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<ul><li><p>MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAYOpen Level Chess</p><p>with Jovan(K-5) $475</p><p>Advanced Chamber Music with InterPlay</p><p>(K-5) $425</p><p>Advanced Beginner / Intermediate Cello </p><p> Carolyn Jeselsohn / Miho Zaitsu(15) $400</p><p>Action Painting!with Jenni Knight</p><p>(K2) $385</p><p>Bass Guitarwith Giacomo Merga </p><p>(3-5) $375</p><p>Beginner Jr. Fll RoboticsWith Jeremy (K2) $400</p><p>Advanced Jr. Fll Robotics with Jeremy (24) $400</p><p>After3 Comedy Clubwith Improv Kids</p><p>(2-5) $385</p><p>Advanced Jr. Fll Roboticswith Jeremy(24) $400</p><p>Capoeirawith Afro Brazilian Arts</p><p>(2-5) $375</p><p>Birdsong with Rana Strazza</p><p>and Rob Cookman(5)</p><p>Beginning / Intermediate Chess</p><p>with Jovan(K5) $475</p><p>American Girl Doll Fashion </p><p>With Jessica Asfar (3-5) $385</p><p>Advanced Mandarinwith Wei Bo(3-5) $450</p><p>Card Club with Sophocles Plokamakis</p><p>(3-5) $300</p><p>Cooking Nut and Gluten Free</p><p>with Tuesday Minor(K5) $385</p><p> BioBase Sisters in Science(3-5) $375</p><p>Beginning Cellowith InterPlay</p><p>(K3) $400</p><p>Amazing Animationwith Sophocles Plokamakis</p><p>(3-5) $385</p><p>Cooking with Tuesday Minor</p><p>(open) $350</p><p>Crazy Chemworks &amp; Secret Agent Lab </p><p>with Mad Science(K2) $385</p><p>Comics Club with Sophocles Plokamakis</p><p>(35) $385</p><p>Beginner Jr. Fll Roboticswith Jeremy(K2) $400</p><p>BioBase Sisters in Science</p><p>(3-5) $350</p><p>Crazy Chemworks &amp; Secret Agent Lab</p><p>with Mad Science(K-2) $375</p><p>Homework Club Jr. and Homework </p><p>Club Sr.(K-5) $250</p><p>Cooking with Tuesday Minor</p><p>(K2) $385</p><p>Beginning Mandarinwith Wei Bo(K2) $450</p><p>Cooking with Tuesday Minor</p><p>(K2) $385</p><p>Dance with Paul Taylor Dance Company</p><p>(K2) $375</p><p>Intermediate Mandarinwith Wei Bo(14) $450</p><p>Dawn Chorus with Rana Strazza and Rob </p><p>Cookman(3-5) $375</p><p>Beginning / Intermediate Chess</p><p>with Jovan(K5) $475</p><p>Engineering Fundamentalswith Lego Playwell Technologies</p><p>(K2) $400</p><p>Fashion: Repurpose a Garment</p><p>with Aitana Martinez(3-5) $375</p><p>Karate &amp; Advance Karatewith Amelia Sheftall</p><p>(K-5) $375/$450 Advanced</p><p>Homework Club Jr. andHomework Club Sr.</p><p>(K-2) &amp; (3-5) $250</p><p>Cooking Healthy with Tuesday Minor</p><p>(open) $400</p><p>Guitar with John Berenzy</p><p>(45) $450</p><p>Indoor / Outdoor Games and activitieswith Dion</p><p>(K5) $250</p><p>MineCraft w/ Javawith Pixel Academy</p><p> (45) $425</p><p> Minecraft w/ Java - Girls Club</p><p>(4-5) $425</p><p>Fencing Sheridan Fencing Academy </p><p>(25) $400</p><p>Homework Club Jr. andHomework Club Sr.</p><p>(K-5) $250</p><p>Photographywith Kostas Kiritsis/Junior Lab</p><p>(1-3) $375</p><p>Movie and iMovie with Junior Lab</p><p>(35) $385</p><p>Splat, Boom, Pow!with Mark Hurwitt</p><p>(K2) $385</p><p>Found Funwith Jenni Knight</p><p>(K2) $385</p><p>Lower School Chess Team Practice</p><p>(3-5, some K-2) $350</p><p>Quick Start Tenniswith John Dergosits</p><p>(K2) $350</p><p>Non-Digital Game Designwith Reynaldo Vargas</p><p>(13) $375</p><p>Super Soccer Stars(K2) $400</p><p>Guitarwith John Berenzy</p><p>(35) $450</p><p>Quick Start Tenniswith John Dergosits</p><p>(3-5) $385</p><p>Scratch Animation (Video Game Design) </p><p>(35) $400</p><p>Rollerbladingwith Kids on Wheels</p><p>(K-5) $385</p><p>Swimmingwith Physique Swim School</p><p>(15) $450</p><p>Handwriting Without Tearswith Hedi Press</p><p>(K5) $550</p><p>Sketch Comedy, Improvisation &amp; Character with the New Acting Company</p><p>(5) $450</p><p>Swimmingwith Physique Swim School </p><p>(15) $400</p><p>Skateboardingwith Kids on Wheels </p><p>(15) $385</p><p>Young Architects ClubGoogle SketchUp Pro</p><p>with Howard Stern(35) $375 </p><p>Homework Club Jr. andHomework Club Sr.