module #4 key points, questions, and introduction to module #5 – promotion

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  • Module #4 Key Points, Questions, and Introduction to Module #5 Promotion
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  • Housekeeping Items Module #4 Key Points and Team Questions Module #5 Introduction General Questions
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  • Final RSVP Number Needed by Today Nov. 19 for Live Event Training Feb. 4 th If You Are Bringing a Guest/Business Partner, $197 Payment Needed by Today (Link for PayPal payment posted in FB) Software Will Be Released As Each Tool Is Ready From James Harbal
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  • Continually Updating to Enhance Effectiveness of Your Listing Title Find the Best Keywords and Rotate Use All 250 Characters Images Fiver to Make Digital Images & Remove Background Use All 8 Images Description HTML Sample with Code Posted in FB Files Add Bold, Italics and Color as Needed Use All 2000 Characters
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  • Always Put Primary Keyword Ex. Vitamin-C Serum For Face - Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Add More Keywords with Benefits/Features No Need to Repeat Keywords End with Call to Action Ex. Best Lifetime Guarantee, Protect Your Investment, 100% Money Back Guarantee Using Character Count Tool Look at Vitamin C Serum Example
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  • Product Images on Pure White Background Use White Paper with White Photo Lights Take Many Different Angles of Product with and without Packaging Pay $5 on to Have Background Removed to Pure White for up to 5 Pictures
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  • Use Simple HTML Code to Format Descriptions as Example Simply Edit with Your Product Description in Notepad or an HTML Editor Good and Bad Descriptions Go Through Edit of Description with Code Free HTML Editor: Mac Users: TextWranglerTextWrangler PC Users: Notepad Plus PlusNotepad Plus Plus
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  • Questions? Please Post in the Chat Box
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  • The Listing Launch Formula Get 3 Reviews Fast By Giving Your Product Away for Free to Family/Friends Use Discount Code for Verified Buyers Give Them Examples of What to Write for Review Promote Your Listing While Waiting for Inventory Do Alliance Tool Daily Create YouTube Videos Write Articles and Press Releases Write and Set Up Follow-up Emails for Email Tool
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  • Do At Least 1 Article, 1 PR, and 1 Video Can Easily Have Done Using Fiverr if Needed for $5 Will Learn How to Outsource these Tasks Later Promotion Tools Work Just Need to Use Them
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  • Questions? Please Post in the Chat Box
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  • ASM Module #4 Live Webinar Thursday at 4:00 PM EST Module #5 Launches at 8:00 AM EST on Saturday Nov. 22 nd

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