module 2 unit 1 module 2 unit 1 cultural relics 何秀琼 福清三中

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Module 2 Unit 1 Module 2 Unit 1 Cultural Relics 何何何 何何何 何何何何 何何何何

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  • Module 2 Unit 1 Cultural Relics


  • Guess

    What is the fate of the Amber room

  • has a beautiful yellow-brown colour.feels as hard as stone.easily melt when heated.Once it is heated, it can be made into any shape.

  • Predict what the text is about according to the title and the picture.Pre-reading

  • In search of the Amber Room

  • A.the war between the Russians and Germany B.the history of the Amber to build the Amber RoomD.why the king built the Amber RoomTask 1: Fast reading

    The passage is mainly about____

  • Task2:Read the passage again and match the proper main idea for each paragraph. Para 1 Para 2 Para 3 Para 4 Para 5the introduction of theAmber Room

    the gift to the Czar the missing of the Amber the rebuilding of the Amber Room

    the relocation of the Amber Room in Catherine time


  • Read the passage quickly and findout characters , years ,and places inthe passage. charactersyearsplaces123Task 3:Scanning

  • 2.Frederick William3.Peter the Great4.Catherine1.Frederick

  • 1716177019412003years

  • Prussia


  • Careful reading2.Frederick William3.Peter the Great4.Catherine1.Fredrick 1.What did these four people do to the AmberRoom? 2.What happened in these four years (1716; 1770; 1941; 2003)?Task4:Read text carefully again andanswer the following quetions

  • FrederickFrederick WilliamPeter the Great CzarCatherineNaziThe clue of the storypass downgiven as a giftpass downstolen

  • 1716177019412003Frederick Williamgave the Amber Room to Peter the Great_________.Catherine ______ more details to the Amber Room.The Nazi German army _____ the Amber Room.The __________of the Amber Room was completed.yearsas a giftstolerebuildingadded

  • 1. The king of Prussia gave the Amber Room to Russia because___. A. he wanted to marry Catherine II. B. he was kind. C. he needed better soldiers D. he wanted to make friendsTask5: Comprehending

  • 2. In 1941, the city of Konigsberg was in ___. A. Germany B. Russia C. Sweden D. France

  • 3. The Russians didnt hide the Amber Room because ______. A. they were at war B. the couldnt find a place C. the German soldiers arrived too soon D. no train could take it away

  • 4.Which is not the factor that made the AmberRoom become one of the wonders of the world? A.its design B.the material C.the time spent in building it D. the owners of it

  • ConsolidationThe Amber Room was made of a____, gold and j____ .The d_____ of the room was in the f____ s____ popular in those days. It took the Prussian best a_____10 years to make . It first ________ ____ Frederick I. mberewelsrtistsesignancybelonged to tyle

    Cloze Summary of the text

  • In 1716, Frederick Willliam I gave the Amber Room to Peter the Great as a gift.____ _____, the Czar gave the king of Prussia a t_____ of his best soldiers. For a long time, it served as a r______hall. Later, Catherine II had the Amber Room moved to the palace outside St Petersburg.She asked her artists to add more d____to its design. So it was c________as one of the w_______of the world.In returnroopeceptionetailsonsideredonders

  • In September,1941 the two countries, Germany and Russia, were _____. The Russians were only able to r______the f_______ and small art objects from the Amber Room. Some of the Nazis stole the Amber Room itself and _________ it. at waremoveurnituretook apart

  • In _______ two days, 10.000 pieces of the room were put inside 27 w______ boxes. Then the boxes were put on a train for Knigsberg, a G_____ city on the Baltic Sea. After that, what happened to the Amber Room r______ a m_______. Now the Amber Room is _______________ .

    less thanoodenermanysteryemainsmissing/gone/lost

  • Suppose you are the guide of theAmber Room!You are going to introduce theAmber Room to visitors.What are you going to introduce?Welcome

  • Do you think its meaningful to rebuild the Amber Room?Debateforagainst

  • I am for because I am againstbecause I agree that /I agree with your opinionI dont agree with you, In my opinion, I think My opinion is that I think it is better to I believe

  • HomeworkRetell the text.2. Prepare for the debate.3.Learning about language.