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<ul><li><p>7/30/2019 Mosque Breakers Become Mosque Makers</p><p> 1/5</p><p>"Once a Mosque Breaker Now a Mosque MakerStory of Mohammed Amir (Formerly Balbir Singh) conversion to Islam..</p><p>Balbir Singh takes rebirth as Mohammad Aamir when he embraces Islam (Al-hamdu Lillah) having lived lives and experienced psyches poles apart from each other. Mohammad Aamir admonishes the Muslim Ummah about their responsibilities and is trying his utmost to awaken them from the slumber they are in.</p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p>Mosque Breakers become Mosque Makers Crescent</p><p></p><p>======================================</p><p>Mosque Breakers become Mosque Makers</p><p>6th December 1992 : Balbir Singh, Vice president Shiv Sena Youth Wing leads the</p><p>demolition squad and becomes the first person to strike his pickaxe against thecentral Dome of Babri Masjid. Within minutes the whole structure is razed to ground.</p><p>25th June 1993 : Balbir Singh takes rebirth as Mohammad Aamir when he embraces Islam (Al-hamdu Lillah) having lived lives and experienced psyches poles apart from each other. Mohammad Aamir admonishes the Muslim Ummah about their responsibilities and is trying his utmost to awaken them from the slumber they are in.</p><p>Master Mohammad Aamir (former Balbir Singh) gives in this write-up( Part-I) a detailed account of his sensational phase of life beginning from affiliations withthe Shiv Sena Youth Wing to his ultimate reversion to Islam, as narrated to Ahmad Awah of Armugan-i-Waliullah, Phulat, U.P.</p><p>I COME FROM A VILLAGE OF district Panipat in Haryana. Born in a Rajput family on6th December 1970, I was named Balbir Singh. My father in addition to being anhonourable farmer was headmaster in the primary school. A good human being at heart his religion was philanthropy. Cruelty in any form and against anyone was just unbearable for him. He was an eye witness to the communal roits of 1947 and would talk about these with a heavy heart. He considered the massacre of Muslims(during the partition and riots following that) a blot on the face of India andwas always on the forefront in rehabilitating the remaining Muslims. Muslim children in the school and their education was his special concern. I did my matricu</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Mosque Breakers Become Mosque Makers</p><p> 2/5</p><p>lation from the local high school and got admission for my intermediate in Panipat.</p><p>Joining the Shiva Sena</p><p>Panipat is a strong hold of Shiva Sena perhaps second only to Mumbai. The youthand the people associated with schools are very much linked to Shive Sena. I came across some Shiva Sainks and ultimately got enrolled in Panipat branch of theSena. Owing to the historical position of Panipat, the youth there are poisonedagainst Muslims especially Babar and other Muslim rulers. When my father came toknow that I had joined Shive Sena he tried to advise me and explain the situation from historical perspective. He would relate the stories of justice and unbiased treatment meted out by Babur and Aurangzeib towards their non-Muslim subject. He would explain that the British distorted the history and made us fight eachother and weaken the nation. In light of the communal roits and massacres of 1947 he tried his utmost to keep me away from Shive Sena, but I wouldnt listen.</p><p>I was entrusted with special responsibilities during 1990 Rath Yatra of L.K. Advani. During the Rath Yatra our leaders poisoned us against Muslims and the hatred against the community was at its climax. I swore by Shivaji Come what may, I will go alone and demolish the bloody structure at the site of Ram Mandir.</p><p>As a reward for my services during Rath Yatra I was elevated to the position ofVice President Shive Sena Youth Wing. I took charge of my young team and reached</p><p>Ayodhia on 30th October. Enroute police stopped us at Faizabad. I along with some of my friends escaped from police and reached Ayodhiya but it was too late. The situation had got out of control and police had resorted to firing. Consequently Babri Masjid was sealed off. After trying so hard I could not reach Babri Masjid, my hatred for Muslims was out of bounds. I would repeatedly tell my companions better to die than live like this. How unjust! Rams servants be shot at, right at Rams birth place and that too because of these bloody Arab pirates. I was infuriated and wanted to go to Lucknow to shoot Mulayim Singh with my own hands. Roits were going on in the country and I was restless waiting for the moment whenI could demolish Babri Masjid with my own hands.</p><p>Raizing the Babri Masjid</p><p>Day by day the unfortunate moment was approaching, which I considered a moment ofbliss at that time. I took many of my hot headed friends with me and reached Ayodya well in advance on 1st December 1992. Yoginder Pal a young man from a Jat village of Sonipat was with me. He was my best friend. His father was a farmer andphilanthropist too. In addition to his father, his uncle too had tried hard tostop their lone son from going to Ayodhiya, but to no avail.