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Mobile Game Development2011Rajiv Davezatun6/9/2011

Mobile Game Development Zatun Sees an Opportunity Like Never Before!Themobile game developmentindustry is on an upward rise with the handheld devices gaining larger popularity over the years. Even mobile phone manufacturers are in the look out for new and more engaging games for their new releases. Zatun realizes thatmobile game developmentis one of the most lucrative markets with a bright future and has honed its skills inmobile game development. Giving personal entertainment a new shape and taking on new up-and-happening trends inmobile game development, Zatun provides you with solutions that really rock.Mobile Game Development Zatun Sees Beyond the Impending FutureZatun is a prominent name when it comes tomobile game developmentwith years of experience in developingmobile gamesthat are infectious and astounding. With each new innovation in the mobile device, the challenge to develop games that fit the bill with the latest technologies always keepsmobile game developerson their toes. Zatun sees this as an opportunity that is not just about a few years or so, the demand for newermobile game developmentwould last as long as new handheld gaming devices keep coming up.Mobile Game Development Touch Emerging Trends with ZatunAt Zatun,mobile game developerssee many new arenas to explore. Marketing gurus see this as an opportunity to try new marketing gimmicks throughmobile games. Zatun helps you sieze the moment to develop mobile games that touch new emerging trends inmobile game development. The trends that Zatun sees in this sector include Massive Multiplayer and 3d Real World Scenariomobile games development. These games would also be a leading vehicle to promote products, services, movies, other games etc. Literally sky is the limit when it comes to looking out for new horizons to expeditemobile game developmentmarket.Mobile Game Development Zatun Provides End-to-End SolutionsZatun provides high qualitymobile game developmentservices that meet all your needs. With our highly creative team and expertmobile game developers, we can work right from the design to development and porting of games. Taking up variedmobile game developmentand out-sourcing projects, we have delivered high-quality titles and achieved the targets within the timeline. We also ensure thatmobile gamesare optimized well enough to reduce loading time and provide a quick access and easy-to-play option for the user.Zatun Expertises in Varied Platforms and TechnologiesAt Zatun,mobile game developersexpertise in working on various latest technologies and platforms and can work in multiple platforms like J2ME, Symbian, SMNA, Windows etc. Makingmobile gamesgo global, we can also work on developing MMOG SDK games that work on GPRS and GSM models. Zatun can provide you with various types ofmobile gameslike action, adventure, arcade, puzzle, card, racing, sports etc. Our latest additions are global Multiplayer mobile games along with Massive Multiplayer mobile games.Zatunsmobile game developmentservices include: Art and Assets Creation (from 3D to Pixel Art) Game programming Functional testing Compatibility testingZatun recognizes the potential growth inmobile game developmentindustry and is ready to provide you withmobilegames that are sought after by every top mobile phone manufacture. Improving gaming experience of users, we cash on the creativity and innovations that we preach in our labs.Looking for amobile game developerwho can provide you cutting-edge solutions, Zatun can be of help. Feel free to reach us anytime for a discussion.Keyword : Mobile Games, Mobile Game development, Mobile game developer, Multiplayer mobile games, game development industry, games development, massive multiplayer, mobile, games, development, multiplayer, industry===========================Thanking You==============================


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