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  • 1. Making Sense of the Mobile Web
    Simon Van Wyk HotHouse
    Patrick Cusack HotHouse
    Lucas Challamel - NetBiscuits
  • 2. Mobile Marketing
    The marketer's central task is to make the brand easy to buy and this requires ensuring people can find it and know about it. "Everything else is secondary
  • 3. Change like never before
    • Record Industry gone well nearly
    • 4. Craigs List Trashed newspapers classified revenues
    • 5. YouTube trashed Hollywood. In 2005, it did not exist. Google bought it for $1.65 billion and Viacom is suing it for $1 billionand both for the same reason: it has utterly disrupted the status quo of audience behavior
    • 6. Skype trashed phone company revenues particularly long distance.
    • 7. Broadband is about to land many new TV services.
    • 8. Facebook is connecting the globe