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1The Art of Mobile:

Keynote with Jane Alexander, CIO of Cleveland Museum of Art

Jane gave an overview of how the Cleveland Museum of Art was able to integrate technology and art to create their innovative Gallery One. It was intriguing how the museum was able to successfully transform an old instilled concept/experience of visiting a museum and innovate that experience to make it more about the customer and evolve with technology.

For more details on the Cleveland Museum of Art and Gallery One, check out Janes interview with MMX.

MobileMediaSummit.com2The Definition of Getting Local:Manas Vongsouvanh, Director, Digital Media at Macys, Erin Kienast, SVP Director of Mobility at Stardom USA; Moderated by James Smith, CRO of Verve

Everyone must have drank enough coffee because the questions kept going for this panel. The audience couldnt enough about location based advertising, which will likely be a continuing trend for 2015.

Macys uses geofencing to drive traffic and audience targeting. The tricky part is validating CTR, foot and retail traffic.

Macys Thanksgiving weekend strategy was using media to drive the customer to the store then once the shopper is in store, to get them to navigate more with their app by using QR codes for promo codes and prizes.

The code is still trying to be cracked for mobile ROI.

Beacons are a solution to bring to the table and the value of a beacon is helping to guide consumer and aisle.MobileMediaSummit.com3The Mobile Palette:Christy Tanner, SVP and GM of CBSi Media Group and Kaite Kulik, Global SVP of Sales for CBSi

These ladies of CBSi made some intriguing predictions for the future of the multiscreen space and the challenges creating content and experiences for different trending devices to keep the audience engaged.

Users that watch 41+ hours of TV per week is up 41% from 2012 because of more options to view the content on.Predicted phablets will over take smartphones, tablets and computers for connecting to the Internet. It makes more sense to tell a story and create content for larger devices moving forward. (Even if using a phablet looks like youre holding a loaf of bread up to your face.)Predicting virtual reality as a trend even though its mainly for gaming, many other industries are embracing VR. Trend could grow faster by creating hardware VR devices for smartphones/phablets.2017 at least 60% of all cars will be connected to the Internet. The dream is to have the smartphone connected seamlessly to everything. For example:When a person is reading an article on their phone and gets into their car, the content will seamlessly transition from text to audio while driving. Then, the content will switch back to text when they get out of the car.Ultimately, these different devices will change how media is bought and sold.For more insight, check out the MMX interviews with Christy and Katie.MobileMediaSummit.com4The Future of Programmatic:Adam Shlachter, CIO of DigitasLBi; Moderated by Mari Kim Novak, CMO of Rubicon

This was the Adam Shlachter Show on insights for programmatic in 2015.

Apples iAd is going programmatic and will be a tipping point if they can make this work. Will others follow?

Defining native: any advertising experience that fits in naturally with consumer experience that takes a lot of different shapes and forms. Its not always branded entertainment.

Mobile native ads deliver up to 14% engagement rates, drive 40% more time spent interacting and inspire more sharing.

Mobile native ad formats will be a $3.2 B market by 2017.

People need to stop thinking about mobile in a silo and embrace it holistically.

MobileMediaSummit.com5Bringing Creative Back to Data Fueled Advertising:Carl Fremont, Global Chief Digital Officer of MEC, Vik Kathuria, Global Chief Media Officer of Razorfish, Colin Drummond, Chief Strategy Officer of Deutsch LA and Chris Copeland, CEO of GroupM Next; Moderated by Miha Mikek, CEO of Celtra

This C-level packed panel had some good insights on the relationship between creative and media.

Focus on a more cohesive process from the get go between creative and media and on a few specific targets then the creative process opens in the mobile space.The mobile device is a purpose driven device. how can we make more of creative to facilitating purpose.Future of display: banners are out.Think about advertising more in terms of how its engaging which can lead to more creative expressions on how we integrate mobile with user touch points.Modern role of the creative director is they need to understand mobile.

MobileMediaSummit.com6The New Mobile Influencer:Tara Poto, EVP of UM Studios, Craig Atkinson, COO of PHD Networks, Brent Vartan, Chief Strategy Officer, Deutsch and Chris Perry, Global President, Digital of Weber Shandwick; Moderated by Rob Gatto, SVP of Media and Advertising for Neustar

This media and data panel tackled how brands can influence mobile.

