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  • Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

    Hi everyone, we hope you are all ok and keeping safe and well. We hope you are enjoying the home learning tasks and keeping yourselves busy. Remember to do as much exercise as you

    can, eat healthily and stay positive. Enjoy time with your families at home and spend time outdoors when you can. Make sure you do lots of reading and practise times tables too.

    Remember – please make sure to complete the task for Mrs Roche (see last week’s Friday tasks) as we will be making a scrap book for her. Email it over to us before Friday 10th July please to

    As we are heading towards the end of term, you will start to see some transition activities in your home learning activities – getting you ready for year 4!

    Stay safe and keep well. Mrs Campbell, Miss Sidhu, Mrs Court, Miss Sheehy and Mrs Smith.

    PE Have a go at these exciting kid’s workouts

    Literacy This week we will be focusing on writing a report about badgers, and the features you will need to include. Lesson 1 – Look at the difference between fact and opinion /articles/zn4dqp3 Complete the 3 activities on the website. See attached the third activity.

    Lesson 2 – using formal and informal language ize/articles/zkkj2sg Complete the 4 activities on the website.

    Lesson 3 – understanding subordinating conjunctions ize/articles/zrr8jhv Complete the 3 activities on the website.

    Lesson 4 – Planning and writing report


    Plan your report and start to write a report on badgers

    (could be on something else if you want to research

    something else).

    Complete the 4 activities on the website.

    Lesson 5 – Finish report writing/ editing to include all features looked at over the week.

    Numerac y

    Multiplication written method. You can use any method you feel comfortable with. Activities:

    Division with and without remainders ize/articles/zbkdjhv

    Multiplication word problems ize/articles/zhvbrj6

    Fractions Tenths See the tenths power point 1in the attached home learning materials. Work

    Fractions Tenths Have a go at this tenths game to start you off

  • /articles/zb4gcqt Grid method: ch?v=4PcsEtIqei8 Complete the 3 activities. The questions are all on the links to the activity sheets

    Complete the 3 activities. The questions are all on the links to the activity sheets

    Complete the 2 activities. The questions are all on the links to the activity sheets

    your way through and read the information. See below tenths activity.

    m/counting/fractions/interac tive/tenthsint/tenthsint.htm See attached the tenths power point 2 in the attached home learning materials. Watch watch?v=YwxVv2ZE1Y4 See below for activities Challenge: See below for the challenge and see how many you can complete!

    Additiona l subject

    History – To find out how and why the Romans came to Britain. Read and Watch: /articles/z4dts4j Complete the 2 activities:

    1. Make your own wanted poster for Boudicca

    2. Create a comic strip showing the story of how the Romans conquered Britain.

    Art – We are going to be looking at sculptures. Watch the videos about sculptures: ize/articles/z9ggp4j Task: Using what you have at home try to complete the activity below of building your own house! s/make/sculpture/build- your-own-house

    DT - create a drawing or art piece of a special memory from Year 3 and frame it in a hand-made photo frame. You could use collage or paint as an idea to make your photo frame. You may choose to draw a favourite lesson, a funny moment with friends, a favourite teacher or a job role that you were proud of. See below for a photo frame template or you can make your own.

    Zumba! Get the whole family involved in some of these excellent Zumba dances! /channels/zumba-kids

    Science Today you will start a science year 3 revision booklet. See your pages below for today which is all about plants. You will continue the pages next week too.

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