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The First Ciklum DP Android Practice Leaders Community Meet-Up. By Ilya Lisovoy, Android developer with 2+ years of experience, who loves amazing apps with innovations and best UX practices. Mobile prototypes for Android and iOS,- the difference between them, and why is it bad to make universal design for all platforms; adapting the design of one mobile platform to another; simple tips for designers from developers.


  • 1. CHALLENGE iOS Design Android Design

2. MAKE IT BETTER Change UX : - Navigation - View switching - Tab bars - Context - based controls - Slide Navigation Menus - Spinners - View style 3. NAVIGATION TOP BAR WITH ACTION BAR 4. SLIDE NAVIGATION MENU 5. NAVIGATION DRAWER 6. BACK NAVIGATION 7. BACK NAVIGATION 8. VIEW SWITCHING 9. TABS WITH BOTTOM BAR 10. CONTEXT - BASED CONTROLS IN VIEWS 11. CONTEXT - BASED CONTROLS IN VIEWS 12. SPINNERS 13. SPINNERS 14. SPINNERS 15. VIEW STYLE Android iOS Windows Phone 16. USEFUL LINKS Android design principles Designing for iOS nce/Conceptual/MobileHIG/ UX blog 17. THANK YOU FOR ATTENTION ? Ilya Lisovyy, Android Developer ilya.lisovyy id=227112207