</p><p>(K-2) &amp; (3-5) $250</p><p>Super Soccer Stars(K2) $400</p><p>Yogawith Kirsten Morehouse </p><p>(3-5) $250</p><p>Stars of Tomorrowwith Amy Coleman </p><p>(3-5) $375</p><p>Violin with InterPlay</p><p>(3-5) $450</p><p>Intermediate Chamber Music</p><p>with Miho Zaitsu(35) $400</p><p>Video Game Design using GameSalad</p><p>(45) $400</p><p>Stop Motion Animation with the Good School</p><p>(K-2) &amp; (3-5) $425</p><p>Intro to 3D Printingwith Roy Withford</p><p>(4-5) $400</p><p>ViolinWith InterPlay</p><p>(K5) $450</p><p>Storybook Theater with the New Acting Company</p><p>(K-1) $450</p><p>Japanese Anime and Manga with Sophocles Plokamakis</p><p>(3-5) $385</p><p>The Mystery of Magicwith Adam Cardone</p><p>(35) $375</p><p>Super Soccer Stars (K2) $400</p><p>Violin with InterPlay</p><p>(K5) $450</p><p>Violinwith Interplay</p><p>(K-5) $450</p><p>Young Actors Workshopwith the New Acting Company</p><p>(25) $450</p><p>NEW</p><p>!</p><p>After3 Lower School Class Listings</p><p>NEW</p><p>!N</p><p>EW!</p><p>NEW</p><p>!</p><p>NEW</p><p>!N</p><p>EW!</p><p>NEW</p><p>!N</p><p>EW!</p><p>NEW</p><p>!</p><p>NEW</p><p>!N</p><p>EW!</p><p>NEW</p><p>!</p><p>NEW</p><p>!</p><p>NEW</p><p>!</p><p>Register here:;RF=11609644</p><p>;RF=11609644</p></li><li><p>after3LOWER SCHOOL CLASS LISTINGS </p><p>3</p><p>Amazing Animation! with Sopholces PlokamakisGrades: 35Day(s): Thursday$385Have you ever wanted to draw as well as Disney animators? Learn the secret studio techniques of the Disney imagineers! Students will also learn animation tricks from the Japanese Anime Masters and Tezuka Productions! Learn how to draw dynamic figures and characters that feel like they pop off the page! Design fun fantasy worlds for your characters to roam in!The course will begin with the short handmade animated films of Windsor McCay, the father of animation. Students will draw inspiration from watching classic cartoons from 1930 2000 including: The first Disney short cartoons and movies; Hanna-Barbara classics such as Space Ghost, The Herculoids, the Flintstones, Rocky and Bullwinkle; and classic superhero cartoons from the 40s - 90s, like Batman the Animated Series and Max Fleishers Superman.</p><p>The goal for this class is for each student to develop their own unique characters with back stories and a unique world for the characters to live in by the end of the semester.</p><p>Action Painting! with Jenni KnightGrades: K2Day(s): Thursday$385Not your typical painting class! This class will utilize experi-mental ways of painting and mark making, focusing on the act of painting rather than the final image. In addition to using paints and brushes, we will also explore more experimental ways of painting including using brooms and sticks, rocks and balls, dancing on our drawings, print making, and collage to make expressionist and abstract pictures.</p><p>Advanced Beginner Cello with InterPlayGrades: 15 Day(s): Wednesday$400 For students who have completed at least one prior semester or had private or group lessons elsewhere. Must have a basic understanding and ability to play the instrument and can play repertoire from book 1 String Explorer and Suzuki.Instruments not provided. Please contact Miho Zaitsu at for more information. Class size is limited. If registration is full, we are happy to accommodate on other days. Please email Miho for details.</p><p>Advanced Chamber Music with InterPlayGrades: 35Day(s): Tuesday$425Duets, trios, and quartets coached by faculty, focusing on musicianship, music history and context, delving into more advanced repertoire, focusing on the larger work, form, and technique. Pianists, cellists, and violinists are welcome to reg-ister. Instruments not provided. Please contact Miho Zaitsu at for more information. Join the club!