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  1. 1. Mark Van Dop, owner of Markright Contracting, focuses on performing custom renovations for high-end clients. Mark Van Dop draws on an in-depth knowledge of decorating styles to tailor each project to the client's needs. While the terms modern and contemporary both call up images of an up- to-date style, they in fact refer to two very different aesthetics. Like the modern art movement, the modern design trend arose in reaction to the decorative flourishes of the Western world before the Industrial Revolution.
  2. 2. Striving to rid itself of ornate detail and intensive use of texture, modern design turned instead to straight lines and the use of industrial-inspired concrete, steel, and glass. Modern design emphasizes minimalism and utilitarianism and eschews clutter in the form of throw pillows, knickknacks, and other extras. Contemporary design, by contrast, refers specifically to design trends of the present day.
  3. 3. Because it has grown out of modern design, it also features clean lines and plenty of space, but it has also incorporated softer curves and unusual architectural shapes. Contemporary design has also become associated with the use of natural elements such as wood and stone, and often includes large windows to connect the interior with the exterior. Some experts suggest that as trends develop, contemporary will change in meaning and the current contemporary style will have a new name.