Mobile is the connective tissue for all other media touch points and needs to be interconnected. Mobile is the way!From the data side: first party data is good to get perspective, but you should always stick to the objectives, otherwise you just get lost.Understand what resonates with people.Transits and innovation: mobile as a channel vs. mobile as creative palette.Reaching mobile influencer: help shape the creative that is driven back though mobile by tapping into consumer behavior.Use the functionality of the device, innovate and keep it part of the holistic mobile plan. (For example, Showtimes mobile ad campaign for Homeland.)MobileMediaSummit.com7Moving the Mobile Gap:Jeremy Woodlee, Head of Sales, Doubleclick Media Platforms for Google, Andrew Gottlieb, Senior Director, Agency Relations of Yahoo, Harry Kargman, CEO of Kargo and Brian Wong, CEO of Kiip; Moderated by Gregg Colvin, COO of UM

Even with Andrew Gottlieb popping his speaking cherry, this panel was very excited and got the room excited to be publicly speaking for the first time about Mobile-First Consortium; a project UM and Ansible, along with the industry leaders on the panel, have all been working on this year to create a common lexicon throughout the mobile industry. MFC is a work in progress and is an open forum to help move the industry forward.

Task of Mobile-First Consortium is to address the issues in mobile and create real world solutions for the industry as a whole.Keeping it simple and sticking with universal concepts. Every definition is short and concise because having a common language is key, specific to mobile.Figure out a new mobile standardization and have right metrics behind it so we can move away from anchored banners and fat fingers.Come up with a uniform way that the whole industry can use to scale and measure native content.Start moving dollars from TV into mobile get back to storytelling and get rid of banner blindness.The new solutions from MFC include Mobile Certification, MFC Media Manual, Translation Engine and Mobile Solutions.

MobileMediaSummit.com8Mobile-First and What it Means:Tom Beeby, Executive Creative Officer of Beeby, Clark + Meyler, Thomas Fellger, CEO of Iconmobile, Jason Newport, SVP, Head of Mobile for Carat; Moderated by Scott Swanson, President of Global Ad Sales for Opera Mediaworks

This no nonsense panel got the audience in a mobile-first mindset with a toothbrush.

Prime example of being mobile-first is OralBs bluetooth connected toothbrush. Its a power brush with an app that allows the user to receive personalized guidance on brushing habits.

Oriented around consumer experiences not messages.

For the supply and demand side for mobile advertising: dont try to jam something old into something new.

Add value for the consumer in terms of advertising and connect to the consumer; advertising becomes simpler once advertisers combine this with the product.

MobileMediaSummit.com9How Tech is Changing the Agency of the Future:David Berkowitz, CMO of MRY, Rich Guest, President of Tribal, Rachel Pasqua, Head of Mobile at MEC; Moderated by Craig Cardon, Partner at Sheppard Mullin

This panel shared thoughts on challenges brands have connecting with their customers and how agencies need to stay current.

If you want to be where the customers are, show them things that dont look like working media.You have 6 seconds to tell your story on YouTube, and the challenge is getting clients to spend money on digital edited video for advertising.People have now become comfortable connecting with each other and not from brands, i.e. Uber and Airbnb, and some consumers just dont want to be reached and targeted with advertising messages.Applying the data late in the campaign process: this needs to be fix and brought it in earlier.We are at point where our business is going to fundamentally change and need to stay current.How to stay current: balance of formal education classes and informal knowledge sharing. Everyone is expected to stay current by sharing insights and getting people to take ownership.Bottom up instead of top down sharing and learning.

MobileMediaSummit.com10Reaching the Latin American Audience:Fernando Mondero, Regional Digital Director of MEC, Maria Jose Ezquerra, SVP, Head of Media for Havas Media International, Xavier Mantilla, SVP Multicultural Media, Identity for Mediabrands; Moderated by Dee Salomon, CMO of Medialink

Ending out the day, this panel was able to give their perspective on reaching the Latin American audience (20+ countries) and how reaching them is different than reaching the U.S. audience.

Leapfrogging going straight to mobile and skipping desktop.In Latin America, 1% of ad spending budget is in mobile with the majority in TV. Its challenging to push clients into spending more in mobile.Advertisers need to understand how Latin American consumers feel about brands not think about brands.They are an emotional culture.Dont create content that will make a bad experience for the consumer.The reality for m-commerce: Latin America is not there yet. Mobile search is big, but not there yet on purchase part.A lot of promise and potential for the future in Latin American consumers.

MobileMediaSummit.com11Still Intrigued?Check out the next Mobile Media Summit event January 26, 2015 in San Francisco.

This years theme is Apps and Ads where top brands and agencies discuss how they are using apps in the marketing mix, top app developers reveal how they are expanding distribution of their apps, and everyone focuses on making money in the hot mobile media landscape.