</p><p>The night before 6th December 1992, we had reached very close to the Babri Masjid and spent the night on the roof tops of the Muslim houses adjacent to the Babri Masjid. I had apprehensions that we might be stopped from the sacred mission like 30th October 1990. In the heart of my hearts, I was thinking of proceding for Kar Seva even if our leaders didnt turn up, but our group leader stopped us andinsisted on maintaining discipline. Oma Bhartis speech turned the Kar Sevaks vol</p><p>atile. During her speech I along with Yoginder Pal came down from the roof of the house and ascended the roof of the Babri Masjid, with a spade in my hand. OmaBharti shouted Dhaka Aik aur doo, Babri Masjid tood doo (one more blow, raze the Babri Masjid). That was it. I was seeing my dream coming true. I struck the central dome of Babri Masjid with a mighty blow of my spade coupled with an ear deafening shout; Baghwan Ram Ki Jai. Within minutes the job was over. Babri Masjid wasno more there. With the mission accomplished our joy was boundless. After placing the statues of Ram there, we paid our respects and returned home happily taking with us two bricks of the Babri Masjid which I displayed to my friends in Panipat. My friends would praise me for my outstanding achievement. The bricks were</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Mosque Breakers Become Mosque Makers</p><p> 3/5</p><p>placed in Shive Sena office and a gathering was organized to celebrate the event. Every one would praise me in his speech and the feeling of the pride, that inservice of Ramji it was a youth of Panipat who struck his spade first on Babri Masjid, was running high.</p><p>My family disowns me</p><p>I proudly related this at my home. My father felt displeased and saddened and declared in no ambiguous words Now you and me, both can not live in this home. If you live here I am going, otherwise you have got to leave. I do not want to see one who demolished Lords house. Do not show me your face till I die. This was unexpected. I tried to make him understand and tried to explain the position of respect which I had achieved in Panipat. His reaction was that the nation was destined to doom owing to such exploiters and in a state of extreme anger he started tomove out of the home. I sensed the gravity of the situation and volunteered toabandon the home where the servants of Ram Temple were called oppressors. So I left my home to live in Panipat.</p><p>My friend turns insane!</p><p>Yoginder Pal, my friend, announced that a couple of bricks of the brutal structure that stood at the place of Ram Temple are in our possession. My (Hindu) brethren are invited to express their faith by urinating the bricks. Every one wouldcome and in utter contempt would take part in the nasty act of urinating on the</p><p>bricks. The Lord of mosque was acting in His own way. Four or five days later Yoginder Pal experienced a total mental breakdown. In the state of complete lunacyhe would tear down all his clothes. Being the lone son of honorable land lord the situation was turning disgusting. During these fits of madness he would timeand again try to take off the clothes of his mother. He would cling to her and repeatedly attempted and demanded to commit incest with her.</p><p>Muslim Clerics Help</p><p>The family especially his father got extremely worried. They took him to many Muslim clerics, prayed for Lords forgiveness and would offer alms but Yoginder tried to molest his mother and only neighbours could save her after she cried for help. In order to keep the situation under control Yoginder was chained and his fa</p><p>ther decided to shoot him instead of risking the honour of the family. Just before he could put his plan in action some one suggested him to see the senior cleric (Molvi Sahab) in the Madrasa of Sonipat Eidgah. Just see him once and if the situation doesnt improve then you can do as you please suggested the adviser. Chowdhry Ragubir Singh took his son Yoginder Pal to Sonipat, Eidgah but the cleric (Molvi Sb.) had left the day before. He was told that the cleric visits the schoolon 1st of every month for one day. Disappointed he started looking for the local cleric only to know that he too had left with senior one. A shopkeeper from the Eidgah gave him the address of cleric in Delhi and informed him that the cleric is coming to his residence Boowana,Delhi the following Wednesday. Along with chained Yoginder, Chowdhary Ragubir Singh heads for Boowana. The cleric of Boowana Mosque was a disciple of Molvi Kalim Sidiqi Sahib. The cleric informed Chowdhary that owing to the tight schedule Molvi Kalim Sidiqi Sahib has not been able t</p><p>o fulfil the desire of his friends to come to Boowana for a long time. But thistime he has promised to be here (in Boowana) at Zuhar prayer after his two day trip in the area. The cleric of Boowana added that owing to the tense situation most of the clerics (Imams) and teachers had gone to their families in UP and many had not shown up even after a month. Molvi Kalim Sidiqi Sahib had delivered