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Mobile Game Development Toolkit. Hyunseok Oh Visual computing laboratory. Goal. A mobile game developing automation. Mobile Game Development Toolkit. Overall maintenance plan. Game developers requirements. A change of mobile devices. Version management. List of expected problems. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Mobile Game Development ToolkitHyunseok OhVisual computing laboratory</p></li><li><p>GoalA mobile game developing automation.</p></li><li><p>Overall maintenance planGame developers requirements.A change of mobile devices.Version management.</p></li><li><p>List of expected problemsThe problems that game developers requirements is inapplicable.development costs.The problems by a change of mobile device.stability of new functions.New errors.version control system.</p></li><li><p>Troubleshooting planList of potential problems and proposed time to work.too many works.device dependent problems.</p></li><li><p>Checklist of further actions Game developers requirements.A trend of mobile API.A trend of new devices.</p></li><li><p>End of PresentationAny questions?</p><p>Good Afternoon everyone.My name is Hyunseok Oh at visual computing laboratory.</p><p>In this presentation I will talk about Mobile Game Development Toolkit.</p><p>*My research topic is a mobile game developing automation by applying software engineering techniques.*Lets move to overall maintenance plan and list of actions.</p><p>Now, the development of our toolkit is almost completed.However, the functions of this toolkit is very simple.So mobile game development toolkit will be added new functions that is reflected game developerss requirements.</p><p>Next, we will add new functions that is reflected the change of mobile devices.Nowdays, we meet new powerful mobile devices every month.These new devices have more fantastic functions such as more delicate graphics and more realistic sound.So, we need to utilize these new functions.</p><p>Next,I will use version control.I expect that there are many change of our application for various reasons.So version management is required at this maintenance plan.Maybe I will use CVS that is the most popular version control system.*I expect that there are many problems during the maintenance.</p><p>First, Some game developerss requirements cannot be reflected at our application, because these requirement need too many works.In this case, I will think about the development costs of the requirement implementation, then I will decide whether it is added or not. Next, we can meet the problems by a change of mobile device. If the functions that is added new device make problems, that case I estimate stability of new functions, then I will decide whether it is added or not.</p><p>Next, New errors will be generated during the maintenance phase.In order to prevent this errors, I will use version control system that is mentioned.</p><p>*Next I explain the troubleshooting plan.</p><p>If any problem is generated or new functions is required, I will work on my own.Because, this project is progressed by myself, as you know.</p><p>Because of these, I will meet some problems.First, Someone proposed new functions of toolkit, but I cannot have a time to work for another projects.In this case, I will open my source codes to the person who needs new functions. Then, I will support to develop new functions.</p><p>Next problem is too many works.If there are too many works to development, I can hire more programmers for developing this toolkit on the assumption that I have enough money.</p><p>Last problem is device dependent problem.Some problem is generated at the inner part of device. So I cannot solve these problems. In this case, I will ask for solving my problem to device manufacturer.</p><p>*Finally, Lets look around Checklist of further actions </p><p>I will keep observation on mobile game developers requirement.In order to be utilized my toolkit widely, It is most important that developers requirement is reflected quickly at my toolkit.This is most important thing.</p><p>Next, I will always need to grasp the trend of mobile API such as GNEX, BREW and, etc., and I will expand my toolkit for new API.and add new functions.</p><p>Last, I will also need to grasp the trend of new devices, then I will expand my toolkit for new device.</p><p>*Have you any questions?</p><p>*</p></li></ul>