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Morra Aarons-Mele. Staying Current The Technical Tools You Need and the Ones You Don’t. Assess Your Needs. Money. Email Addresses. Brand Awareness. Media. Consumers. Elites. eCommerce. Advocacy. What You’re Up Against. Each day, US adults absorb: 34 GB data over 11.8 hours ( USCD ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Morra Aarons-Mele

Morra Aarons-Mele

Staying CurrentThe Technical Tools You Need and the Ones You Dont

Assess Your Needs

Email Addresses


Brand Awareness



MediaConsumersElitesWhat Youre Up AgainstEach day, US adults absorb:34 GB data over 11.8 hours(USCD)65% of online adults use social media (Pew)Adults using the internet as primary news source up 17% between 2009-2010 (Pew)1 in 4 adults accessed most of their 2010 campaign news online (Pew)3-fold increase from 2002

Social Media is not a Silver BulletSocial media isnt a SOLUTION, its a tool that can be deployed strategically in support of a larger organizational or campaign goal.A brilliant social media strategy cannot compensate for a campaign or organization that lacks a strong, memorable brand. Social networks are the interactive visibility tool of the digital ageThousands of followers or likes don't directly translate actionSocial networks are only one tool at your disposal

Essential ToolsYour essential tools will depend on your blogs goalImage-driven?Vlogging?Written word?eCommerce?You dont need to (and shouldnt) do everything

Baseline: WebsiteYour website houses your content

Contents purpose:Who I am (delivering on the brand promise)How/where you can join meWhat Im doing and why its importantWho pays the bills/Contact/Customer Service

Most people wont come back to your site voluntarilyyou need to go out and get them

Use Your Channels for MessagingGetting to know youSearch engine visibilityPresence on major platforms and networksSupplement w/ ads if appropriate

Building the RelationshipTwitter (especially to engage media and influencers)Email listKnow what your competitors/colleagues are doingInfluencers

Niche marketing, not massUse channels to tailor your message and make it relevantBuild relationships

Different Channels Reach Different PeopleKnow who you want to reachEngage with the social channels that will most benefit youDont create social profiles simply for the sake of having themQuality > Quantity!Twitter: Connect directly with influencers

Facebook: Connect directly with consumers

LinkedIn: Connect with colleagues

Instagram: Connect visually

Pinterest: Connect visually

Your Blog: Tailoring the MessageShare unique information with assets (e.g., video, photos)Be yourself!600-800 wordsGreat headlines, tags, categories help SEOLink & blog roll

Whats working best?

Dont get discouragedYou need to learn what your audience responds toThis may take some time!Dont be afraid to throw lots of stuff at the wall and see what sticksAdjust your strategy accordingly