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  • JesusR. Sablan.In his July t8 ruling.Presid-

    ing Judge Alex Castro statedthat the "one person, one vote"rule is not fundamental in theInternational Sense and so herefused to order areapportion-ment of the upper house as

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    lulu, and San Diego for medicalcare.

    The average medical referralcost for a patient has gone upfrom about $13,700 in fiscal year1991 to about $18,000 in fiscalyear 1993 or a 31 percent in-crease.

    The source pointed out that forthe past three fiscal years, medi-cal referral costs always exceededthe local annual budget by an av-erage of $4.8 million a year oralmost $14.5 million.

    In fiscal year 1991, the CNMIgovernment entered into an agree-ment with SHARP to provide off-island treatment to local patients.

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    Sablan asks court toreconsider its ruling

    By Rafael I..Santos .: :

    OUSTED. Senate PresidentJesus R. Sablan has asked theSuperior Court to reconsiderits decision on a lawsuit whichhe filed against the common-wealth legislature, the gover-nor and Sen. JuanS. Demapan., Sablan claimed among oth-ers that the right to equality invoting power is a fundamentalright in the international senseand that the application-of theInsular Cases doctrine was in-correct.

    "While it was entirely cor-rect for the court to employ theIsular Cases doctri ne as the ruleof decision for this case, itsapplication of the doctrinereached the wrong result,"Sablan's motion filed lastThursday read.

    at $8.3 miIlion, government spenta total of $22.8 million, meaningoverspending of around $14.5million.

    In fiscal years 1991, 1992 and1993, the medical referral pro-gram was budgeted at $2.2 mil-lion, $3.24 million and $2.9 mil-lion, respectively.

    But after the totals were clearedup, figures provided showed thatgovernment spent $6.25 million,$8.54 million and $8 million, re-spectively for the three fiscalyears.

    According to the figures citedin the report, from 199 I to 1993,the government referred a total of1,337 patients to Guam, Hono-


    referred to the San Diego HealthCare Association (SHARP) forthe fiscal year ended September30, 1993.

    The 20-page document indi-cated that although the three-yearbudget for medical referral stood

    ,2:arrested,in, parkingIot'brawl'.. . .... ",

    ,SaipanMayorJesusDeleonGuerrero receives a GoldenAnniversarybannerof the WorldJunior ChamberInternational fromJ.C.I worldPresident ArnaudGoderein a ceremonyThursdayatthe mayor's office. Alsoin phato are (r-I) Tyrone J. Taitano, PacificJ.C. I President, Chao, Young Suk, Saipan J.C.!. President,Chang, Byungii, vicepresident. and Yang Youn Kuen, secretary.

    TWO PERSONS were arrestedshortly after they engaged inafight at the parking lot of SaipanGrand Hotel in Susupe Thursdayafternoon, the Department of Pub-lie Safety said.

    In Friday's regular press brief-ing, DPS spokesperson Sgt. Ed-ward Manalili said arrested wereEdwin Pangelinan, 27, of Dandanand Vicente Dela Cruz, 24, ofChalan Kanoa.

    Manalili said both were nabbedfor assault with a dangerousweapon and disturbing peace.

    Police said Pangelinan com-plained Thursday at 1:44 p.m. thatduring their argument with DelaCruz at the hotel's parking lot, thelatter grabbed a baseball bat andtried to hit him.

    Dela Cruz however, filed acounter-complaint later, stating

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    their employers.According to Hocog, though

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    arianas %riety;;~Micronesia's Leading Newspaper Since 1972 ~ e\VS

    Public Health & EnvironmentalServices revealed that a recentdraft audit report on the medicalreferral program for FY 1993,indicated a rise in costs of medi-cal referrals, resulting in a signifi-cant financial drain on thegovernment's resources.

    The draft audi t report, the sourcesaid, focused on medical patients

    sure Rota remains a pleasantplace to stay for guests.

    "I encourage the people ofRotaand the CNMI to embrace thedifferences of our guests, as it isfrom these differences that wedefine ourselves and culture andenjoy a greater admiration fromour guests," said Hocog in hisone-page news release.

    He said by listening and appre-ciating guests, the people willmature as an international voice'and grow stronger as a Common-wealth community.

    The Rota senator's statementswere in reaction to recent allega-tions of widespread abuse andlabor exploitation in Rota, whichofficials said were "unfairly mag-nified" to the detriment of theisland's image.

