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  • Monday SundaySaturdayFridayThursdayWednesdayTuesday

    Spend 2 hours brainstorming your

    blog niche and potential names.

    Spend 1 hour researching web hosting, domain sites, blogging


    Spend 2 hours working on your 4th


    Spend 2 hours planning what your next month of posts

    will be.

    Spend 2 hours posting your �rst

    post! Post and move on to the next idea!


    Spend 5 hours editing your post,

    picking great pictures and

    creating nice images to go along with it.

    Spend 5 hours completing your

    theme and branding work and begin

    writing one of your post ideas

    Spend 1 hour brainstorming all your blog posts ideas. If you are

    stuck, go to other sites for inspiration.

    Break!Spend 2 hours setting up all your

    social media pages: Facebook, twitter,

    instagram, pinterest, etc.

    Spend 2 hours re�ning your blog,

    write a sample post see how it looks and tweaking it for the

    best style.


    Spend 5 hours or less researching

    other blog features and content and

    start brainstorming your own content.

    Spend 5 hours or less working on

    branding for your blog, picking a great theme and building

    your site.

    Break! Spend 2 hours buying domain

    name/s, �guring out web hosting and site building platform if

    you choose.


    Spend 5 hours �nishing 4th and

    beginning 5th post.

    Most people might say post on social

    media. I like to wait until my blog has enough content before sharing.

    Break!Break!Catch up day! My posts take way

    longer than a couple hours depending on

    the topic and the prep work.

    Spend 2 hours scheduling your 3rd


    Break! Spend 5 hours �nishing your 2nd

    post and begin writing your 3rd

    Break!Spend 1 hour writing your 2nd


    Spend 2 hours �nishing 5th post and publishing it.

    Catch up day! Next Steps: Set up schedule to share

    each post on social media. And keep

    going!! It will pay o�!

    Month 1 Blogging Schedule