</p><p>Advanced Jr. Fll Roboticswith Jeremy Young Grades: 24Day(s): Tuesday OR Thursday$400 (This class is open to students who have previously enrolled in the JrFLL class only.) This class is designed to leverage the students skills from the beginner class and take Jr.FLL teams to the next level. The class uses the LEGO Education WeDo system designed specifically to bring the fun and challenge of robot-ics to students ages 7 to 11. Team members will build LEGO models featuring working motors and sensors, program their models with colorful, visual software designed for kids, and explore a series of cross-curricular, theme based activities while developing their skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, as well as language and literacy. The class allows for building models that are more robust and intelligent, too! This class provides a smooth transition to the skills needed in the FIRST LEGO League.</p><p>Advanced Mandarinwith Wei BoGrades: 35Day(s): Thursday$450(This class for all kids who were previously in the program or who have completed two or more years of Mandarin.) All lower school students have exposure to Mandarin once a week as part of the regular school curriculum. Wei Bo Mandarin Afterschool Program helps your child learn this increasingly important world language. Wei Bo is a great resource, teaching language and culture through fun and engaging methods and activities. Students will learn how to read and write Chinese characters. They will have the benefit of Wei Bos own textbooks, flash-cards, practice homework books and DVDs, including pronun-ciation help and computer-based language skill-building games. Limited enrollment. One time materials fee included. For more information, contact</p></li><li><p>after3LOWER SCHOOL CLASS LISTINGS </p><p>4</p><p>After3 Comedy Club with Improv KidsGrades:25Day(s): Wednesday$385Students will learn valuable theater and comedy performing skills while developing a comedy show at the end of the semes-ter. While Improvisation is the focus, those interested in Stand-Up and Sketch Comedy will have the opportunity to create original material. Program Director, Walt Frasier, has appeared on Late Night with Letterman, MTV, VH1, WE, Nick, Off Broadway, Broadway Tours and more. Mr. Frasier is the Artistic Director of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH. His staff performs 500+ shows every year.</p><p>American Girl Fashion Fun BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! with Jessica AsfarGrades: 35Day(s): Wednesday$385Learn a variety of hand and machine-sewing skills while you make matching outfits and accessories for you and your American Girl doll. Bring your doll to life while expressing her fashion personality, then celebrate your semester of hard work and creativity with a dress-up pizza party, which will include informal presentations of your AG fashion designs.</p><p>Bass Guitar Class with Giacomo MeregaGrades: 3-5Day(s): Friday$375As we all know (yes: guitar players included), the bass is the only instrument that provides foundation both rhythmically and harmonically in most musical styles. This course will take a historical approach to the electric bass, surveying specific styles, techniques and grooves from rock to funk, from jazz to reggae. Prominent bassists in each style will be presented and studied. Students will also learn rudiments of bass clef reading and some essential concepts of music theory. Each student is required to bring his/her own bass, everything else will be provided. </p><p>Beginning Cello with InterplayGrades: K3Day(s): Wednesday$400For the complete beginner, focus on posture, bow hold, familiar tunes, and fun note-reading games.Instruments not provided.</p><p>Beginning Jr. Fll Roboticswith Jeremy Young Grades: K2 Day(s): Monday or Wednesday$400 Per DayThis course is designed to foster students interested in science and engineering who are just getting started in the world of Robotics. Facilitated by adult mentors, the students research, think critically, and imagine ways to solve challenges pertaining to Super seniors: improve the quality of life for seniors. The students will be mentored to produce both (1) a tri-fold poster of the team journey and (2) a LEGO model with at least one movable piece comprised of 400 to 1,000 LEGO parts during the season. This course fosters teamwork and critical thinking. This will be a fun journey where imagination and creativity are mapped to building a movable machine.