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Mobile phones on silent Mobile media… making the web work for you.

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Thank you for viewing this presentation. It has been created for a 1hr workshop for Amb:IT:tion Digital Content Re:connected one day conference. Its fast and furious but targeted at beginners of all levels! Being a digital slideshow available on SlideShare some of the content is reference material delegates can go on line and view at their leisure.


Page 1: Mobile Marvels

Mobile phones on silent

Mobile media… making the web work for you.

Page 2: Mobile Marvels

I am… Caron Lyon


Internet Explorer & Adventurer

Web Designer



Page 3: Mobile Marvels

Workshop overview

• Social Media and the Arts

• The Dawn of Mobile Media

• The Faces of Facebook

• Media is our Business

Page 4: Mobile Marvels

Audience Participation

Page 6: Mobile Marvels

Resource Availability

Page 8: Mobile Marvels

“the online tools and platforms that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other.

Social media can take many different forms, including text, images, audio, and video.

Popular “social mediums” include blogs, message boards, podcasts, wikis, and vlogs.”

Social Media

Page 9: Mobile Marvels

Harnessing Collective Knowledge

Rich User Experience

More channels of Communication

Page 10: Mobile Marvels

The Internet Time Line

Geek Stuff

Business Stuff

Page 11: Mobile Marvels
Page 12: Mobile Marvels
Page 13: Mobile Marvels

Social Media in action

Twitter: Follow pcmcreative

Flickr: Tag images getam08

YouTube: Tag video getam08

Slideshare: Search tag getam08

Page 14: Mobile Marvels

Social Media & The Arts

• Media Sharing• Community Building• Audience Research• Live Streaming• Audience Engagement• Global Audience• Collaborating• Promotion

• Networking• Narrating• Casting• Archiving

Page 15: Mobile Marvels

Social Media

Social Media in Plain English

Page 16: Mobile Marvels

Getting on the Web

Page 17: Mobile Marvels
Page 18: Mobile Marvels

Going Mobile

Page 20: Mobile Marvels

• Text (SMS) based service platform

• Text based private mass messaging

• Phones on SILENT please

• Web based central control

• Web based members notice board

Page 21: Mobile Marvels

Getting started on Swarm

Text the following to +447786203958

join getam username

Page 22: Mobile Marvels

Sending a message

Text the following to +447786203958


This sends a message to the online notice board

Page 23: Mobile Marvels

Mass messaging

Text the following to +447786203958

ask getam What is your fav colour?

This sends a message to everyone in the swarm and sends replies back to you.

Page 24: Mobile Marvels

Mass messaging

chat getam Anyone staying for the panel discussion?

This sends a message to everyone in the swarm and sends replies to everyone.

Page 25: Mobile Marvels

Targeted replies

reply 5529 What a brilliant workshop!

This adds a reply to a previous message:I hope you all enjoyed… Swarm Team TELL: CJ2 (EAE msg5529)

Page 26: Mobile Marvels

[email protected]: 07714700010

To start your own swarm and for more information

Page 27: Mobile Marvels

So far …

• Social media

• Social media in action

• Social Media & The Arts

• Getting on the web

• Going Mobile

Page 28: Mobile Marvels

Next …

• Media is our business

• Making it mobile

Page 29: Mobile Marvels

Media is our business

• Status Updates• Picture uploads• Blog entries• Memos to email• Voicemail to text message• Video uploads• Live Video streaming

Page 31: Mobile Marvels

Media is our business

• Pre production• Interviews• Meet the cast• Meet the team• In focus cameos• Behind the scenes• Tour updates• Scene changes• Get in

• Show reel• Launch insights• Exhibition slideshow• Music player• Event dates• Education packs• Links to suppliers• Online ticket sales• Blogs

Page 32: Mobile Marvels

Keep them coming back

RSS in Plain English

Page 34: Mobile Marvels

0845 040 6699

Voice to Text

Page 35: Mobile Marvels

Making it work

Equity’s new media deals booklet

Page 36: Mobile Marvels

Making it Work

Make the web part of your process.

Start small. Pick your platforms.

Schedule social media time

Page 37: Mobile Marvels

The Journey ends

• What is it?

• Mobile Media

• Updates and Out there

• Our Business

• Making it work

Page 39: Mobile Marvels

Resource Availability