    The allegations carried by thelocal media weeks ago tend topicture Rota as an island of ex-ploitation, where non-residentworkers are being denied of theirhuman and civil rights, some by

    ferral costs hitBy Ferdie de la Torre

    By Rafael H. Arroyo

    THE CNMI government has beenoverrunning its medical referralprogram budget by some $14.5million, spending a total of$22.8million to exceed the $8.3 milliontotal budget for the past three fis-cal years.

    A source at the Department of

    DPSDirectorJose M. Castro takesa relaxingposition on thegroundwhile watching his team, theBabyBlues"fighting" against the GoldenBabes in Saturday's inter-agency women's softball tournament atGarapan field. (see story on sportspage)

    ROTA Senator Eusebio A.Hocog called on his fellowRotanese to be more vigilant onthe manner off-island guests arebeing treated on the island, bethey tourists or alien workers.

    Visibly irked by recent mediareports about alien labor abuse inthe island, Hocog in a press state-ment Friday urged for more so-briety among residents to make

    Vol. 23 No. . . . '.' .'. . . . Saipa'n, MP 96950', . '~5'1994 Marianas Variety '. . . Monday. A~9ust.. 1., 1994 'Serving CNM.l'fo,r 22 .YearS ~

    Hocog exhorts CNMIto treat visitors better

    Eusebio A. HocogPAC N[W::-}",\1-t,k \')!l\C

  • seeks to provide for a statute thatwould subject Pagan visitors tothe consent of the mayor,simiJarto the current procedure requiredof visitors to Aguigan or GoatISland.

    Under 2 CMC, Section 5201,no aircraft or personal landingsare allowed on Aguigan withoutfirst obtaining written permissionfrom the mayor of Tinian andAguigan.

    Aguigan is a favorite huntingground for goat, coconut crab,fruit bat and other game.

    Peter's bill will beamongthreebills to be discussed in a publichearing planned thismonthbytheNatural Resources Cammitreechaired by Rep. Manuel A.Tenorio. (RHA)

    Manuel C. Sablan.pacity on Saipan, and can service with guaranteed 24 hour service,a daily peak of at least 66MW Villagomez said.

    pose, the number of persons andthe duration of the planned land-ing," the purpose section of thelegislation indicates.

    Pagan, whose residents haveall been flown to Saipan after avolcanointheislandshowedsignsof activity years ago, has been'said to be a favorite place forhunters and livestock growers.

    Although the island is still offlimits, there have been reportsthat some enterprising farmerscontinue to go there to raise goatsand engage in other farming ac-tivities.This has raisedanissueofsafety and whether it is fair torestrict Pagan residents from go-ing therewhileotherscango thereon their own.

    The billproposed by Rep. Peter


    cial comments following consul-tationswithHotelNikkoofficials.

    Tropical Plaza officials mustact as soon as possible and dis-cuss the issue with CUC repre-sentatives, he said in his letter.

    "I strongly urge that La Fiestainitiate contact with CUC at theearliest possible to work out thedetails for obtaining power ser-vice from CUC," said the admin-istrator.

    CUC has said it has sufficientelectrical capacity to hook up theshopping center, and that it canservice La Fiesta's full load im-mediately.

    CUCExecuti veDirectorTimo-thyVillagomezsaid LaFiestahastosubmitanelectricalserviceplanfirst to the utility corporation tofacilitate the connection.

    The utility firm's current dailypeak load onSaipan is between42 and 44 megawatts. At present,it has I 05MW total installed ca-


    Bill subjects each Paganlanding to mayor's nod

    -:;;;~:7~:,::'; ,1.0-"'

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    Some looked, forward to theexpected call. "That's what Isigned up to do," mechanicDavid Prewitt said. "That's myjob."

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    sion are likely candidates.Truck convoys are expected to

    move supplies over I, I00 milesof remote and rugged terrain thatwill take them from the'port cityof Mombasa, Kenya to the refu-gee camps in eastern Zaire.

    The 25th Division has about12,000 members. Some soldierssay rapid deployment is part oftheirjob and they're prepared toleave as soon as ordered.

    Call 234-7272 (PABA)


    Give information of about crimes cornmltt

    that could be deployedthere, andtheirmissionis torespondtocon-tingency missions, primarily inthe Pacific, but worldwide ifneeded," John Fairbank, spokes-man for the Army'sPacific com-mand in Honolul