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Mobile Technologies for the dyslexic learner. Myles Pilling Specialist ICT SEN Consultant for Wiltshire Council. Aims. To give an overview of what mobile technologies are out there in schools To give you an opportunity to try some of the ICT solutions yourself - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


ICT to support dyslexic learners

Mobile Technologies for the dyslexic learnerMyles PillingSpecialist ICT SEN Consultant for Wiltshire Council

This session will cover the range and type of mobile devices out there that can help your dyslexic learners1AimsTo give an overview of what mobile technologies are out there in schools

To give you an opportunity to try some of the ICT solutions yourself

To understand the value of word prediction as part of a strategy to support the Dyslexic learner

2Traditionally.....An specialist was called inAssessed ReportedMade a provision3

1053 in 94What Mobile Technologies are there?Mobile phones Apple & AndroidiPodsiPadsTablet PCs Apple & AndroidSmart PensKindles Pen & Paper

5Smart PensEcho smart penWrite Record AudioSave and PlaybackTransfer to PCSend and share to social network sites eg Evernote.

6Kindle Fire, Kindle, Kobo, etcGood for reading in any lighting condition Kindle Fire combines a range of appsCheaper alternative to iPad...but essentially a media tool, books, films, a limited range of apps

7Tablets - Windows SurfaceGreat for secondary schools as Office built in BUT.. Its a cutdown of Windows 8!! Light , portable and FAST!Starting price 399 for 32 gigs of memory

8iPad, iPad2,iPad3, iPad4, iPad minis!Bewildering !!iPad2 is reasonably priced for schools nowAs long as you have the iPad with a camera tool that is great.iPad3 has better screen display really sharp and the addition of a microphone on the keyboard.iPad4 only improvement is better speed 2X faster than previous iPads!!iPad minis are more portable but more confining to use the keyboard.Free apps for your iPad/iPod

So what apps are good and how can I find that out?

Some apps have lite versions. These are free and give you a chance to try the app before you buy

But it is difficult to know what is a good app

Also, how do you progress from one app to another what skills are being encouraged and developingThere are lots of spelling and word building apps out there but mainly using a traditional rote learning mode which is fine but offers no progression - no step forward no generalisation to the pupils use of the skill10Free apps for your iPad/iTouch

Cloud On Dragon Art Studio Lite Notes Evernote Dropbox Free apps for your iPad/iTouchThe labyrinthDream:scape Epic Citadel

Power of 3D Story writing 12Paid AppsiWriter - 2.49

Voice Dictation - 0.69

Paid AppsDyslexia Quest - 1.49

Explain Everything - 1.99

Puppet Pals Director HD - 1.99Zen Tap Pro - 1.99

Dyslexia QuestExplain EverythingPuppetPals HD Director;s Pass

You dont need lots and lots of apps. We are engaged in helping schools find apps that have some shelf-life. That encourage language and visual literacy. That are creative and similar to the motivation gained from the 3D story-making environment.

In others using the wider variety of tools than traditional means can offer14Top Tips Organise your apps into groups so practise skills eg Phonics, Spelling, etcEnsure you use apps like PuppetPals, Explain EverythingTry before you buy lite versions of the appLook at apps that are tools as wellAudioboo for sound recording, Voice RecorderiWriter - better keyboard with word prediction built inExplain Everything - for combining and moving images,video,text into stories , factual informationThese tips are to help you in deciding what strategy to use15Theres no point buying carsif you have no road for them to travel on!

- Paul Hutton, BETT 2013Far too many schools are buying iPads because they are the must haves of the time16Things to considerBring your own device into school (BYOD) have policies in place for there useWifi in the school these devices work best on Wifi some apps are Wifi dependent eg CloudOnMobile Device Management software how will lots of devices be managed?How do you pay for apps? Credit Card? Gift Card? Volume Purchasing License

What about Android?Android are catching upRange of devices offered are greater!Drawbacks are the same as iPad. Not school system friendlyDyslexia apps that are good word prediction is good on Android. Eg swiftkey and swypeAndroids are cheap, more range but not as cool as apple apps. Android is more prone to breakdown of the system and crashes. Hence, why they keep issuing strange and wonderful versions of Android ice-cream, jelly bean,etc

But useful as a simple recording tool in your pocket for the dyslexic learner with word prediction software like swiftkey and swipe. The screen display is clear and effective1868,00019New Ways ....Support & Advice to schoolsEnabling schools to help themselvesEmpowering schoolsDDA DEA20What ICT tools to use?SoftwareGrid selection software - Clicker 5Word prediction software WriteOnline, Co-Writer6Speech recognition software Dragon Dictate 11 premiumSkill Practise software nessy, numbershark, wordsharkMindmapping software inspiration, communicate ideas, mindgeniusICT suite of tools texthelp read and write goldMark will have covered things like Speech recognition and text to speechHere are a list of alternatives to add to the pedagogy of ICT support.21What ICT tools to use?HardwareText to speech scanners intel deviceNetbooks samsung netbooksiPhone,iTouch,iPad use of apps22Screening softwareDyscalculaLucid CoPsLucid LASSLexion

23Workshop Resources the resources for this talk can be found at:- Volume Purchasing Programme for SchoolsMainPage: Store: links are if you are interested in passing this onto your ICT Manager or Senior Management Team. The legal way to buy your apps!25Weblinks

Information 26Contact:Myles PillingSpecialist ICT SEN ConsultantAccessAbility SolutionsWebsite: Email: or

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