aspeech on this topic and made clear that if Muslims had approached these non-Muslim brethren and explained the message of Islam, Allah and the mosques, the situation like 6th December 1992 would not have occurred. Molvi Sahib had added thatwe Muslims are equally responsible for the destruction of Babri Masjid and if we come to senses even now and discharge our duties regarding inviting others to</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Mosque Breakers Become Mosque Makers</p><p> 4/5</p><p>the message of Islam these demolishers of the mosques will turn to be builders of the mosques. Prophet of Islam, Mohammad (May peace and blessings of Allah be on him) had prayed in similar situations O Allah guide my people (to righteousness) for they know not (what they are doing).</p><p>At the time when Chowdhary Ragubir Singh met the cleric of Boowana (whose name was perhaps Molvi Bashir Ahmad) he was extremely impressed by the speech of his spiritual guide Molvi Kalim Sidiqi Sahib. He informed Chowdhary Ragubir Singh that he used to exorcize the evil spirits but now his spiritual teacher has advisedhim to abstain from that as lying and mixing with opposite sex is a prerequisite in that profession. Your son is not under any evil spell but this is a punishment from the Lord. You have got an opportunity, our spiritual guide is coming her on following Wednesday afternoon. You will have to put your problem before him, we hope your son will recover soon. But the deal is you will have to embrace Islam once your son recovers. Chowdhary Ragubir affirmed: I am ready to do anything once my son recovers.</p><p>Finally Allahs Mercy Arrives</p><p>The following Wednesday Chowdhary Ragubir Singh reached Boowana at 8. a.m alongwith chained Yoginder. Molvi Kalim Sidiqi also arrived well before Zuhar prayer.With Yoginder Pal Singh chained and without clothes Chowdhary sahib cried bitterly and fell on the feet of Molvi Sahab, Molvi Sahab, I tried to stop the rascalbut he came under the influence of some rogues in Panipat. Molvi Sahab refrained</p><p>him from prostrating before him and then listened the whole story.</p><p>He said to Chowdhary Sahib, By demolishing the house of Omnipotent Allah he has incurred such a wrath that if the Lord puts an end to the whole world it will bejustified. It was just too light a sentence from the Lord that only he is being punished. We too are his servants and we too are a party to that sacrilegious act. We have not discharged our duty of delivering the message of truth to the demolishers of the mosque. Now we can do nothing! Only way out is that you beg for forgiveness from the Lord and we too beg for His forgiveness. Molvi Sahib added, During the time we are in the mosque you concentrate towards Lord Almighty and with the broken heart pray for forgiveness. Pray O Lord only you can alleviate my misery. Chowdhary Sahib fell again on his feet and submitted If I were that good why would something like this have befallen me. You are close to Him, please do so</p><p>mething. Molvi Sahib said, You have come to me for help. Now do whatever I say Chowdhary Sahib tacitly accepted. Molvi Sahib went to the mosque, offered his prayers followed by a short speech and supplication. Molvi Sahib requested everyone topray for Chowdhary Sahib. At the end of the programme some refreshment was served in the mosque.</p><p>Yoginder re-born as Mohammad Omar</p><p>When people were coming out of the mosque, Lord Almighty had already showered his mercies. Yoginder had covered his body with the turban of his father and was talking to his father as a normal human being. Every one was overjoyed. Imam Sahib of Boowana was delighted and reminded Chowdhary Sahib his promise. He also warned him that if he did not fulfill his commitment Yoginders position could be wor</p><p>se. Chowdhary sahib replied Molvi Sahib my seven generations can not repay your generosity. I am at your disposal. When Molvi Kalim Sidiqi came to know about this, he advised Imam Sahib that he has not exercised caution in dealing with the situation.</p><p>Chowdhary Sahib started moving towards mosque when Yoginder Pal asked, Father where are you going? He replied To embrace Islam. Yoginder said, It is me who shall bethe Muslism first as I have to construct the Babri Masjid again. In such a pleasant atmosphere both performed ablutions and recited the Kalima- Islamic Testimonyof Faith. Chowdhary Ragubir Singh was named Mohammad Usman and Yoginder Pal Sin</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Mosque Breakers Become Mosque Makers</p><p> 5/5</p><p>gh was named as Mohammad Omar.Overjoyed Mohammad Usman and Mohammad Omar both went to their village and met the Imam Sahib (cleric) of the small mosque of their village. Imam Sahib gave thegood news to Muslims and soon everyone in the area came to know about the episode. Hindus too came to know about this and a meeting of influential members of the community was organized in urgency. In the meeting it was decided that both the persons shall be killed during the n...</p></li></ul>


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