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    Mobile App Outsource with Andolasoft Top Mobile App Developers in USA

    With the growth of economy towards globalization, competition has gone high for business in terms

    of cost and customer service.

    Globalization is forcing entrepreneurs to improve their business in all aspects to stand out of the

    competition and to be more productive.

    Now you might think how will you stand tall in this competitive market?

    Well, its not difficult but you can reach to your target audience with a Mobile App

    Mobile Apps are just like the magic sticks of your finger prints, to reach your target audience and

    stand out of the competition.

    The demand for mobile app development and design has increased almost to peaks in last couple of

    years. Mobile App market is booming across the world and each app developer is getting involved in

    developing productive and user-friendly mobile apps.

    Consumer can expect a much more personalized app experience. Since so many

    apps know where the consumer is and what their schedule is like, he predicts that

    there will be very helpful and contextual notifications that are adapted to the life of

    the user.

    Dennis Crowley - CEO of FourSquare

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    Mobile app growth will focus on retaining users. By providing useful material,

    people will want to download apps. He thinks that people cannot be forced to

    download apps that they do not want. Developers are going to crack down on

    incentivized app downloads and give the user apps that they want to download and

    use on a regular basis.

    Derek Ting, the CEO of TextNow

    No doubt, you have great business ideas to develop mobile app but might be getting confused on

    how exactly you should implement that.

    So the best possible solution for you is to - outsource mobile app development from a recognized

    mobile app development company or agency.

    Outsourcing app development will save you money, time and will get eminence in market with a

    well-developed mobile app.

    So finally, after lot of thinking and probabilities you have plan to go for app outsourcing, but before

    that lets think about the key things,

    Which is the best region or country for mobile app outsourcing?

    Who are the qualified mobile app developers and how much their hourly charge?

    What things you should prepare yourself before going out for Outsourcing?

    And finally, what are the signs of a best mobile app development agency?

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    Lets have a look at the Key app developer statistics;

    Total number of software developers globally 19 Million

    Total number of mobile app developers globally 8.7 Million

    Region with the greatest number of developers Asia (760k)

    The highest average iOS app developer hourly rate $150 (North America), the lowest

    $30 (India)

    The highest average Android app developer hourly rate $168 (North America), the

    lowest $26 (India)


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    Let me show you the country wise best mobile app developers and programmers by


  • From the Resource Library of Andolasoft.Inc | Web and Mobile App Development Company


    Most of you might have this information that USA is the best place for programming and app

    development but it ranks in 3rd in total number of developer in regional basis whereas India is the

    fastest growing country in the world for programming and app development.

    Have a look at the total number of developers in regional basis

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    Prepare Yourself Before Going for Outsourcing:

    Its always very important to prepare yourself before approaching to any mobile app development

    company for outsourcing. This will save your time and help you selecting the right mobile app

    developer for your dream app. Let me share with you some key points that you should have in your

    fingertips to make that correct decision before saying - Yes

    Prepare project descriptions which clearly outline your product ideas.

    Prepare a list of your app features, so that developer can give you the exact estimation.

    Decide yourself whether you will build full featured product or MVP (light app version).

    Think about the platform on which you want to build your app whether it iPhone /Android.

    Other services like (UX/UI design, development, project management, QA, branding, app

    monetization) is required for you or not?

    Any approximated budget and any estimated time on when you are planning to lunch your


    These are very important questions which not only help you in your outsourcing but also it will help

    the developer to understood tour requirement and according that he can send you quote.

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    Sign of a Good Mobile Development Company:

    Recognized agency can take you to the finishing point with great success. But, you need to be very

    careful on this stuff. So lets look at the good signs of an app development company.

    Company should communicate clear and in timely manner. Should definitely be comfortable

    to communicate with your time zone.

    Clear understanding about project with proactive questioning with valuable suggestions.

    Flexible in showing past project works and references.

    Ethical standard of work culture like signature of NDA and other legal documents.

    Must be updated with modern technology stack.

    Explain everything easily with exact details according to your plan to execute your project.

    Why Outsource With Andolasoft:

    Andolasoft is a recognized web and mobile app development company in USA with development

    centre at India as well that makes it cost effective for you + the experience we have of more than

    8 years.

    With an objective to develop user friendly and flexible mobile app with advanced technology that

    can meet your target audience requirements and get a high return on investment.

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    From development to deployment we have expertise in building customized mobile apps. Your

    business needs various platforms like iPhone, iPad and Android and you need an agency a

    company that has these qualities and Andolasoft is the right place to build your next multi-million

    dollar App.

    Apple iPhone, Blackberry, and Google Android - We are listed as the third party mobile application

    service provider for these giants.

    In last couple of years we have successfully deployed more than 200 mobile apps on iOS and Android

    for various domains and getting millions of active users, globally.

    We have a remarkable portfolio, which can tell you the real story of our work and how we have

    helped the businesses of more than 200+ Fortune companies. A glimpse below;

    Andolasoft is consistently getting awards as best web application and mobile application

    Development Company from top review sites like,,

    and mobiwebreviews.

    #1 Computer Software Development and Applications Development Company in San Jose, USA on

    Ranked #13 in Top 25 Web Service Provider in

    Andolasoft has ranked #1 as "Top Mobile Developer 2017" and "#1 San Jose Developers in 2017" at

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    We follow agile methodology to develop mobile application in any platform. More than 100+

    dedicated developers, designers, and testing engineers, we provides hassle free mobile application

    and always ready to meet new challenges and effectively meet up deadlines. We clearly focus on the

    client business needs and adapt new strategy and evolutions which are new in the app market. The

    app development process we follow;

  • From the Resource Library of Andolasoft.Inc | Web and Mobile App Development Company

    Over to You:

    Mobile app development is a challenge that needs to be studied on before the actual work starts. It

    needs an experienced app development agency to do right in the way you have dreamed. Agency

    needs to understand your business and sugge