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Contact Us

Patrick Chan Business Development Director Mobile: +852 5972 5248 E-mail: [email protected] Web:

Kenet Media

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