</p><p>Beginning Mandarin with Wei BoGrades: K2Day(s): Wednesday$450 (This class is for the students continuing from last semester and new students to Wei Bo.) All lower school students have exposure to Mandarin once a week as part of the regular school curriculum. Wei Bo Mandarin Afterschool Program helps your child learn this increasingly important world language. Wei Bo is a great resource, teaching language and culture through fun and activities. Students will learn how to read and write Chinese characters. They will have the benefit of Wei Bos own textbooks, flashcards, practice homework books and DVDs, including pronunciation help and computer-based language skill-building games. Limited enrollment.</p></li><li><p>after3LOWER SCHOOL CLASS LISTINGS </p><p>5</p><p>BioBase Sisters in Science NEW!Grade: 3rd-5th Day(s): Tuesday OR Thursday (Can only enroll in one day)$375BioBase provides a space exclusively for girls and young women to find their scientific interest. Over the course of the semester, students will learn to formulate and test their own hypotheses. Students will engage in lessons from a variety of scientific fields such as biological sciences, environmental sciences, and materi-al science. The BioBase is a state-of-the-art, interdisciplinary community science lab, housed in the brand-new Lower Eastside Girls Club Center for Community, just eight blocks from Nest+m. At the BioBase, students use research-grade microscopes during school-day, after-school, weekend, and summer science explo-rations. BioBase Ph.D. level scientists lead standards-aligned courses in biological science, environmental science, and mate-rials science that nurture students natural curiosity and critical thinking skills. Students will be walked over to BioBase after dismissal by After3 staff and then escorted back to the facility by After3 staff at the end of the day.</p><p>Birdsong (the musical vocalizations of a bird or group of birds): wIth Rana Strazza and Rob Cookman</p><p>Grade: 5Day(s): Monday$400The Birdhouse Players are proud to offer a new program for singers interested in performing contemporary and classic choral works in harmony. Arrangements of radio favorites, modern day works, jazz standards, classic and traditional pieces will be learned and presented in performance. Singers will learn the techniques of blending, holding and creating harmonies, singing a Capella, percussive vocalizing, performing properly with microphones, and entertaining audiences like a Birdhouse Player.Must demonstrate vocal range and ability to hold simple har-mony to participate. Please note this class is by Audition only. Auditions will be held on Monday, September 8th at 3pm. Please email to schedule audition time.</p><p>CAPOEIRAwith Afro Brazil ArtsGrades: 2-5th GradeDay(s): Friday$375For boys and girls! Capoeira is fun! It is Playful Brazilian Karate with Acrobatics. It is a Martial Art that combines kicks and acrobatics, dance and cart wheels. Capoeira is from Brazil, but popular all over the world. The class is taught by Capoeira teaching artists from Afro Brazil Arts under the direction of Mestre Ombrinho, the first North American master. Your child will build strength, confidence, flexibility, coordina-tion, reflexes, awareness, balance, agility, and so much more! Our program is based in FDR, Focus, Discipline and Respect and inspires ALC, Achievement, Leadership and Community. For more info visit:</p><p>Card Game Club! with Sophocles PlokamakisGrades: 3-5Day(s): Friday$300CARDS! STRATEGY! MONSTERS! SPELLS! TRAPS! You will be handed your own deck of blank TRADING CARDS to create your own unique card game! Students will be assisted in designing their cards and learn any drawing techniques that they wish to develop! Share ideas with your friends and design a large game together! YU-GI-OH!, Magic the Gathering, Van-guard...</p></li></ul>


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